Gabriella's eyes glance towards the hard window as all she could see was ocean beneath her. Her small body adjusts on the uncomfortable seat as she turns to the side to see the dark girl was reading a magazine. Gabriella could almost taste the decompressed air as she folds her flexible legs up, cross legged and hits the next button on her pink ipod, hearding the new song play in her ears. "I can't sit for this long." Gabriella says while leaning back on the chair.

Taylor pops a white bubble on her gym next to her as she smiles a little and turns the page in her magazine. "So… not big on flying huh?"

Gabriella shakes her head as she sits in the chair with a pair of black soccer warm ups pants on and a grey t-shirt. "No, it's not bad. I just hate breathing the air." She says while Taylor finally looks up from her magazine and raises an eyebrow.

"You don't like breathing the air?" She asks with emphasis on the last part like it was the dumbest thing she had ever heard. "You could not breathe for hours." She jokes while Gabriella smiles and rolls her eyes.

"Yeah, that will be great." She says while the two laugh a little. Gabriella couldn't believe how amazing of a friend she had now in Taylor, and yeah, she missed her old friends, but she wouldn't trade her new ones in for the world.

"You nervous for next week?" Taylor asks and it takes Gabriella a moment to remember what next week actually was. She sighs and shrugs.

"I don't know. I mean, I know you guys. I'm just scared that the girls at East High are going to beat me up for stealing their 'golden boy'." She says while subconsciously trying to look over seats to find her boyfriend, who was sitting next to Chad a few rows back.

Taylor rolls her eyes. "They'll get over it." She says while glancing down at her magazine again. Gabriella suddenly hears a loud noise come from in front of her as both her head and Taylor's head shoot up to look at each other.

"No! I'm not going to do that." She hears the familiar high pitched blonde's voice. "We are not adding a solo it just so you can have one."

Gabriella and Taylor both roll their eyes at the same time. They were seated with their roommates for the ride home, and Sharpay and Amber were stuck next to each other for one final time. Gabriella was pretty sure it was the first time they had actually talked to each other since their little outburst about Troy. That was one thing that was probably never going to change, and Gabriella found it amusing more then she found it annoying.

Taylor's head looks backwards in the aisle. Her eyes seem to lock on something as Gabriella raises her eyebrows to see Taylor's head turn back with a smile beaming on her face. "I have to go to the bathroom." She says.

Gabriella's eyes lift up to see the faint outline of an afro walking towards the back of the plane. She rolls her eyes and shakes her head at her best friend. "Plane sex? That's hot."

A rose color erupts on Taylor cheeks in a blush as she smiles sheepishly. "I'll be back." She says while looking left and right, then walking towards the back of the plane.

Gabriella shakes her head at the thought of how when she first met the two, they were just starting to take their relationship up to boyfriend and girlfriend. She grabs the magazine that was sitting on Taylor's now empty seat, figuring that she was probably going to be in the bathroom for awhile, so she had some time to herself.

But that time was suddenly shortened as she feels someone sit down next to her while she was staring at the magazine. The musky scent of the familiar cologne fills her nostorls as she smiles while continuing to look down at the magazine. "Took you long enough." She says while a hand pulls the magazine down.

"I had to convince Chad to take Tay somewhere." Troy says while leaning forward and cupping his hand to her face. Gabriella smiles at his touch while he leans forward and connects their lips in a sweet, yet sensual kiss. Gabriella's right arm wraps around his neck, and she didn't care that everyone could have been watching right now. Their lips part as he leans her head up against hers.

"So… the plane sex was your idea?" She asks while Troy smirks a little.

He scratches the back of his neck nervously. "Well… I kinda, sorta, said that it would be hot to have sex in the airplane bathroom, and it was too bad you and I hadn't done it yet, so it would be such a waste." He says while wiggling his eyebrows while Gabriella giggles. "I had to get Taylor out of the seat somehow." He says while Gabriella rolls her eyes.

"The things you come up with Troy Bolton." She says while feeling her hand lace with his. Troy lifts up the arm rest that was sitting in-between them and wraps his arm around her shoulders. She smiles at his touch and then leans her head down onto his shoulder, finding the seats so much more comfortable then what they were a minute ago.

"As long as I could get to you." He says while smiling and Gabriella giggles again.

She buries her head further into his neck, taking in his scent as she could feel his hand run up and down her outside arm, sending shivers through her body. Gabriella's hand was running up and down his knee, and she could feel him tremble a little beneath her hand.

"So… how's your mom?" He asks, more asking about what she was like then how she actually was. Gabriella giggles, finding it funny once again how neither of them had met the other's parents.

