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"Will you stop wiggling?!" Adriana shouted at Beth. She was trying to zip the other woman's wedding dress, but Beth was making it very difficult because she wasn't staying still.

"Sorry. I'm just so nervous. What if he doesn't show up?"

"He will. I have Josef under strict orders to march him to the alter in a headlock if necessary."

"But Josef's his friend. Won't he side with Mick?"

"Not if he ever wants to have sex again." Adriana smiled and Beth stopped squirming. The two giggled as Elizabeth entered the small room.

"What's so funny?" she asked.

"Nothing. Josef's going to make sure Mick makes it to the alter."

"You withheld sex?"

Adriana smiled. "It's the only way to get the point across to men."

The girls giggled and Adriana finally managed to zip Beth into in her dress. Mick and Beth had decided to go with a more traditional wedding in a church, the church in which Mick's parents were married. Beth had spent months obsessing over every detail and driving everyone else crazy.

"Oh, Mick wanted me to tell you that he loves you and he'll see you soon." Elizabeth told Beth.

Beth smiled and nodded. She was so nervous. She had pictured this day for a while now and none of her visions had her throwing up on the groom's feet because she was too nervous to keep her lunch down.

"Don't worry, honey, you'll do wonderfully…"

The crowd stood as the wedding march started. Mick strained to look over the crowd to see his bride. Most of the community had been invited and no one had given up the chance to go to a 'Konstan' sponsored function.

Elizabeth was the maid of honor and Josef was the best man. Adriana carried her daughters down the aisle as the flower girls and Joey was the ring bearer. He had been living with Mick and Beth for the last few months. Elizabeth had come back for the wedding and she could already see a difference in him.

He still called her mom, but he was happier, more lively and he stuck to Mick like glue. The two had bonded from the first moment they tossed a baseball around. Mick was loving the chance to raise a son (or great grandson) and Beth loved seeing both of them happy.

Amrita and Diana were growing everyday and the they were beginning to sleep during the day. Josef and Adriana's life revolved around them, but both had gone back to work. Josef moved his offices to the back room of the Clubhouse and the girls had a playroom down the hall.

All in all the group was happy, but one thing was missing. Mick and Beth had still never had a ceremony and so the planning had started for the vampire event of the year.

Mick's breath stopped as he caught view of Beth. She looked like and angel in her dress. She had chosen to walk down the aisle alone and though he had protested it originally he was glad she had convinced him. He confidence making her all that more beautiful.

Josef nudged Mick from behind to remind him to greet her instead of just stare open mouthed. Mick took Beth's hand and kissed it. Beth handed her bouquet to Elizabeth and walked up the steps to the altar.

Raj had also returned to proceed over their wedding and Mick and Beth smiled at him before turning to each other.

"We are gathered here to day to join these two in the bonds of matrimony. Mick St. John, will you please present your ring?"

Joey walked forward and handed Mick Beth's wedding band. Mick smiled at him and ruffled his hair slightly. Mick showed the ring to Raj. "Very good. Will you recite your vows?"

"Beth, you are the reason I go on. You have changed my life, since the moment I met you I knew this day would come. I have fought it, fought you, fought the world, but you have kept me honest with myself. I love you. Always have, always will."

Raj nodded as Mick finished slipping the ring onto Beth's finger. "Bethany Turner, please present your ring."

Joey handed her Mick's wedding and she showed it to Raj. "Please recite your vows."

"Mick, you have saved my life in more ways than I can count. You've protected and guarded me for years, but most of all you protected me from myself. You taught me to trust when no one else could. You taught me to love with all my being, not just my heart and you have made my life worth living. Now and forever, together."

Beth slipped her ring on Mick's finger. "You may kiss. And with this kiss seal your love for now and all eternity."

Beth grimaced as she bit her tongue, but it was worth it when Mick's mouth found hers and the sweet taste of his blood mixed with hers. The kiss was too brief for their liking, but they didn't want to make a scene in front of the crowd.

Mick rested his head against Beth as the crowd applauded. He breathed a sigh of content and whispered, "Together."

Well, thank you so much for reading. This is the end. There will be no epilogue, and no sequel. I have written enough to write a fairly good sized novel (115 pages) on this story and with my increased course load I can't spare the time. I hope you liked it and if you're disappointed that I didn't go into great detail on the girls lives please feel free to write your own one-shots of them growing up.

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