The Boys of Summer

Chapter 1: Meet the Lawliet's

AU. Light gets a summer job as a pool boy, and along with it a houseful of quirky employers. It may just be the thing he needs to cure his chronic boredom. Light-L/Matt/Mello/Near friendship fic

"Light, are you still looking for a summer job?' Light's father Soichiro Yagami asked after finishing a mouthful of calamari.

Light looked up from his dinner plate that he was staring bordly at while occasionally plucking something of it and sticking it in his mouth. "Yeah." He said, his voice laced with the same boredom. "Why do you ask?"

"One of the homicide detectives and I were talking, and he made mention of needing someone to help out at his house while he was out of the country with his wife on a case. He didn't want to put too much strain on his butlers, so I mentioned you and he said if you were up to it you were hired. A lot of the work will be outdoors but he promised to pay well for your services."

Light thought over this for a few minutes as his father waited patiently for the answer. "Well, since nowhere else seems to be hiring, I don't see why I should turn down such an offer. Tell him that as soon as he needs me I'll do it." Light said and began to pluck at his food again.

"He will be pleased to hear your answer." Soichiro said beaming at his son.

A couple of days passed since Light had been offered the job. Soichiro was late coming home, because of a case that he was working on, and he had good news for Light. "Light!" Soichiro called into the house.

Upstairs, Light's door opened and he calmly made his way downstairs to see what his father wanted. "Yeah, dad?" He questioned when he made his way into the living room where his father was putting his briefcase on the sofa.

"Aiber Lawliet, the man you'll be working for, decided he wants to meet you in person before entrusting his house to you. He'll see you tomorrow around noon. I wrote his address down for you." Soichiro pulled out a folded up piece of paper and handed it to Light. "I won't be able to take you there myself because of the case I'm on, but I'm sure you won't have any problems finding the place."

"Thanks dad." Light said with a small smile. "I'm going to go back upstairs and get to sleep now, I was just about to when you called for me. Mom put leftovers in the fridge for you."

"Thanks. Have a good night's sleep son."

"You too." Light said as he made his way back up the stairs to his room.

It was almost noon and Light was about half way to Aiber's house. He had decided on walking even though the house was halfway across town. To make a nice impression he wore a pair of his nicer jeans and his silky black button up, this was one of his father's coworkers after all, whatever he did would reflect on his father.

When he got there, he was surprised by how large the house was. It was only two stories, just like his, but it was also very wide in length. They must be rich. Light thought in awe. He made is way to the door and knocked three times on the solid oak door.

Half a minute later the door opened and an elderly looking man in a suit greeted him. "You must be Light Yagami." The man said in a soft baritone. Light just nodded at this statement. "Come in, Mr. Lawliet will be with you in a moment." The man, whom Light assumed was the butler, led Light into the living room where he noticed a large pile of building blocks in the middle of the room. "Wait here while I fetch him."

Light examined the large room. The walls and floor were both white, unnaturally so, which Light thought was odd considering that it appeared they had children. There was an entertainment system against the wall that to of had almost every game system in existence piled up around it, and the wall on either side of the wide screen plasma TV were lined with videogames and DVDs. Their sofa, love seat, and recliner were all made of black leather and they had a glass coffee table and side tables. Light took a seat on the sofa as he waited for Aiber.

After a few minutes a well dressed man with blond hair that reached his chin entered the room. "I'm sorry for the wait, I was taking an important call." He scowled when his eyes landed on the building blacks in the middle of the room. "I swear that boy needs to learn to pick up after himself when he's done playing. I'm sorry about the mess." The man looked light over for a minute and gave him a bright smile. "Your father said nothing but good things about you Light. I'm glad you agreed to this. I've been looking for someone I can trust to look after this place ever since I took this case. From your fathers descriptions of you, you sounded like a pretty nice kid. Even other investigators vouched for you."

Light could feel the embarrassment flow into his cheeks. Aiber noticed and let out a hearty laugh. "What exactly did they say?" Light asked, they really meant his father. God help him if it was anything embarrassing.

