Chapter 11: What is Love? (part 1)

Jenny and Hannah sat down on the couch while Oliver and Lisa walked about the house placing the buckets under the areas of the roof that were leaking. It had been raining for a good a mount of time now, so new leaks were appearing.

"It's raining in here," Hannah announced.

"We know," Oliver sighed, double checking the room to make sure that he got every leak.

"When did your roof get so torn up?" Jenny implored as she looked up to the wet ceiling above her.

"This is the roof that came vith the house," Lisa answered, joining them on the couch. "It alvays does this, every time it rains."

Jenny then looked over to Oliver. "Too cheap to have someone repair it?" she questioned.

"I already had someone try and repair it," he replied, trying hard to keep his patience. He wasn't angry with anyone there, but with the Monroe brothers, the ones who attempted to fix the problem.

Hannah yawned and then laid down and rested her head on Jenny's lap. "I think it's almost time for us to go to bed," she announced.

"Yeah," Oliver absently replied as he turned and looked out the window. The rain showed no sign of stopping any time soon. "I guess you two will have to stay in our room with us tonight," he stated.

"Thank you!" Jenny happily responded.

"You two go get ready for bed while I get the cots in there," Oliver instructed.

"Yes sir," Jenny replied as she stood up, waking Hannah. She looked down to the little girl. "Get your pajamas, we're getting ready for bed. Tonight we're gonna stay in the bedroom," she explained.

Hannah groggily sat up and smiled. "Okay," she replied and then did as she was told.


Everyone was settled into bed in the bedroom and everyone had said their good nights to each other. Oliver and Lisa each turned their lights off and turned over to go to sleep.

"Don't we gets a story?" Hannah implored.

"Oh! I know a couple!" Lisa sat up and announced.

"No you don't!" Oliver argued. All he wanted to do was get to sleep at this point.

Jenny sat up and sighed. "Don't worry, I can take care of this," she said. She then turned to face Hannah. "Once upon a time, there was this girl. She wanted to became a princess, and wouldn't ya know it? One day she did become one. The end."

"That's not a story!" Hannah cried.

"Yes, actually, it is. It had a main character, a plot, a beginning and an end," Jenny explained and then laid back down on her cot.

"Okay," Hannah sighed.

The room was silent for a few moments as everyone began to fall asleep. The only person who couldn't sleep now though, was Hannah. Laying in bed, she looked over towards her sister. "Jenny?" she called.

Jenny sighed. "Yes?" she replied.

"Ares ya gonna marry Bobby?" she implored.

Jenny softly laughed. "Probably not," she answered.

"Oh," Hannah responded. "Cus I thoughts that when two peoples love each others, that they gots married," she explained.

"It could happen. You never really do know who you're going to end up vith," Lisa stated.

"Yeah, the thirteen year old Cleveland girl moves out to the country for a couple weeks and meets her soulmate," Oliver remarked.

"You're not von to talk," Lisa said. "Remember how you met me? Spending time during the var in Hungary?"

"That's different. I was old enough to get married and had the money to do so," he explained.

Jenny softly laughed. "I know that I like him, more than I like some other boys, but I don't know if I love him. I've never really been in love before. I can't wait for that moment though, to know that I love some one for sure. You know how romantic that's going to be?" she asked.

"I knows what love is. It's when ya hug and kiss a person, and, um, and you choose ta spend all your free time with em and, ya do anything for them no matter what," Hannah informed them.

Jenny was a bit surprised. "That sounds nice, I like that."

"I do too," Lisa agreed.

Oliver thought it was pretty good definition, especially considering that it came from a four year old. Then again, all the girls in Lisa's family seemed to all be stuck on this romance thing. It wouldn't surprise him if it started out young.

"I can sleep now," Hannah announced.

"Sounds good to me," Oliver said.


The next day, Jenny took Hannah along with her over to Bobby's house. Bobby's older sister Julia was practicing to be a photographer and asked Bobby if he could gather a couple of people for her to practice with.

Jenny saw it as a good opportunity to get a couple good pictures of her and Hannah and Bobby while she was out there. Something to remember all of this by, although, she was starting to think that she would have no problem remembering any of this ever. A lot had been happening to her ever since she had gotten here, and it had only been a week.

