The term "pups" in this refers to the vulpine pups, not dog pups. Just like Vulpix, I think Eevelutions and Eevee is a play off foxes. You're entitled to your own opinion.
This started out as a coupled fic, all romancey and it turned dark and evil and death and sadness and I don't really know why. –shrugs- Yay sadness.

You know, I think it was the story I read by SilverUmbra, the sad thing? Now I feel bad posting it, because it completely slipped my mind while I was writing this, and now it's in my head. They're nothing alike, because SilverUmbra's was a sweet sad, where as mine's more of a "Your parents didn't love you, did they?" kind of sad but for some reason I still feel like I'm copying. So, well, I swear I didn't mean to copy!
Pairing: Flareon x Vaporeon

It was undeniably bitter, falling for an opposite.

Worse, falling for an opposite that…that was the way he was, the sinful monster.

I watched him, unable to breathe, unable to move, all my flames extinguished but a small spot on the scruff of my neck where no grass touched, just in case I panicked and lost control of my flame; I hid deep in the bushes by the lake so he wouldn't see me. And I was scared, not of being discovered, for it would not have been so bad for him to notice me, but terrified of the water, terrified of any splash that might be made by a scared water type or a frolicking baby.

I knew what would happen if I got wet. All fire pokémon knew. If all the flame was extinguished, our Life Fire, whether on the inside or out, it meant death. Many went as far to avoid all water, getting their H2O from grass and other watery foods. Though, for some, just that wasn't enough to live on. Those that did drink water were always especially careful, drinking slowly and stoking their inner flame all the while.

I was one. I was a puddle drinker. There was nothing like that cooling sensation, a relief from the never ending torment of heat that came with evolving this way.

But it was what I wanted, what I had always wanted. There was nothing I had desired more than to burn brighter than any other evolution. When I had pups of my own, I would always be warm for them, never letting a puppy go cold. I lived in the grassland, flat and full of water-giving plants, where there were very few water or ground types, so I would be the strongest and nothing would stand in my way.

But, it's all too typical. I needed a drink one day, and I saw him.

You have to understand, since my mother and siblings left, I hadn't seen another of my kind, an eevelution. I was fascinated by what I saw. My mother had been an Espeon, my siblings had chosen to be Flareons, Jolteons, and one, who wanted a stone but decided to late, became a Leafeon. But never in all my life had I seen a Vaporeon. Never in my life had I ever saw something so wonderfully adapted to both land and water.

He was graceful beyond my imagination. He moved through the water quickly, smoothly, snapping up fish like they were standing still instead of the lightning fast devils I had batted at with playful motives when I was still an eevee. He jumped from the water too. I didn't know why, perhaps just for the sport of it, but he did leap with a twist and roll that I could never duplicate. He did it again and again, never tiring then vanishing deep underwater where I could only dream of going.

But sometimes…sometimes, sadly, he would appear to me.

"You again?" He inquired, glaring into the bushes. "Don't bother trying to hide, I see you clearly. I suggest you come out now or I'll blow out that last flicker of flame on your head. You shouldn't think I won't try it. I have no problems destroying a low burning fire."

He was prejudiced against all fire types. All in all, aside from the few dragon types, fire types were the strongest, a fact that made many pokémon bitter against us. We did, however, have the biggest weakness with our Life Fire, which, of course, a pokémon like him would take advantage of. The sad thing? Even though I knew he hated me, merely because of my type and heedless that we had never had a legitimate conversation before, I was still in love.

"I'm just here for water, Vaporeon," I whispered, my voice low. I emerged from the tall grass surrounding the lake, pinned my ears back and pinned my now full flaming tail (white fire, extremely hot, don't touch) against my stomach. "Please, have mercy."

"Begging for mercy, are you?" He chortled. "What kind of fire type is this? Where is the strength, the power that is so admired in your breed? Come now, give an attack. Let me feel the force of a flamethrower, an ember! Attack me if you dare, or are you too afraid to touch a powerful pokémon like me?"

"I'm not interesting in attacking you, Vaporeon," I whispered again. "Please, let me pass, I'm only interesting in drinking water. I'm thirsty. It's been nearly seven months since I've gone by here and there's not many berries. I can't gather all the water I need. It's starting to burn, Vaporeon. You don't understand what it's like, as a fire type, not having water…it's the worst pain that could ever be imagined." My voice was starting to crack, turning into a whimper. "Oh, please, just let me have a drink."

