Well…more themes

Pairing: Latios x Latias

Arceus was the first of all,
We're the last to be made.
Based off of other creatures;
Celebi of the glade.

A dash of Mew's psychic powers,
Drakrais' strange way to fly,
A little human DNA,
That's what's in you and I.

You have to find it funny,
That humans think that we're so grand.
When really we're no different,
Than pokémon or man.

The first one who had to go,
The one of us that we called Dad,
Though he was of no blood relation
His departure made us sad.

But time went on, and though we quarreled,
Our bond just grew stronger.
Then you got too close to humans
And time seemed to grow longer.

Then you could take on human form!
My heart still trembles at the though.
All the times I'd kept you safe,
The battles would be for naught.

I was terrified of the cruel creatures,
Taking pokémon for capture,
Enslaving them and forcing them to battle,
Far from their lives of rapture.

Then worse, they seemed to like it!
And you were falling for it too.
Then on day you brought the girl home.
And I was lost on what to do.

Time passed slower,
You began to bond,
I made sure to keep my distance.
I knew where I belonged.

But from what I can tell, you did not know.
You brought me to your games.
Baseball, swings, hide and seek,
Some strange one called 'charade'.

Then I came of my own accord.
I was glad to be with you.
Not after all too long,
I liked Bianca too.

I'd never had so much fun before!
Now I know why you went.
Time with humans, though strictly cautioned,
Was always time well spent.

And as creatures half of glory,
I supposed I should've guessed.
Most of them seemed to be good,
By their integrity I was impressed.

But they were also half of chaos,
That wasn't hard to see.
So, though I loved Bianca,
The other's frightened me.

A few months before
The true events undold,
I was struck with horror
At the story that you told.

"Latios, you just can't guess!
Something strange happened today!
Don't freak out though, big brother love,
I'm really all okay!"

"You start a story out like that
And expect me not to panic?
Latias, you crazy girl,
Only you could be that manic!

"Yeah, Big brother,
I kinda guessed you'd freak.
But this is absolutely not as bad
As what I did last week."

"What did you do this time?"
I ask through gritted teeth.
She gives me her puppy eyes.
That make my resolve go weak.

But not this time, I bark too coldly,
"Tell me what is going on.
I should have know not to leave you lonely.
You're such a ticking time bomb."

"But I'm not a ticking time bomb,"
She informs me with a smile.
I glare and she gets comfy.
This story might take a while.

"Okay, I'm telling you the story.
But you better not be too mad.
'Cuz I've though and thought it over,
And it's really not that bad.

"I was up behind the ice cream shop,
You really ought to know it.
They've got ice cream so rich and thick,
Comes out the machine so slow it-"

She stops herself,
Her cheeks bright red.
Starts the story,
Shakes her head.

"Well, yeah, so, that's the place.
Best ice cream in town.
So, of course, I had to pass the place.
And when I do I have to slow down.

"There they were, the tow of them.
Chatting on their phone.
I know it's rude to eavesdrop
But I couldn't let alone…

"I came up real quiet,
They didn't hear a thing.
I could hear them just fine though.
I listened to the other phone rin."

"The other phone?" I asked blankly.
She snorted than she giggled.
She always did why I was dumb,
But under glare she wiggled.

"On the end of the line,
I heard that man speak!
He had talked about us."
I felt my legs go weak.

"About us, or just the Legendaries?
And not just in folktale?"
"They're coming for us!" She shrieked and whined.
Then began to wail.

"Let them come! Let it happen!
I know we can't be caught!
If they don't think twice, well, we'll show them!
They'll give us a second thought!"

"But what if we can't handle them?"
She asked, her voice so low.
"What if you're not strong enough?
What if I'm to slow?"

"Hey, who's the worry water 'round here?
Last time I checked, not you.
So, about that other thing you did.
What, exactly, did you do?"

"I, er, tipped over a racer.
He made an awesome splash!
How can I make it better, Latios?
I made the poor boy crash!"

"Did he get right back up?" I asked, all soothing.
She said yes, but whined, "He's ten!"
"I'm sure the little monster's fine.
Just find the boy some yen."

"Great, how much do I steal?"
She enjoy herself too much.
"You never steal, you only find.
Pick it up from the ground and such."

"And taking money from our statues,"
She beams at her right answer.
"Or I could take on a human form
And get money as a street dancer!"

"No," I scold.
I've heard this all before.
She huffs at me and with defiance,
Human feet tap on the floor.

"Goodbye, Lat, I'll be heading out!
I've got lots of things to do!
Gotta earn lots of yen!
So I'll be seeing you!"

And off she went, just like always,
But this time I did not protest.
Whenever it did come to morals,
Latias always knows best.

But then, and I'm sure,
This was just to bother me.
She brought an ugly human boy
To our special tree!

And though I really tried to argue,
About him, the boy had a way.
Just like my red and white partner,
We were friends within the day.

And after that, thing just got worse.
Bad things just kept happening.
And those two witches with their plan…
It's was simply maddening.

And the…there was a sacrifice.
Forever we did part.
Knowing I'll not see you again…
It makes me faint of heart.

So remember, my dear Latias,
Though it is forbidden,
I've always been in love with you,
Even though it's hidden.