Hello to all my readers out there! I am here to assure you that I have not died a horrific death, and am indeed very alive. Hurry!

A while ago I went through my stories and realized something….. I didn't like 'em (last time I write at four in the morning before working…). SO! My muse, the totally-awesome-irreplaceable-kickass Ri-chan and I are in the process of rewriting. The two of us together are like Batman and Robin, only 3,000 times more dirty minded, humor filled, and all around more awe-inspiring without the need to run around in tights. Cause seriously…. a grown man running around in tights? Plus we don't run around playing 'cops' all day, we just chill with our booze, cancer, and the occasional adventure that ends with piggy back rides, my phone malfunctioning, and possibly passing out on a couch somewhere.

Anyhellz, back on topic. This story is getting completely rewritten, and will be VERY different (but at the same time, kinda the same, only better).

If any of you have read my story Fantasy, you should be able to see a difference in the quality, hopefully. Reason? Ri-chan helped with that one.

Although I will be keeping the whole, Innocence-turns-Allen-into-kid part, he's not going to be anything like what I had before…. He was so OOC it annoyed even me (Kanda too, I mean, what was going through my head?), so I will be sticking to the personality that he actually had as a child before meeting Mana.

Please bear with us, as Ri-chan works, has school, and for the month also works at a haunted house. I'm just a lazy procrastinator that spends all day cleaning up after two roommates that have not seemed to learn how to clean during their 25 and 21 years of life….. (I don't sugar coat shit and call it candy, I call it as it is)
That, and we'll be working on rewriting Mirror of Dreams, and I still have another story we wrote together over a year ago that I haven't even typed yet…

BUT HAVE NO FEAR! We SHALL get everything done! Our goal at the moment is to be able to update a chapter every month, but hopefully they can get up faster. (Hahaha, get up faster…) We hope to have one chapter for one or two of the stories up by the 15th of every month (not counting the 15th of October, unfortunately), but I can't promise anything.

My glorious readers, thank you for still having faith enough to review after this long, and I hope to not disappoint any of you tooooo much.

Void-chan and Ri-chan, OFF TO THE BARS!

Jya Ne!