"She's nice, and wants what's best for me." She says while smiling at him as a nervous look crosses his face. "Don't worry, I'm sure she'll love you."

Troy rolls his eyes. "That's what they all say."

"She's the reason I came down in the first place. Otherwise I wouldn't be sitting here next to you." Gabriella informs him while Troy smiles at her.

"Then I like her already." He says while planting a kiss on her forehead.

"What about your parents?" She asks while Troy shrugs.

"They'll love you, don't worry. Especially my mom. She's really pumped to meet you, it's kinda annoying." He says while Gabriella giggles.

"And who wouldn't?" She says and Troy rolls his eyes.

"Cocky much?" He asks while she rolls her own eyes and slaps his chest.

"I wonder who I learn it from…" She says while he smiles and backs her up so her back was touching the window.

"You're hot, sexy boyfriend?" He says cockily and huskily while talking against her lips. Gabriella could feel shivers run down her back as she smiles at him.

"Or my obnoxiously cocky boyfriend." She says, but was still smiling as Troy closes the gap between them. Gabriella arm wraps around Troy's neck again as she could feel him push her body up against the side of the plane even more.

"And they say WE'RE horny." Gabriella could hear a voice come from above as she opens her eyes. Troy does as well and looks in the aisle to see that Chad and Taylor were both standing there, hand in hand. Gabriella giggles a little as Taylor's hair seemed to be a lot bigger and more knotted then before as she swore she could see a bead of sweat run down the side of Chad's face.

Troy rolls his eyes at his best friend. "Dude… don't even talk."

"How was you're um… bathroom time?" Troy asks while wiggling his eyebrows at his best friend. Taylor's cheeks flood red as Gabriella giggles.

"That was fast." She responds as Taylor's cheeks get even redder, if that was possible.

"Yeah. well, we're fast um…" Chad tries to defend himself.

"Really? You can go that fast?" Troy says while raising his eyebrows again.

Chad laughs while a rush of red bursts on Taylor's cheeks. Gabriella giggles again as Troy gets off of her and looks back up at them. "So… we're changing seats?" Taylor asks while Troy smiles cheekily.

"Unless you want us to annoy you two for the rest of the trip, then yeah, we're switching." He says while pulling Gabriella closer to him again.

Taylor rolls her eyes as Chad smiles at them. "Now you two behave…"

"Get outta here!" Troy says while waving him away.

Gabriella giggles again while suppressing a yawn as she watches Taylor and Chad roll their eyes as Chad leans down towards Troy. "Someone's anxious." He says while Troy pushes his shoulder away, Gabriella and Taylor giggling as Taylor waves her fingers. They walk back to the seat Troy was occupying before while he turns to Gabriella and tries to cup her face.

"Where were we?" He asks huskily while Gabriella giggles and pushes his face back a lightly with her hand.

"Nowhere since anyone could see." She says while Troy sighs frustrated.

"You owe me Montez." He says while Gabriella rolls her eyes again and leans her head against his chest.

"No I don't." She exclaims while Troy sighs and wraps an arm around her. Gabriella feels a yawn erupt from her mouth, since plane rides make her exhausted.

"You're not playing this game right." He says while rubbing her sides. Gabriella smiles a little as her head slips further down his chest so it was now landing on his stomach instead. Her eyes close as she continues to feel Troy's hand keep rubbing while two warm lips land on the top of her head.

"Who said we were playing a game?" She asks, although it was more mumbled against his hard abs. He laughs a little while kissing the top of her head.

"Someone's tired." He says while she could feel him lean back in the chair in was in as Gabriella nods.

"Just wake me up when we get there." She says while feeling sleep take over her, more relaxed in Troy's arms then in any other place in the world.

"I'm so happy your home!" Gabriella's mother's voice fills the air as she giggles a little while her mother sets down two bowls of chili down on her bed. Her hands fold the clothes that were in her suitcases and duffle bags. She had been home for about five hours now, remembering how weird it was that she had barely been in this house before she left. It was like moving all over again, only not loosing the friends she had made.

"I'm happy to be home too." Gabriella says while pulling her swimsuit out, smiling a little at the memory of laying out all the time.

"Have some chili." Her mother says while sitting down on her bed. "You need a break."

Gabriella rolls her eyes, but figures this was one of those moment where her mother wanted to be with her daughter she hadn't seen in three months. "Thanks Mom." She says while grabbing her own bowl and feeling the hot substance burn the inside of her mouth as she places it in.

"So… was it as bad as you thought it would be?" Her mother asks her. They had talked about the trip when she had first arrived, but Gabriella was gone for three months, so she understood her mother's desire to know every little detail about her.

