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1. Sai (Restrain)

Ichigo really wanted to learn this one. After all the times that he'd been caught by this technique, it was finally time for him to deal some out himself. Rukia had told him to practice on a tree first though how he could tell if the tree was restrained he had no idea. "Bakudo no Ichi, Sai!" Both he and Rukia jumped back as the tree crunched alarmingly. There weren't many words do describe what had happened. The tree seemed to be crushed until it was a deformed pole half its size. Some leaves had been fortunate enough to escape but the rest were in some sort of morbid package like the ones dried tea came in. Rukia coughed lightly and Ichigo grimaced. "Too much power?"

"You think?!"

2. Byakurai (White Lightning)

Ichigo felt seriously stupid as he held out the palm of his hand to the poor tree going to be blasted. That was mainly because he had a parchment with the incantation in the other hand. "Hadou no Yon, Byakurai!" The blast of lightning was supposed to be from the palm of his hand, he supposed. What really happened was that his byakurai resembled more of a negacion beam with the color and look of many byakurai together. He distantly heard Rukia scream behind him as he tried to control his reiatsu. It didn't work too well.

"Next time, we'll work somewhere that people need destroyed…" Rukia commented, barely restraining her laughter. Renji had no such inhibitions and was currently rolling on the ground at the sight of the large line of trees reduced to ashes and air.

3. Shakkahou (Shot of Red Fire)

"Wait!!!" Ichigo waited as Rukia, Renji and Inoue scrambled behind him. He supposed that being behind him was the only way they could be sure that the kidou wasn't going to blast them. But they were on the battle field. How was he supposed to do the incantation with five menoscharging at him?

"Ye Lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium; the sea barrier surges, march on to the south. Hadou no sanjuu ichi, Shakkahou," He rambled quickly. A blast not unlike a very large cero shot out of his palm and incinerated a large hole in the group of menos in front of him. He watched carefully as they dropped to pieces in front of him. Silence reigned in the air.

"Are you sure you shot a shakkahou?" Inoue asked timidly.

4. Kurohitsugi (Black Coffin)

"Are you sure I can try this?" Ichigo asked, scratching the back of his head lightly. Rukia rolled her eyes.

"Of course not! That's why Nii-sama is the one watching you this time!" Ichigo glanced at the cold noble behind her.


He pointed his finger at the innocent tree to be sacrificed and chanted, " … Hadou no Quujuu(1): Kurohitsugi!" The three proceeded to stare in shock as a large wobbly box was formed. The black thing shook, as if trying to regain its balance and then tipped over. Ichigo sweated slightly. The usual black spikes had doubled or tripled in number and the box resembled a large deformed pincushion. The three waited.

"Kurosaki, you are supposed to stop the reiatsu flow. That is how kidou stops…" Ichigo winced at Byakuya's cool comment and the box dissappeared, leaving… where was that tree?

Rukia walked over and bent down on the ground. "Hey! There's a splinter and a bunch of ash here!" The two Kuchiki looked at Ichigo.

"Hey… at least it didn't blow up on me…"

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(1) People have been telling me it's 90 and not 91… I really don't know anymore…