Water pokémon were beginning to gather. Despite the slight dislike all water pokémon were born with towards fire types, their glares were focused on Vaporeon. For once, they took my side and I had never been so glad.

"No," He grinned with wolfish delight. "I don't. Tell me. What's it like?"

"The fire inside me…" I gasped. "It's rising up, bigger and bigger each day I go without water. I can only quell it so much with plants and berries. If I don't get water soon it'll…" My throat worked to form words, but I could only stumble forward and fall to my stomach with a small cry. My legs sprawled in the grass, and I could feel all eyes on my helpless form.

"What?" He asked, his voice dropping as his head ducked low to whisper in my pinned ears. "What will happen?"

I felt tears, sizzling on my face. I was unbearably hot, the cool stream was so close. If only Vaporeon was kinder, gentler, so unlike the way he was. "It'll kill me, Vaporeon. It'll burn me from the inside out. Please, it's already starting. I can feel it. Oh, Arceus, I've tried so hard to stop it but I can feel it now worse than ever. It hurts so bad. Please, just a moment. It won't take too long. After this, I swear, I'll take a journey and find some other lake, stream, river, anything you want I swear I'll leave you alone. Just let me drink this one later time. You'll never be asked again, I promise. I promise."

"How can I be sure what you say is true?" He asked. He lay in front of me, sphinx like but with his front legs crossed. "How can I be sure that you're not just pulling my strings? How can I be sure you're not just using some wonderful acting skills. I wouldn't be surprised. I've heard that fire types like you are remarkably underhanded. Sneaker liars, the lot of you. Can't be too sure. Can't trust one of you."

"We're one in the same," I whimpered desperately, looking up with pleading eyes. "Vaporeon, we were both once eevees. We were once the same type, changed only by stones. Evolution changes many things, even personality, but it doesn't make one cruel, not ever. Have mercy in your heart, if not for a Flareon, for an eevee, a follow eevee. We could have played together as pups, and we never would have known…"

"No mercy for the damned," He retorted. "Fire you are, and with flames you'll rot in hell."

The water types continued to look on, panicked, but unable to do a thing. He was the ruler of the lake, as most eevelutions with their areas, and the pokémon wouldn't dare challenge him, not even in a pack. "But…we were the same."

"And I chose the right path," He snapped. "Are you urging pity because you chose the path to hell? Are you attempting to blame this on me, though you chose the twisted road that will lead you straight to Giratina's doors, straight to the hell all your fire types are damned to? Why show mercy?" His voice rose, booming as he rose to his feet. "You should suffer for what you've done! Do you feel the consequences of your actions? That fire inside you is no twist in genetics; it's what happens when you sell your soul to Giratina! You come to the water to redeem yourself, to quell the calling of Giratina when he beckons you to hell!"

"There was never any soul selling!" I cried, my head swiveling up at him. "Oh, Arceus! Please! Vaporeon, show mercy! I'll tell you whatever you want if you'll let me drink! Nothing can be worse than this! You can't imagine what it's like, to be burned from the inside out!"

He grinned, that same predator grin I should have known not to trust. "Fine, mercy I'll show since you cry out for the true god. Walk to the water, if you can. Drink deep from the water than be on your way."

"Thank you," I whisper breathlessly. I stumble to my feet and to the waterside, drinking with deep, greedy gulps. The water is wonderful, so soothing, so cooling. The heat that radiates from my body makes it sizzle in my throat and boil in my stomach, but it cools. It cools fast and so wonderfully I want to scream.

Then I have a reason to, as he comes up behind me. "Flareon," He whispers, death in my ear once more. "Tell Giratina you don't cry for him, but for the god you abandoned. Cry for Arceus, but it will do you no good."

He pushes, hard, and I scream once before I'm in the water, my fire flickering out almost immediately, but it is not sudden that I die. I know what happens when fire types die, at least I think I do. We turn to ashes, but I haven't turned to ashes yet. I'm suspended, underwater, not breathing but still somehow living. The water seeps into my bones, cool and refreshing and I sigh. My body feels funny, tingling and for once no longer warm, but cool. It's a good feeling.

For once, I follow his advice, the creature I fell for merely because there was no one else around. I cried for Arceus, because no one cries for the devil when they die.

Arceus, please, take me where it's cool.

And there's a white light…

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