Hello and welcome to "This Is Not My Day" episode 50 of the great Gundam Wing show

Hello and welcome to "This Is Not My Day" episode 50 of the great Gundam Wing show. And now after you have seen a little section of my disillusioned mind I must say that I don't own Gundam Wing. If I did the first sentence would be true and I wouldn't have had to write the other sentences.


Heero stood looking out his window remembering his escapades of the day.  He had finally given in to Duos pleading and threatening and decided to go to Relena's Christmas Eve party.  The fact that he was going in the first place didn't matter.  He liked to see what Duo would come up with to get him to go.  The guy came up with some crazy antics, Heero considered letting Duo think he won this battle, a Christmas gift to him.

Seriously Heero wanted to see Relena, friend to friend.  Maybe show her some of those feelings he hid deep, deep inside of him.  A flick of emotion in his cobalt eyes, but no he would probably just make a fool of himself.  That's exactly what he did too.  Today just wasn't his day.

Flashback of Day



Heero awoke that morning to something tickling his nose.  When he reached up to scratch it he got shaving cream all over his face.

          " Good morning Heero, I thought I would just help you get through one step of your morning.  Now that you have the shaving cream on do you want me to shave you too, or will you get up?"

          "Omae o korosu, Duo get out of my room now!"  As Heero held his gun in his hand he felt it slip. Lets just say Duo's trick backfired.

          "Ahhhhhhh… Heero, oh my God you almost killed me," Duo yelled.  He started hyperventilating when he saw the bullet hole an inch from his head.  "Ah, I'm going to go now, bye."

          Heero sighed and looked at the clock, 9:30 am.  Oh well it could be earlier.  Sitting in his bed he thought he heard something under it.  When he jumped out of bed to investigate he slipped on some shaving cream and fell flat on his bottom.  Of course this ruined his red silk pj's with the HY monologue on them.

          As he was trying to get up a mouse ran from under his bed.  Needless to say Heero was so surprised he wasn't watching what he was doing.  Well the perfect soldier stepped on the shaving cream bottle (which Duo conveniently left on the floor) slipped, and fell again.  He also brought the contents of his dresser with him.

          The ruckus brought Wufie to investigate.  "Hey, Yuy!  What's all the racket?  This is injustice; a guy can't sleep around here… Ahhhh!"  Wufie saw the mouse and fainted dead away, into the mess that was once Heero's floor.

          After Heero splashed Wufie's face with enough water to drown him. (Adding to the chaos of the floor)  Wufie was just showing signs of reviving when Quatre came running in the room.

          " Ears, ears, I can't find my ears."  Quatre yelled frantically as his foot met watered down shaving cream on Heero's hardwood floor.  Quatre skidded along the floor and finally came to a stop.  When he collided with Wufie's prone body and went flying on to Heero's bed.

          Trying to steady himself Heero grabbed onto his blanket and lost his balance… again.  This time bringing Quatre and all his sheets with him.  This resulted in all three of them stuck under the now water and shaving cream logged sheets trying to get out.

          Quatre started to yell, "Nobody move, you'll step on my ears.  Oh my God we may have landed on him.  Get up now!  Wufie get up!  Wufie?"

          Wufie suddenly jumped up. Apparently just coming out of his little snooze.  This resulted in tripping himself and falling on his comrades.  Quatre was frantically searching for his ears as Wufie and Heero were struggling to get untangled from the sheets.  Every time they almost succeeded a hysterical Quatre messed them up more.

          This lasted quite a while until Trowa came to see what was going on.  When he saw the problem he took one step in the room to help.  His foot met with watered down shaving cream but of course Trowa didn't fall.  He did one of his normally graceful acrobatic tricks out of the room… and collided with Duo who had the same intentions as Trowa.  To find out what the reason for that infernal racket was.

          It wasn't Duo's fault, or Trowa's that Heero's door was right outside a flight of stairs.  In fact it would have been Relena's fault since they were staying at her house.  Of course she couldn't of known of the fiasco that would happen when she gave Heero the room across from hers.  Needless to say they were lucky the stairs had a landing half way down or Duo and Trowa would of broke more than a vase.  Relena's favorite vase, which Pagan was carrying up the stairs at the moment.  Poor Trowa spent the next half hour picking rose thorns out of his behind.

          Meanwhile in Heero's room the mouse was finally found.  When it ran up Wufie's leg, making him faint… again.  A jubilant Quatre scooped up his lost ears and dragged the mouse and Wufie out of the room.

          Heero sat in what was once his neat room and sighed.  Then he noticed Relena looking out of her bedroom door across the hallway.  She was rolling on the ground in laughter.

          " How long have you been there?"

          "The whole time Heero, the whole time," She got out between spasms of laughter.  "Oh and clean up that mess before breakfast, ok."  She said as she walked away.  Her laughter could be heard echoing down the hallway.

          Until Milliardo yelled " Hey Heero do you have a tuxedo for tonight?"

Heero looked at his tuxedo, which was on the floor along with everything else.  Today was going to be a long day.