James and Oliver Phelps BIRTHDAY RAP!!!!

Feb. 25, 2008

Listen up, Homie G

Do you know what day it be?

It be da anniversary

Of da hottest brothas dat start wit "P"!

We be celebratin'

While dey be fornicatin'

An' jest a lil' gyratin'

'Cuz twincest is amazin'!

(Don't be hatin'!)

Make it last all day an' night

Fill yo fangirls wit delight

Mmm, smack that ass, and pound it right

It look so good, and oh so tight!


It's a pity da state o' Michigan said

You two sexy boys could never be wed.

An' now, since you play George and Fred,

I got you chained up to my bed!

wild applause

(Twincest is amazing!)