Author's Note: Sat down at my computer the other day and here's what came of it: the sequel to my story "The Battle of Sigma Octanus IV", for all my awesome reviewers! If you haven't read that yet, I'd advise you read it first so you have a better understanding of this story. As usual, I DO NOT OWN HALO/HALO 2/HALO 3 OR ANY OF THE BOOKS. I'm just writing a fanfic based off the Halo universe (but my characters are my own). Following the tradition of my previous story, the setting/times/dates may be slightly AU and a little off from the canon version. So all you canon sticklers, don't freak! You've been warned. ;-)

Like its predecessor, this story is rated on the heavy side of T for language, violence, blood, gore, and some suggestive/sexual content (not graphic).

Hope you enjoy and please review! Updates won't be as frequent as my last story, as I had most of that prepped beforehand. I'm in the middle of a loaded college semester right now and I work most days of the week, but I'll try to get new chapters up as soon as I can. Peace!

Intro: New Beginnings




//TO: Captain Natalie M. Cooper, Commanding Officer Bravo Company, 102nd Force Action Battalion, 603rd Special Infantry Regiment, UNSC Marine Corps

FROM: Major Benjamin Phillips, Commanding Officer 102nd Force Action Battalion, 603rd Special Infantry Regiment, UNSC Marine Corps



Captain Cooper,

The United Nations Space Command's best kept secret has finally been discovered. As of 1530 hours local time, the third planet in the Sol system was attacked in orbit by a Covenant armada. Cooper, I'm sure I don't need to point out the obvious here: Earth is going to be invaded shortly. Intel is still sketchy, but it looks like this is the big one. HighCom is going to be recalling everyone for the defense of our human homeworld.

Standby for more orders as they come in, and get Bravo Company ready to go in the meantime. I'm counting on you, Cooper. I know you'll get the job done.

Maj. Benjamin R. Phillips, 102nd Battalion