Kaname and the headmaster were having a meeting on what to do about Yuki. She wouldn't eat, she never slept, and she cried half the day away. They were worried about her health, and if they didn't act soon they were afraid she would fall into a deep depression. "I'll go try to get her."

The headmaster said. "Just wait right here." He said while scurrying up the stairs.


Yuki was laying in Zero's bed, tears welling in her eyes,

staring at Zero's Bloody Rose gun that laid gently between her small hands. When she heard a knock at the

door… "Yuki please come down and eat something. Kaname's here and wishes to speak with you." the headmaster said in a sort of whimper. " I…I'm not… hungry." Yuki replied in-between sobs and hiccups.

"Yuukii." the headmaster whined.

Kaname's view

The headmaster walked down the stairs disappointingly.

sigh "She's still upset." the headmaster said.

"Did you tell her I was here?" I inquired. "Yes but to no avail. She refuses to come out." He said. "what do you think should I…

my words were cut off by the headmaster. "I was wondering when you were going to ask that." The headmaster had an evil smirk on his girlish face. I then stood up a proceeded up the many stairs through countless hall to Zero's room where Yuki was residing

Or should I say Zero's old room. The thought alone put a smirk on my face, but that same smirk disappeared at the sound of Yuki's painful sobs.

normal view

Kaname knocked at the door (after a while of contemplating to go in or not) and heard nothing. A streak of worry ran across his face,

His worry became fear when he smelled Yuki's blood. His foot instinctively rose and kicked down the wooden door with ease.

"YUKI?!" kaname yelled. Yuki heard kaname yell and swiftly rinsed off the baled she had just used to cut into her wrist, hoping to die from blood loss. Kaname ran to the bathroom were the intoxicating smell of her blood thickened in the air. And to his horror there she was with a cut in her wrist bleeding slowly down the back of her arm, and trying, but failing to hide the razor. "YUKI!" Kaname yelled horror streaked in his normally calm and collected voice. He ran to her side (trying not to notice the beautiful smell in the air) and pulled off his tie wrapping it around her slender wrist. Kaname put his right arm under her knees and his left around her back and rested it on her side, (For easy lifting access) and gently picked her up. Kaname rested Yuki's body next to him on the bed as he brought her head close to his chest. Kaname buried his face in her hair breathing in her irresistible scent.

"Do you hear it?" Kaname inquired, after a brief silence.

"Wha…What?" Yuki stuttered. "My heart it beats only for you.

If you kill yourself my heart will have no reason to beat."

He said in a sad sort of way. Yuki lifted her face to look at him.

"Liar!" She hissed warm tears falling from her eyes. "Don't toy with my emotions! I'm messed up enough, and I… Her words were

cut off when Kaname's finger pressed against her cherry colored lips.

"Don't say that." Kaname said with desperation in his voice "I don't ever want to here you say that again." Kaname said sounding more vulnerable by the second. "I love you…and nobody else."

Kaname brought his face down to hers and laid a soft but passionate kiss on her soft lips. Only to break off for air.

Yuki rested her head on Kaname's chest once more, and felt her

Eyelids becoming heavier. Before she realized it she was sound asleep.

Kaname's View

Kaname looked down to see that Yuki was asleep. Good He thought She's finally asleep. I wonder what she meant? She's never spoken to me like that before.

Flash Back

"Don't toy with my emotions I'm already messed up enough. And I

End Flash Back

Kaname put his lips by Yuki's ear, and whispered… "Please don't hurt yourself any further, I cherish your life more than mine own."

And with that he kissed her once more and fell asleep with his dear girl.

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