1 Pamela

Oliver and Lisa were sitting in the kitchen as she was fixing him lunch. Oliver had just gotten back from Druckers and had the mail with him.

"Did I get anything?" Lisa asked from over at the stove.

"No," Oliver said as he went through the mail.

Lisa turned around.

"Oliver, I've got a surprise for you today," she said.

"Great. Just what my stomach needed," Oliver said.

"Vhat vas that?" Lisa asked.

Oliver looked up at her.

"Nothing dear," Oliver said.

"You don't apprciate my cooking," Lisa said.

"I never said that," Oliver said.

"So then you do?" Lisa asked.

"I never said that either," Oliver said.

"Well, I'll still give you lunch any vays," Lisa said.

She carried over a plate with what looked like burnt strips of hotcakes.

"What are these?" Oliver asked.

"Bread sticks," she said.

"What?" he asked.

"I took the hotscakes batter and laid it out in sticks and vwalla, breadsticks," she said.

Before Oliver could explain to her that those weren't breadsticks there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it," Oliver said.

"No, you finish your lunch. I'll get it," she said.

Lisa walked over throught the living and to the door.

"Pamela?" she asked once she opened the door.

Pamela was a young woman. She had brown eyes and blonde hair that came down to her shoulders. She had two girls with her. One was around thirteen. Sh eh ad short blonde hair and bright blue eyes and the other was about four and also had blonde hair with brown eyes.

"Hi Lisa," she said.

"Hello darling. Come in," Lisa said.

"Oliver! My sister Pamela is here!" Lisa called out.

Pamela just walked in. Oliver came out of the kitchen.

"Pamela," he said.

"Oliver," she said.

Lisa just stood there.

"Come on you two. That vas a long time ago," Lisa said.

"She told me that I was never to come near you or this family ever again or I'd be cursed," Oliver said.

"And by the looks of this place it worked," Pamela said.

Oluver just glared at her.

"Don't worry, I won't even spend the night," Pamela said.

"But you're welcome to if you want," Lisa said.

"Lisa," Oliver whispered warningl y.

"Don't worry. I'll have to decline. My husband has got to go to Italy for a couple of weeks and I wanted to stop by before we left," Pamela said.

"Well, you stopped by," Oliver said.

Pamela just galred at him.

"Any ways, I do have a reason to be here," Pamela said.

"What is it?" Lisa asked.

Pamela hestitated for a moment.

"Well, I need some one to watch the kids while we're gone," Pamela said.

Lisa looked back at Oliver with her big brown child like eyes as if she were begging.

"Lisa," Oliver snapped.

"You don't want us?" Hannah asked.

"No, you can stay," Oliver said.

"Thank you two very much. Their things are out in the car," Pamela said.

Oliver sighed as he looked over at Lisa.