so happy together [short story

the smith family was always a little happy family. every now and then they have a party. dancing, singing and happy as can be. one day little grace asked to invite a friend over. her mom said sure why not.

little grace would go outside onto her swing set and talk to her new friend. her mom came out and asked where is your friend. she would point to the empty swing.

her mom thought it was the stage where she had an imaginary friend. but every day little grace would get bruises. and days after they would turn into cuts. on day her mom asked her where she got hurt. little grace would say she got them by playing with her new friend.

her mom told her to tell her friend to go home. little grace went over to her friend and told him that her mom wants him to go home.

the "thing" said that her mom doesn't want her to have any friends. he told her that her mom killed her pet dog. so grace asked what she should do. he said to wait till dust and then they will punish the family. it came to dust and she was in her bed she asked her friend what to do. he took out a knife and said to stab them once or twice. she went quietly and one by one killed her family