Chapter 6

"Hey Light, What's going on?" Mello asked when he saw light gaping into the room.

Light held a finger to his lips and mouthed, "Get out" to them. Realizing the severity of the situation the boys nodded. The door to Aiber and Wedy's room was wide open and there were four people inside. Luckily for them they were to busy looking for something for them to notice Light standing there. He only hoped that they would stay distracted long enough so the boys could get out of the house.

Light's hopes were shattered when a girl with blond hair and appeared to be somewhere around his age, looked over and saw him. "Momma, we've been spotted."

All four heads were now looking at him. Matt and Mello were at the door; Light hoped he could distract the people long enough for them to escape.

"Ryuk, don't just stand there. Get him!" Said what appeared to be an adult, female equivalent of Near.

Ryuk, who looked like a J rocker with his insanely spiked hair and gothic clothing, approached Light. Light took a defensive stance, ready to attack at any moment. "This one's gutsy Rem."

"Kill him or keep him hostage. Whatever you decide, do it quickly." The albino woman, or rather Rem, said. She tripped over something and sent a glare to an equally albino teenage boy. "Damn it Shido, I thought I told you to move this."

For the first time Light actually took notice to what had been in Rem's way. It was a body. Roger's body.

The blond made her way to where Light and Ryuk were facing off. "Don't kill him daddy, he's too cute."

"Sure thing kiddo." Ryuk said and pulled out a gun and pointed it at Light. "Come willingly or I'll shoot." Light just stood there, frozen in fear. Ryuk fired a warning shot at Light, grazing his cheek. "What are you waiting for, come on."

Light's body refused to comply. It was now shaking violently. "I think you scared him daddy." Light wanted nothing more than to punch that girl in the face. How dare she point out such an obvious weakness to him.

Light spared a glance at Matt and Mello were. They had made it to the door but they were not moving. Their eyes were wide as they stared at Light.

"What are you staring at?" Ryuk asked and Light internally cursed himself. Matt managed to snap back and he swung the front door open. He then grabbed Mello's wrist, ready to run. "Don't think about it. Close the door and come here." Matt looked back and saw that Ryuk had his gun pointed at Light's skull. "How many of you are there?" All three of them were silent.

"What's going on Ryuk?" Rem asked approaching Ryuk.

"We have a problem Rem, the house isn't empty."

Rem poked her head out from the room and saw Matt and Mello by the door. She quickly drew her gun and trained it on the two boys. "Move." She demanded gesturing towards the sofa. "Now!"

Matt and Mello complied, but only because Ryuk still had his gun pressed to Light's temple.

"Is there anyone else in the house?" Ryuk asked in Light's ear.

"Like I'd tell you." Light scoffed.

Ryuk pressed the barrel of his gun harder against Lights head. "I'd watch that mouth of yours if I were you."

"Ryuk, you and Misa watch things down here, Shido and I are going to sweep the upstairs."

Light's breath caught in his chest as Rem and Shido brushed past him, their guns out and ready. He had to think of something. He refused to let his sister get drug into the middle of this. He was forced out of his thoughts when Ryuk shoved him forward and forced him to sit on the loveseat. As soon as he was down Misa jumped up beside him. She was so close that she was practically sitting on his lap

"I'll keep a close eye on this one daddy." She said as she ran her perfectly manicured nails over the front of Light's shirt.

"Arm yourself first." Ryuk said.

Misa rolled her eyes, reached down, and pulled a dagger out from one of her boots. "Happy now?" Ryuk nodded and turned his attention back to Matt and Mello whom were glaring daggers at both him and Misa.

A crash was heard from upstairs along with Sayu's shrill scream and the sound of gunfire. Soon after, Ryuzaki, Sayu and Near were being led downstairs by Rem and Shido.

Ryuk had an annoyed look on his face. "Is that all of them?" Rem gave Ryuk a quick nod. "You." He said grabbing Light by the collar of his shirt and pulling him up. He then slammed the barrel of his gun just under Light's chin. "Who are all of these people?" Light began to rack his brain for a plan, anything that would insure his sister's safety. "Quickly." Ryuk growled, grinding the gun barrel deeper into his skin.

"My name is… Ryuzaki." He started, receiving a questioning stare from the real Ryuzaki. "These are my brothers, Matt, Mello, and Near." He said jesting to them all respectively. "The others are Light and his sister Sayu."

"Why are they here?"

"It's because I work for them." Ryuzaki answered calmly. Light was glad that he was playing along. I brought Sayu along because no one was at home to watch her."

For once Light was glad for Ryuzaki's stalking abilities. All he needed to do now was to get Ryuzaki and Sayu out of the house. "The two of them have nothing to do with what you are doing here, so I would appreciate it if you would let them leave.

Ryuzaki's eyes widened a fraction, but Light could tell that Ryuzaki knew why he wanted him out of the house. Then Ryuk began to laugh. It was an annoying 'hyuk, hyuk' that made Light want to roll his eyes at. When it died down to a chuckle, Ryuk used his free hand to ruffle Lights hair. "You weren't actually expecting me to agree were you? That's cute."

Ryuzaki threw an icy glare at Ryuk before speaking. "If you do not let us go, then my father will arrive here within the hour with sirens blaring."

"What the heck are you talking about?"

"My father is NPA, Chief Inspector Soichiro Yagami." Ryuzaki said. This caused Rem's eyes to widen. "If we are not home by a certain time, he is ordered by Ryuzaki's parents to send police assistance."

Silence enveloped the room as Rem thought this over. "Fine, you and the girl may leave, the others stay here."

"Let Near go with them." Light said.

"No." Rem said.

"He's only eight. I at least want to ensure the safety of one of my brothers." Light snapped. "Besides, wouldn't it be easier to keep tabs on three people rather than four."

"He has a point Rem." Ryuk said.

"Fine, but no one else." She growled. She then shoved Near forward. "Leave now."

Light watched as the three of them began to leave, Sayu sending him a sad look before they reached the door.

Suddenly Light felt a tug on his arm, and then saw that Misa was clinging to him. If Ryuk's gun wasn't still pressed under his chin, he would have hit her. "Hey daddy, when we're finished here, can we keep Ryuzaki? He's really really cute, and it would make all my friends jealous."

Light looked away from the annoying girl and saw that Ryuzaki was still standing in the doorway, and he didn't look happy at all.

"It's alright with me sweetie, but I'll have to talk with your mother about it." Ryuk said.

"Thank you daddy." The girl squealed happily. "Please convince her!"

"You really spoil her Ryuk." Rem said with a smile on her face.

"Did you hear that Ryuzaki, you are as good as mine." She said ecstatically, as though the thought of that would make Light happy.

Light kept his eyes trained on Ryuzaki the whole time. It looked like he wanted to kill the girl as much as he did. "Light." Light said. "Leave. Tell your parents that we've got everything under control. There is no need to panic."

Ryuzaki Stared at Light for a couple more seconds, nodded, then left the house.

Ryuk shoved Light on the couch and Misa was practically on top of him again. He glanced over at Matt and Mello who were staring at him in shock. Mello's shock soon evaporated and turned into pure unadulterated loathing.

"Shido, Misa, you two watch them while Ryuk and I continue searching the room." Rem ordered.

"Yes ma'am." Misa said as she whipped out a gun from practically nowhere. He clicked off the safety and pressed the barrel to Light's neck. "I'm ready."

Shido nodded at Rem. "Me too."

Rem and Ryuk then left the room to resume what they were doing before Light had walked in. Ignoring whatever it was Misa was trying to do with him, Light began to formulate a plan.

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