NejiTen 30Flowers Challenge #46. Monkshood: Chivalry

It's a sunny day in the city and Neji Hyuuga could care less. Straightening his tailor-made black business suit, he gazes listlessly out into the busy intersection. For what must be the fiftieth time in the past twenty minutes, he curses the fact that his usual Lexus is in the shop. It means that he has to walk three city blocks through the congested downtown just to make it to the nearest subway station. Once there, he knows, he must fight the general bustle of the thousand or so other pedestrians riding the railways. A frown mars his placid features. Today is not his day.

The sun is shining, but Tenten hasn't noticed. Flipping to the next page of her book, she strolls blindly along with the crowd of commuters. For the twentieth time in the five minutes since she stepped out onto the sidewalk, a hustled passer-by yells, "Hey! Watch where you're goin' lady!" The brunette doesn't raise her eyes from her book as she walks on, waving apologetically over her shoulder to the person she'd bumped into. She absently notes that she has one more street to go before she heads underground. Or was it two? Shrugging her slender shoulders, she delves back into her reading. She has more important matters to attend to today.

Neji is still watching cars and trucks speed past him with a bored expression when a blur of motion makes him look to his left. A distracted woman in a slightly careless blouse and pencil skirt combo is strolling by him, directly into oncoming traffic.

His pale eyes widen as he digests the situation. Hardly thinking, he reacts. A hand on her upper arm and a gentle tug pulls her back from the curb and into the wall of his chest. Neji is staring down into a pair of blinking sepia eyes before he registers what he's done. He carefully rights her onto her sensible pumps and moves away to give her space.

The young professionals stare at each other for a long moment. Tenten breaks the silence, "I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention. You-I-Um...Thank you." She finishes nervously, holding her book in one hand and smoothing her skirt with the other.

"It was nothing." The Hyuuga's moon-like eyes break their contact as he nods and turns to face the street again.

The brunette smiles again for good measure and turns her attention back to the book in her hands.

A pale gaze sweeps reluctantly back to the woman he's just saved. Clearing his throat subtly, he grins a bit stiffly and asks, "Is it a good book?"

Tenten hardly raises her gaze from the pages as she hums an affirmative.

Dark brows draw down as Neji frowns in confusion and annoyance. He's not sure what made him attempt to continue the conversation in the first place, he's usually a very taciturn man. Annoyance because usually females wouldn't stop talking to him once they glimpsed his grin. It would stand to reason that the one woman he wanted to talk to wasn't at all interested. Really it did.

The light across the street changed and the crowd they were standing in surged forward. As he watched her messily elegant figure disappear down the street as he turned into the subway station, Neji decided that he'd walk tomorrow, too.

Maybe he'd get the chance to save her life again. A grin tilted his lips as he strolled on, if he was anything, he was persistent.

With a final glance up at the bright sky, Neji tucked his hands into his pockets and descended down the steps to the train.