Yah, so I got this idea awhile back and so here it is! DO THE DISCALAIMER SASUKE!

Sasuke: Hn, hn, hn hn hn (translation: sasusakuislife doesn't own Naruto)



It was the day that everyone looked forward to: the Academy Student's first day as ninja. Uchiha Sasuke was in his house making sure he looked his best for his long-time crush, the cold-hearted hottie Haruno Sakura. He sighed as he thought about her long, pink hair and her sparkly green eyes and her... everything. Him, he was just ugly old Sasuke with the big forehead. "SASUKE!" His mother called, "YOU NEED TO GET TO THE ACADEMY NOW TO GET YOUR TEAM ASSIGNMENT!!!"

"Kay mom!" Sasuke yelled. He walked downstairs and out the door only to find his rival, Rock Lee outside.

"Hm, so it isn't Forehead Boy..." Lee smirked.

"What do you want Lee-pig?" Sasuke retorted as he started walking towards to the academy.

"Only to prove myself better for Sakura-chan's love!" Lee exclaimed.

"Heh, forget it Lee-pig," Sasuke yelled, "Sakura-chan obviously wants ME!" They then proceeded to race to the building yelling things like, "Stupid pig!" or "Big Forehead!" The two finally reached the academy and started arguing on who got there first... until they caught sight of the rosette heartthrob. "S-sakura-chan!" Sasuke squealed as he ran over to her. "Sakura-chan?" Sasuke asked. Sakura responded with an uninterested look. "Can I sit next to you?" Sasuke questioned pointing at the empty seat. Sakura didn't say anything as all of her fanboys ran over and started arguing that they were there first and that they should sit next to her. Iruka traipsed into the classroom and yelled, "SIT DOWN!" and everyone sat down (and fyi, Sasuke got the seat next to Sakura).

Okay, I want to congratulate you all on a sucsessful school career, and now it's time to be put in three-man squads!" Iruka told them. "Okay, first team is Squad Seven! First member, Uzumaki Naruto." Naruto showed recognition his name was called, but he didn't react because he was two busy reading his book, Icha Icha Paridise. "Okay, next person is... Uchiha Sasuke!"

Sasuke moaned, "Oh great, I'm on the same team as that perv!"

"And finally, there's... Haruno Sakura!"

"Whoot!" Sasuke screamed while Sakura looked at him in disgust. "I'm on Sakura-chan's team! Beat that Lee-pig!"

Lee snorted, "So? I'm still hotter than you!" Iruka continued calling out the teams (Team Gai is gonna be a year younger kay? And the teams are the same) and when he finished, he told them they's be meeting their senseis after lunch.

Oh my, this will be nothing but trouble...