Title: Don't Stop the Feeling

Rating: M

A/N: So, I'm going to give this story a shot. It's different then anything that I've come up with, so I really hope you like it. The first chapter will probably be up tomorrow morning. So let me know what you think! Thanks!

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Gabriella Montez was new to Albuquerque.

"You must be the new girl." The dark girl says and holds out her hand. "I'm Taylor McKessie."

Gabriella smiles and takes it. "Gabriella Montez."

"Where'd you move from?" She asks.

Gabriella sighs. "San Diego. My mom's company transferred her to Albuquerque." She says while looking at her bag sitting on the bed.

"She made you move starting your senior year? That sucks." Taylor exclaims.

"You're telling me." Gabriella mumbles.

The most important thing to her was dancing.

"So… how long have you been dancing for?" The councilor asks and everyone's eyes look up at her. Gabriella looks around nervously.

"Since I could walk." She says honestly and sits back down in the chair trying to make herself unnoticed.

Her mom signs her up to go to a dance camp for the summer.

"I don't want to go mom!" Gabriella exclaims while sitting in the car with her arms crossed.

"You'll be on the beach everyday. You're HOTEL is on the beach! What more could you want?" Her mother asks her and Gabriella shakes her head.

"I don't wanna go." She pouts. "I don't understand why I half to! I'm not going to know anyone!"

"The principle said that most of the girls on the East High dance team attend this camp. It will be a great way to bond with them. You'll meet new friends in no time." Her mother explains.

"I don't want to meet new friends. I want my old ones!" She exclaims and pouts again.

The camp is located on the beaches of Baja California, Mexico.

"I can't believe the school would sponsor us to go to Mexico for a camp!" Gabriella exclaims and shakes her head while staring off into the sea, with the wind playing with her hair.

Taylor sighs and leans up against the railing. "It's one of the best out there, and is probably one of the reasons why we're so good. We do it every year. Us and the basketball team. We fund raise a lot…"

"Wait… the basketball team is here too? How come I haven't seen them?" Gabriella asks curiously.

"Oh… you will… don't worry." Taylor says while looking out into the ocean again.

The East High basketball team was in the hotel next to theirs, with their captain, Troy Bolton, leading them.

"Dude… did I ever mention how much I LOVE this place?" Chad Danforth asks while watching two girls in bikinis walking by their chairs.

"Only every time we come down here." He says and winks as the two girls giggle and walk away.

He's one of the cockiest people anyone would ever meet.

"Come on… get your ass moving!" Troy yells as one of the players takes a shot and misses completely. His team looks up at him with a shocked looks on their faces.

"I'd like you see you try that." He says and Troy rolls his eyes.

"Fine… Ball!" He yells and runs down the court. He makes the half court shot in with nothing but net. "That's how it's done." Troy spits out smirking.

But below the surface, he has a soft heart.

"You gotta use you're knees more." Troy explains while demonstrating to the younger player. "Then push off with the balls of your feet. Try it."

The kid listens and a smile forms on his face. "Wow… that does help. Thanks."

Troy shrugs. "No problem."

What happens when they meet?

"So… you must be the sick ass dancer that's coming to East High. You're supposed to be the best." Troy says while eying her up.

Gabriella raises her eyebrow. "I wouldn't say that."

Troy smirks. "Everyone's been talking about you."

"Yea?" She asks and smiles slightly. "And who are you?"

Troy laughs cockily. "You don't know who I am?" She shakes her head and he smirks. "Troy… Troy Bolton."

Gabriella nods and picks up her bag. "Ok, well the cockiness level is too much for me… I guess I'll see you around Troy." She says and starts walking away.

"Wait! You never told me your name!" Troy calls and Gabriella turns around and smirks back at him and leaves the room without another word.

Will they discover something between them?

"You're different then anyone I've ever met." Troy says while Gabriella looks up at him, dipping her feet in the cool salty ocean.

"Why? Because I won't let you get into my pants after just looking at you?" She asks with a smile and Troy shakes his head.

"No… You just… are." He says and smiles at her. "And I like it…"

Or were they meant to stay apart?

"You are unbelievable!" Gabriella screams. People in the lobby turn and look at the two.

"Look, Gabi, I'm sorry alright?" He says trying to hush her voice. "I didn't mean…"

"You didn't mean to? Well guess what Troy, you did!" She screams and storms angrily away

Troy Bolton

"I'm sorry ok? I know it doesn't make up for anything, but I am…" Troy says while Gabriella stares down at him from her balcony. "I've never felt this way about anyone before."

Gabriella Montez

"I just…" Gabriella sighs. "I don't know what to do. I've been like this all my life… I've never trusted people after they've let me down."

"So you can't trust him now. No one can." Taylor says and Gabriella sighs again.

"But that's the problem."

Taylor's eyebrow rises. "What is?"

"I want to trust him."

Can they make it?

"Dancing is my life… it has been since I could walk. And here you show up... and you make me feel like there's something just as important." Gabriella explains with a tear in her eye.

"What?" Troy asks while his voice was cracking.

"Love." She says and Troy suddenly kisses her.