The four were outside by the fence. Hannah stood aside for this picture while Jenny sat up on the fence in her little white dress with her legs crossed, while Bobby stood next to her, leaning his back against the white fence.

"Come on Julia! You should be a lot quicker at this by now if you wanna be hired by National Geographic someday," Bobby called out to her. He was a patient person, but he hated getting his picture taken. The only reason that he had agreed to do this was because he himself wanted a picture of him and Jenny together. That was all though. After he got his picture, he was done.

"Hold on a minute!" she replied. "I just got back home. I'm a little tired from the traveling."

Jenny laughed. "Don't worry about it, we've got nothing else that we have to be doing today," she said.

"I'm hugnry," Hannah complained.

"Hungry," Jenny corrected. "And we've only been out here ten minutes."

"Peter and I will take you out to lunch after this," Julia announced.

"Aw, you don't have to do that," Jenny replied.

"Yes she does," Bobby stated.

"It's fine," Julia laughed and then aimed the camera. "All right you two, smile," she instructed.

Jenny and Bobby both straightened out and smiled. They held their pose while she took three of the same photo.

"Okay," Julia said after she was finished. "All right, you each get one, and I want one, because I knew Bobby when he was younger, and I honestly never thought that my baby brother would be able to impress a girl."

"Very funny," Bobby said as he pushed himself off the fence.

"Thank you," Jenny stated.

The group walked down more towards the river where she took a couple more pictures of Bobby and Jenny and then had Jenny and Hannah take a couple together. They each had to be patient while she was playing with the different settings on the camera. They then moved over to a playground and took a few pictures and then finally finished on the front porch.


Oliver and Lisa sat down in the kitchen for lunch.

"Don't you think that it's too quiet?" Lisa asked.

Oliver looked up from the hotcakes on his plate that he had been trying to cut. "No more so than usual," he answered.

"Hmm." Lisa looked back up to him. "Do you like having them here?" she questioned.

Oliver nodded. "Yes," he responded, not sure of where this was going. After seeing her nod, he set his fork and knife down and looked to her with interest. "Are you going somewhere with this?" he implored.

"Vell," Lisa started. "I vas thinking that maybe ve could keep them an extra veek or two," she suggested.

Oliver sighed. "Well, maybe an extra week," he said. "I did want to talk to Pam and Richard before they took them back home."

"Oh? Vhat are you going to say to them?" she questioned, her interest peaked.

"I already talked to you about this. I'm going to talk to them about not neglecting the children because they are having marriage problems. From what I heard from the two girls, it seems like they aren't getting the attention that they should. I mean Jenny's thirteen and her mother hadn't talked to her yet. You had to give her the talk. They barely see their father and they are used to being dropped off places for a while. The worse their problems get, the lower the kids get on their list of priorities," he explained.

Lisa just nodded and went back to her lunch.


Peter, Julia, Bobby, Jenny, and Hannah sat down in the Pixley Diner for lunch.

"So when should they be developed?" Jenny implored. She was pretty excited to see how the pictures had turned out.

"She's gotta bring them over to my house and develop them herself," Peter answered, smiling over to Julia.

Julia looked down to the menu, blushing. "I should have them down within the next two days, depending on how busy I am," she explained. She then looked up to Jenny. "Has Bobby mentioned to you why I might be busy?" she implored.

Jenny shook her head. "No," she replied.

Julia looked over to Bobby. "Well, I really do think that you should tell her," she mentioned.

Bobby sighed. "My sister is getting married, and I'm allowed to bring a date," he informed her. "Would you like to be my date?" He liked taking Jenny places, but he hated his sister interfering with his life.

Jenny smiled. "Yes," she answered.

"Thank you," Bobby replied, smiling.

"Aren't they cute when they're young?" Julia questioned, keeping her eyes on the two.

"No," Hannah responded. "Baby chickses are cute, and they look nothing like baby chickeses," she explained.

"Chicks," Jenny corrected.

Hannah just looked up to her. "Still not as cute," she said, causing the people around her to laugh.

To Julia, who just eloped with her boyfriend. I wish them both all the best :)