Aiber seemed to read his mind. "It was nothing embarrassing. They were just bragging about your good grades and how you helped them solve a few cases in the past. To be honest, that is what got me to agree. Your father said you were saving up money for law school, so I told him I'd hire you to help you out."

"Thank you." Light said giving Aiber a warm smile. He was beginning to get comfortable with this man now, hew people always made him feel awkward, especially since he was meeting up with him without his father to introduce them. "Your a real life saver, everywhere I tried getting a job at wasn't hiring, and there was no way i was going to work at a fast food place. The last thing I want is to come home smelling like artery clogging food products and have grease caked onto me." Light let out an involuntary shudder.

Aiber laughed again. "That's good to hear, hopefully it means that you will check everything carefully when you begin work."

"Of course, I'm surprised that my father didn't brag about my neatness." Light said with a smug smile. Oh yeah, he was defiantly comfortable with Aiber now.

"Would you like a tour of the house?" Aiber asked now sensing Light's now comfortable attitude.

"Sure." Light said standing up and walking a couple of steps behind Aiber as he led him form the living room to the kitchen which had black marble floors and white walls with stainless steel cabinets, counters and appliances. In the middle of the room was a woman, with equally blonde hair as Aiber, who was chopping vegetables at the island in the middle of the kitchen.

"This is my wife, Wedy." He said and Wedy looked up from what she was doing and gave Light a curious stare. "Wedy, this is our new pool boy I was talking about, Light Yagami."

Wedy's features warmed up as Aiber said this. She wiped her hands clean and approached Light. "It's nice to meet you Light." She held out her hand for a moment, until she caught herself and chuckled lightly as she gave him a small bow. "Sorry about that, it's a western custom that I seem to be having trouble breaking." She then looked over at Aiber. "Has he met the boys yet?"

"Not yet." Aiber said. "Where are they?"

"In their rooms. Or at least they should be. Tell them if they don't have their messes cleaned up by dinner I'm going to punish them."

"What are you making?" Aiber asked.

"Beef stew." Wedy answered.

"Mmm..." Aiber sounded with a delighted expression. "Do you like beef stew Light?" He asked out of curiosity.

"I've never had it." Light answered.

"Your kidding... well it is a western dish, so I guess not." Aiber said rubbing his hand against the stubble on his chin.

"How would you like to stay for dinner?" Wedy asked.

"I-I don't think I should." Light said startled by the offer.

"It's not like it's any trouble. And it would give you a chance to properly meet the boys." Wedy urged.

"Meet the... no one mentioned I'd be baby sitting." Light scowled.

"I'd hardly call it that." Aiber said. "Roger and Watari will be taking care of them. Near is the youngest, he's eight, Matt and Mello are both twelve, and Ryuzaki is eighteen. They keep to themselves a lot, well except Mello, he's the only one you need to watch out for."

"And in case you were wondering about their ages in comparison to ours, none of them are actually ours, their adopted." Wedy explained. "I can't have children, so when we were in England a couple years ago we adopted them. They had been in the orphanage for a while, no one wanted them because of their quirks, and since we have the money we decided to take all four of them."

"We should continue the tour then." Aiber said disturbing the awkward silence that began to take over the room. Aiber led Light through the kitchen to the dining room, his study, showed him were the downstairs toilet was, and stopped in front of his room. "Light, I'm giving you free reign over my home, but this is one room that I will forbid your entry. Not even my boys are allowed in here."

"What's in there?" Light asked; his curiosity peeked.

"I will tell you because I don't want you to accidentally find out the hard way. Wedy and I are detectives that are known worldwide and are trusted by several countries. We have files in there that if put in the wrong hands could bring down an entire nation. Also have several bio-weapons locked safely away in there, diseases that would be very hard to find an antidote to in the time it would take for it to spread, weapons grade anthrax, and others that I'm sure you would rather not hear about. We also have a number of other weaponry such as swards, knives, cross bows, and guns.

