It's not like I was scared or anything, I mean, college starting, leaving behind my family, my ex-boyfriend (not that I was so sad about that). I was starting at Dartmouth, which being the first in my family to attend college, let alone and Ivy League, was a huge deal.

"So Bells, you ready?" my dad asked, he wasn't smiling, he didn't have any air of humor at all. In fact I thought he might have been trying to hold back tears. Aw, dear old Charlie was a softie after all.

"I'm really gonna miss you, Dad" i said. My mother and him were the only people that I was really sad about leaving. I'd never made many friends in high school, and the ones I did weren't exactly on my Top Ten Favorite people in the word list. It was definently time to move on, there was one person that I ever actually trusted from my high school, he was my world for a good year, but things didnt end well.


"Bellie, let's go somewhere and talk okay?"

We drove down to the millyard in Forks, it was our favorite place to go to hang out together. Many memories had been made here, and there was going to be one more.

"Bellie, you trust me right?"

"Jake, if I didn't trust you, why would I be here?" he smiled a smile that set my world on fire, and he knew it.

"Then why can't we?" I knew instantly what he was talking about and felt my face getting redder by the minute.

"No, Jake. I'm not ready, I won't do it." I heard him growl under his breath, this was ridiculous.

"You know what Jake, I'm sick of having this conversation with you. Really. Either accept it or I'm done." I opened the door and got out of the car, tripping over my feet trying to stomp away. I could hear him yelling obscenities at me from the car and really, he should have known me better, because that made me even more upset. Nothing gets me more angry than someone telling me what a female dog I am, especially after asking me to do him for the million and tenth time.

"SHUT UP JACOB!" I screamed over my shoulder, still stomping away from him.

I knew my way home like the back of my hand, and actualy got there about an hour, with Jake trailing behind me the whole way, but I refused to give him the satisfaction of giving me a ride home. The next day he showed up outside my house, expecting to drive me to school. Fat. Chance. I drove my own truck for the rest of the year. After a week of unanswered phone calls, avoidance in school, dirty looks, and flirting with anyone who would flirt back, Jacob finally cornered me in front of my house.

"Bella, what the hell is going on?"

"What do you think?! I'm through Jacob. Now you and your hormones need to get the hell off my property and away from me." and I tried to shove my way into the house, he didn't budge.

I looked up at him and all I saw was fury in his eyes, he drew his hand back and slapped me across the face. It hurt so bad, he gave me a bruise and sent me flying backward. Realizing what he did, he came to help me, spewing apologies all over the place.

I held up my hand "No Jake. Go away." with the space in front of me I darted for the door and threw myself through it.

-End Flashback-

"Flight 786 boarding for New Hampshire."

"That's me." I said, trying to put on a brave face. After hugging both my parents, I turned around and left Washington and all it's rainy weather behind.

"you're in Meyer, room 420." said the smiling secretary, she seemed exhausted, but still pleasant. I felt pretty bad for the poor woman actually.

"Have a nice day, miss." i said, knowing how much most women hated being called ma'am. My mother had complained about it on many occasions. I turned back around, "Uhm, sorry but, which way is that?"

"Right next door, dear" the woman said, motioning to the building to my left. Thank goodness, it wouldn't be a long walk with my two ginormous suitcases. I walked over to the building, it was nice, and fancy, which I expected, but not exactly in the freshmen dorms. The elevator just barely held meand my suitcases, I had seriously considered sending each one separately, but decided against it. My dorm room ended up being all the way down the end of the hall, which from what I'd heard was a good thing, it meant the room itself was bigger. I opened the door to find a small black-haired girl pouting in front of her closet, or what I assumed to be her closet.

"Hi there, are you Alice Cullen?" I asked, the pout completely disappearing from the girl's face.

"Yes that's me! That must make you Isabella Swan?" I cringed at the use of my full first name.

"Yea, but please call me Bella, I really dont like Isabella." Alice laughed, running up and giving me a huge hug.

"We're going to have such a good time this year Bella !"

"We definently will !" I dont know what it was, but Alice just seemed like a genuinely fun person to be around, I knew we'd be good friends. She was bouncing around the room, doing whatever, as I dragged in my two suitcases.

"So where are you from Alice?" I asked.

"Port Angeles, yourself?" I stopped dead.

"Seriously? I'm from Forks!"

"Oh my gosh! That's too funny!"

"What are the odds right?" I asked.

We were both laughing and talking about life at home when there was a soft knock on the door. A very handsome tall blond boy was standing there with a very beautiful blond girl, they looked like brother and sister if not twins.

"Jasper!" Alice squealed, as she ran up to him and hugged him. The girl saw the look on my face and she mouthed to me "Boyfriend." Ah that makes sense, I smiled at her.

"Oh Bella, this is my boyfriend Jasper and his sister Rosalie Hale. Jasper, Rose, this is my new friend and roomate Bella Swan." A look of recognition flashed across Rosalie's face. "Are you by any chance related to Emmett Swan?"

"Yea, he's my cousin, on my dad's side." Rosalie laughed, "He's my boyfriend!"

"Oh my gosh, this really is a small world." said Alice, as she explained where I was from.

"You ladies hungry? We were about to get a bite to eat from the dining hall, Emmett and Edward are meeting us there."

"Wanna go Bella?" asked Alice.

"Of course, just let me grab some money." With that we were on our way to the dining hall. As we went to get our food, I grabbed a slice of pizza, some salad and a VitaminWater. I was walking towards the table where Alice and Rose were sitting when I forgot how to not fall and fall i did, it wasn't like it was new to me, but all the same it was unpleasant. As I prepared myself for the head-smack on the floor, two strong arms wound around my waist, and broke my fall, saving me and my food. As I looked up to see my rescuer, I found two emerald-green eyes staring at me.