I have a computer that is all mine now. One that doesn't crash every time I try to write, destroying my work over and over again. So enjoy.


"Lavi, I'm hungry!" Allen whined for the 219th time as the two teens walked down a forest path. Lavi rolled his eye at the loud growling coming from the younger's stomach, cursing Komui for his vague mission details. According to the folder he had read, a small lake in Italy contained what the vilagers call 'Eternal Water'. The lake itself had been named The Fountain of Youth by the locals. The Black Order had confirmed it's power to be none other than the work of Innocence. What they hadn't confirmed was what it's power was exactly. Some reports claimed those who swam in the water aged slower, some claimed that swimming in the lake made the old young again, while others claimed it made you never age. The information about the lake stopped there. No coordinates, just a simple 'it's somewhere around this village probably'. Hell, even the locals couldn't tell them exactly where to go! All anyone had to say about the lake's location was that it was in the forest somewhere! "Just wander around for a few hours, you'll eventually find it" they'd said. Even using his hammer to get an aerial view had proved useless. No clearings, not lakes, nothing but trees and more trees.
Jesus fuck, how loud could that kid's stomach get? The redhead stopped and sighed, letting Allen stagger past him around a bend in the path. Maybe he could scrounge up some plants to eat? Some of them weren't poisonous, even if they tasted like shit, and Allen looked close to fainting now. Lavi's mussings were cut short by a splash up ahead.
"Oh shit! ALLEN!" Lavi shouted as he ran to the sound. The plan had been to not touch the water until they knew what would happen. He skid to a halt at the end of the path bend, flailing his arms in giant circles to stop from falling into the lake that was suddenly right infront of him. Allen was no where to be seen, the water's surface smooth as glass even in the slight breeze. The waveless water that was starting to glow- oh god he had to get the smaller teen out of there!
"Allen! ALLEN! Where are you?!" Panic rushed through his veins as the glow collected at the water's edge before him. The light was growing brighter still, brighter and brighter till it was blinding. Then it dissapeared as if nothing had happened. Black spots dotted his vision. He heard the splashing and sputtering as Allen popped up from under the water. "Geez Allen, don't scare me like that!"
Blinking rapidly, Lavi watched as his friend turned slowly towards him still in the water. Huh. Had Allen always been that small? Must be the blurred vision, hehe, of course.
"What the bloody fuck is going on?!" Woah, okay, yeah. Something was wrong Lavi realized. That was a kid's voice, a kid's voice that sounded a bit like Allen. A quick head shake later and the spots were gone, giving way to the sight of a small child standing in the lake. A small child with white hair, a cursed eye, horribly oversized clothes, and a glowing piece of innocence in his hand. Well fuck. Allen had been turned into a 5 year old.