"If you ever hear anyone in this room, you have my permission to enter it, but be cautious if you do. I have Watari and Roger go in daily to do an inventory check; I will order them to tell you when they do their daily check. If they tell you to leave the house at any time you WILL listen to them and take the boys with you. Do you understand me?"

Light couldn't form any words so he just nodded in response. Just what have I gotten myself into?

Aiber's mouth twitched into an uncomfortable smile and he cleared his throat. "Let's continue with the tour then shell we?" Light nodded and followed Aiber through the house until they reached a large staircase with solid oak arm railings that had figures of cherubs carved into the wood. Light marveled at this as Aiber led him up the stairs.

Aiber stopped in front of a door on Lights right and rapped on it a couple of times before he opened the door. Light's jaw dropped at the sight of it. It was as white as the living room... no, whiter, and the floor was covered with toys of all sorts with gaps between each cluttered area to allow actual movement in the room. sitting in the middle of the mess was a small child with white hair and dressed in what appeared to be white pajamas that were two sizes too big for him.

"Near, you mother wants this all cleaned up before dinner." Aiber said shaking his head at his youngest child.

"It is cleaned up." Near argued.

"It doesn't look like it to me." Aiber said raising an eyebrow at the boy.

"It is." Near said. "The fortress is in that corner." Near pointed to a pile of bricks that, now that after Light stared at it more thoroughly, actually looked like a building. "The mecha's are over there plotting its destruction." Near pointed to a cluster of robots. "The..."

"Alright, alright, just explain that to your mother when she checks on you. at least pick up your mess in the living room. It's embarrassing for company to see that."

Near just seemed to realize that Light was standing beside Aiber. "Oh, sorry. Who are you?"

"Light. And you're Near?" Light said.

"Obviously." Near said, rolling his eyes as if he thought Light was an idiot.

"Near." Aiber said in a warning tone. "I should have warned you, he's not like most eight year olds. He's smart and has a sharp tongue."

"Then I won't go easy on him." Light grinned. "Let's try this again. Hello Near, it's nice to meet you."

Near's eyes narrowed slightly. "Hi."

"He will be helping out with the house while your mother and I are out of the country. Treat him like you would Watari or Roger."

"Ok." Near said as he picked up a Gundam and began to adjust its arms in a fighting position.

Aiber sighed and led light out of the room and down the hall to another room. Again he knocked on the door, then entered. It was the opposite of Near's. The wall was black, as well as the floor. Candles and posters of American heavy metal bands lined the wall of the room. There was a strange smell in the far corner of the room which turnned out to be an inscent. He also noticed the stereo system, and the subwoofers. Grreeeeeaaaat. There was one thing that Light noticed was missing, the boy.

"He'll be in Matt's room then." Aiber said as if he read Light's mind, again.

They continued down the hall, making a turn, showing Light the upstairs toilet, and continuing until he reached a door that had caution tape zigzagging down it. Aiber knocked then entered. As soon as the door was opened they were met with the sound of a large explosion. Light's eyes wandered over the room that had so many movie and game posters you couldn't even tell what color the room originally was. There were two boys sitting on the edge of the bed, one was busy mashing buttons on his game controller while the other was yelling instructions at him.

"Matt, Pause that for a minute!" Aiber said rising has voice over the rapid gunfire that was resounding throughout the room. After a few seconds the game went silent and both of the boys turned their attention to Aiber and Light.

"Who the hell is that?" The blond boy asked.

"Mello, watch your mouth." Aiber warned.

"Fine," Mello rolled his eyes. "So who is he."

"This is Light Yagami, he will be helping Watari and Roger watch over the house while your mother and I are out of the country." Aiber said. "Light these are my middle children Mello and Matt."

"Yo." The redhead, who was obviously Matt, said while flicking his wrist in a very causal jester.

"This guy doesn't look too much older than me, and he looks younger than Ryuzaki. You expect him to look after this place. He's probably just some stupid high schooler." Mello said.

