A/N- All I have been doing lately is one parters, so I decided I wanted to do another muti-chapter story. This idea has been done hundreds of times, I'm sure. But I'm sure I can put in different twist to it. I would love to hear what you think.

Summary- Evolution seemed to make it a hobby to verbally abuse her, unknown to them about her past. She ends up unknowingly softening the Legend Killer.

Pairings- Nothing is definite yet, but we'll see how it goes. I'm going for a Maria/Randy and possible Mickie/Batista.

Cold Heart, Warm Touch

Great, this should be fun, was the last thought running through Maria's head as she, Candice, and Mickie were walking down the hallway, towards an oncoming Evolution. They never bothered the other girls as much as they did her, it was like it was a hobby of their's to pick on her.

"I just remembered, I promised to meet Jeff in a few minutes." Maria tells the other two girls, trying to avoid a confrontation with the men only a few feet away.

"Maria don't let them get to you, they are harmless." Mickie assures her, seeing the worried glances her friend was giving to the men.

"Really I don't want to go near them." She feared them, all of them. Batista was the only one she would go around, and that was if he was by himself. She tried to not even look at Randy and Hunter. They believed they ran the show, and their attitude was even worse when they were backstage at an arena, as they were currently.

"They won't do anything to you." Candice says. It's not what they do, it's what they say. Hunter and Randy get a sick pleasure out of degrading her for no reason at all. Batista would stand there looking as if he had something better to do, while all Ric did was smirk.

"Seriously girls, I'm just going to go the other way." She tells them, catching a smirking Hunter looking at her. Candice and Mickie didn't object after that, knowing they wouldn't change Maria's mind.

"Where are you going?" Candice asks Mickie as she walks ahead.

"To give those jerks a piece of my mind." She replies, walking right up to Evolution, not intimidated in the least. It took a minute but they finally realized she was standing there.

"Is there something we can help you with?" Randy asks with a sneer.

"Yeah, you can leave Maria alone." Mickie says, getting right to the point.

"Why would we do a thing like that?"

"She's scared to even walk near you over sized assholes." Mickie says, becoming angry.

"Good, that's the way it should be." Hunter replies, not caring in the least about Maria.

"Just leave her alone Hunter, you to Randy." Mickie warns then turns around to catch up with Maria.

"Did she really just threaten us?" Randy asks the other three.

"I believe she did champ, you better watch out." Dave says with a smile, amused at Mickie having the courage to tell Hunter off.

It was in the middle of Raw, when Hunter decided Evolution needed to have a little chat with Maria. They weren't scheduled to go to the ring for another hour, and in their eyes, that was plenty of time to bother their favorite victim, Maria. Dave decided to stay in the locker room, and Ric was no where to be found, so it was just Hunter and Randy. They walked to the women's locker room and knocked, knowing Maria was the only one in there.

"What do you two want?" She asks in disgust upon seeing who it was.

"To have a little talk." Hunter says, pushing himself into the room when he sees she is fully clothed, Randy following behind him.

"You guys can't come in here." Maria says, trying to keep the fear out of her voice. They have never came to the locker room to harass her.

"Looks like we can." Randy says, sitting on the couch making himself comfortable, while Hunter stands in front of Maria.

"Did you really think getting Mickie to yell at us would make us stop?" Hunter asks, stepping closer to her.

"I..I don't know what your talking about." Maria tells him, taking a step back.

"Of course you don't. Just let me tell you Maria, we are Evolution, the most powerful thing in the WWE, we do what we want, to who we want, when we want. Got it?" Hunter tells her, trapping her against the wall, so she couldn't move.


"Maria, you segment is up next." Matt, the stage man informs her, stepping inside the room.

"Thanks, I'll be out in a minute." It wasn't more than two minutes later that he had her pinned up against the wall, pressed tightly against her.

"Get off of me. Now." Maria yelled, trying to push him off so she could move.

"I know you want it." He said grabbing her.

"No. Stop. Please." She begged.

"Don't deny it Maria, it'll be better for both of us if you don't." He whispered, his hand moving to the button on her jeans.

"My segments up next." She said, still struggling to get free.

"No, it's in another half hour. Plenty of time to let us play." He tells her, trying to pull down her tight pants.

"Stop, please stop." She begged, tears flowing down her cheeks." He didn't get much further because Torrie Wilson and Ashley walked into the room, and got him off her before he could do anything. Matt was fired the next day.

End Flashback

Randy saw the tears in her eyes, and guilt began to set inside of him before he quickly wiped it away. He is the Legend Killer, he doesn't feel guilty. But the look on Maria's face, mixed with fear and tears, was enough to make anyone feel guilty. He couldn't look weak in front of Hunter though.

"Come on man, we should go warm up and see what the plan is for tonight." Randy says, putting his hand on Hunter's shoulder, who was still telling Maria he could do whatever he wanted.

"Your right Randy. Maria, think before you send your little friends to us." Hunter says pushing off the wall and heading out the door, Randy of course right on his heels. Before he got out the door, he turned around and saw Maria shaking, and crying harder than before. It took all he had in him not to go back in there with her. He would be sure to take it a little easier on her from now on, he still couldn't figure out why she would so emotional over Hunter, when he was like that with everyone. He would find out.