"Mello." Aiber warned yet again, his voice low and cool.

"It's alright Aiber." Light assured. "I'm sure I will get him to change his mind about me." Light turned to stare Mello in the eye. "You will learn that I am not some 'stupid high schooler'. In fact I will be attending Todai University next fall."

"How are you sure?" Aiber asked, his voice laced with confusion.

"I'm that good." Light said with an arrogant smirk. "And I won't be surprised if I make one of the highest score."

"It's good that you're confidant." Aiber said with a laugh.

"It's not confidence really, it's fact." Light said, his gaze never leaving Mello.

"Alright, I take it back, you're not stupid. Damn you're annoying." Mello grumbled.

"I could say the same for you." Light shot back.

"Whoa boys, I can feel the animosity already. We still have a few more stops until we finish with the upstairs. And boys your mother wants your rooms cleaned by dinner, which means putting out those candles and inscent of yours Mello. Now."

"Fine." Mello grumbled and left Matt's side and brushed past Aiber and Light, purposely shoving Light with his shoulder.

"Sorry about him." Aiber apologized.

"It's alright." Light muttered. "Shouldn't we continue?"

Aiber just laughed and led Light from the room. he continued down the hall stopped in front of a door but didn't knock. "This is our guest room, if you ever feel like you should have to stay over night then you will sleep here." He then continued walking until her reached the last door in the hall. "This is my oldest son Ryuzaki's room." He said before knocking and entering.

The room was dark. The only light came from a computer monitor that was sitting on the floor in the middle of the room, its light reflecting on an unnaturally pale face. "Ryuzaki, I would like to introduce you to Light Yagami. He will be helping with the house while your mother and I are out of the country."

There was a long pause as the pallid youth's spidery fingers scrolled over his keyboard. Then he finally spoke in a deep, drawling voice. "Light Yagami. Age seventeen. Birth date February 28. Blood type A. Occupation, student at Tou-oh privet academe. Aspires to be a detective like his father." Ryuzaki looked up from his monitor and stared at Light with blank black eyes. "Greetings Light Yagami, I am Ryuzaki."

"Er... hi." Light said, startled by the strangeness of the eighteen year old. What's with this guy. He's so... creepy. Ryuzaki continued to stare at Light with his onyx orbs, taking in all of Light's features. Dear god he's studying me like I'm some kind of new species of human. Why does he have to be so weird?

Aiber seemed to sense Light's uneasiness with Ryuzaki, so he told Ryuzaki when dinner was and left his room. That settles it, I'm defiantly NOT going to eat dinner with them tonight. Light shuddered at the thought of Ryuzaki staring at him like that all during dinner.

Aiber smirked. "Don't mind Ryuzaki. He doesn't trust people easily. I think it has something to do with his childhood, he never talks about it. Though maybe I should speak with him about being less invasive."

"At least tell him to stop staring at me like that." Light mumbled, earning a laugh from Aiber.

Aiber led Light back down the stairs and to the front door. "Are you sure you won't stay with us for dinner. Wedy's cooking is to die for."

"I'm positive." Light said.

Aiber opened the door for Light. "I've decided that i like you, and the boys seem to as well, you will start work next week. We won't be here, but Watari will fill you in on everything. We will also have a key made for you, so be sure not to loose it. The next time we see each other will be in a couple of weeks at the very least. It really depends on how long it takes to wrap up the case." Aiber explained. "Bye Light."

"Bye Aiber." Light said and left for home.

A/N: -Grins- Yes, Aiber and Wedy Lawliet. I couldn't help myself. :-) And instead of being hardened criminals they are famous detectives I changed L's age to give him an excuse to still be living at home, 'cause seriously being 25 and living at home would just be sad. Oh, and I didn't mention it, but it was Watari who answered the door.

For those of you curious this will just be a friendship fic, no yaoi. And unlike all of my other fics, i have every chapter planned out, so depending on how much free time I get, i will be updating more often. I thought i'd try something new.