"No." Gabriella says with a smile now on her face. She glances down in one of the suitcases to see a white sweatshirt that she had never given back to its owner when he came for his clothes the day before. "I thank you for making me go."

"See? I told you it wouldn't be bad." She says in the motherly 'I told you so' kind of way. But her mom sits more up on the bed and smiles at her daughter. "You're boyfriend…He's cute…" She says while Gabriella's face blushes red.

"Mom!" She whines, since after her mother met Troy, who seemed to be well put together at the time and polite, couldn't stop telling her daughter how cute or nice he was.

"What? You have good taste." She says while Gabriella rolls her eyes. Gabriella also met Troy's parents at the airport. Mrs. Bolton acted just as Troy described, hugging Gabriella after meeting her for the first time, while Troy's dad seemed nice and caring. She could see where Troy got his good traits from.

She could tell her mother was more bubbly then normal, but that was probably because she hadn't seen Gabriella in so long. But her mother was practically her best friend ever since her father left. She still had no idea why her father called her randomly like he did in the beginning of the summer, but she wasn't ready to talk to him yet. Maybe someday she would be, but today wasn't someday.

Almost as if on cue, the doorbell rings and Mrs. Montez stands up. "I'll get that. You eat." She says while Gabriella smiles a little, taking another bite of her first home cooked meal in months.

Her mind was circling a little. What was going to happen when school started next week? She had been thinking about it a lot lately, but who wouldn't? It seemed weird to think that she already knew so many people going in, plus she was dating the basketball captain. She should fit in well right?

She takes another bite and suddenly looks up to see her mom standing in the doorway with a smile on her face. Gabriella immediately feels her heart lift, since the smile was the same one her mother had given her on her first date with Collin. "You can finish packing later. Someone's here to see you."

Gabriella immediately beams and sets the half-eaten bowl of chili down. She dashes down the stairs to see her boyfriend's back was facing her while he seemed to be looking around the house. A smile forms on her face, knowing that they had seen each other five hours ago, but it still felt like a lifetime being apart from him.

"Hey you." She says while the chestnut-brown-haired-blue-eyed-boy turns around. He immediately beams at her while she finishes running down the stairs and jumps into his arms.

Troy leans down and places his lips against hers, but then pulls away quickly; probably scared her mother was watching in the depths somewhere. "Nice place." He mumbles while leaning his forehead against hers.

"Thanks. You've probably been in it as much as I have." She says while glancing around at the tan and cream colored walls that filled her open house.

"Yeah, I forgot about that." He says while then kissing her softly again, before pulling apart and smiling at her. "So how are you?"

Gabriella giggles as she takes his hand and removes it from her waist, lacing their fingers in the process. "Still tired. I'm gonna sleep so well tonight."

Troy nods as he chuckles a little. "Me too. No Chad snoring."

Gabriella giggles as she looks up the stairs to see her mother had a small smile on her face while watching the two. "Mom! We're going outside." She calls, even though she could see her.

Her small fingers open the big white door and she leads Troy outside. Her eyes lock on the unfamiliar small red, what looked like used, car in the driveway. She figures it must have been Troy's, since it fit the description of what he told her in Mexico. The door shuts and they walk out into the grass on the front lawn.

"Uh… I'm gonna miss room service!" Troy says while sitting down in the grass and pulling Gabriella's hand with him.

"Lazy." She says while he looks at her and cocks an eyebrow.

"What was that?" He asks with a mischievous look on his face.

"I called you lazy." She says boldly, while then realizing that was a mistake. Troy's fingers suddenly connect with her stomach as she begins to break out in fits of laughter. He continues to tickle her while she could feel a pressure on her lower body, sending sparks from in between her legs as Troy manages to get on top of her. "Ok, I'm sorry I'm sorry!"

He laughs also as he leans down and whispers in her ear huskily, "Say you love me."

She gives him a bright smile before his fingers stop moving. Her head lifts up and her lips connect with his. Troy's tongue licks her bottom lip as she grants him access, not caring that her new neighbors could see what was going on right now under the stars. Crickets were chirping in the background as Troy finally lets go and she beams up at him. "I love you."

He leans down and kisses her again in a slow and sensual kiss. Gabriella could feel the familiar longing form in between her legs, but then feels Troy disconnect their lips and lay down on the grass next to her. She sighs and places her head onto his chest, looking up at the black sky with thousands of sparkling dots, shining down on them.

"I never wanted to go." Gabriella says while lacing her and Troy's hands together.

He raises an eyebrow and looks at her. "Go where?"

She sighs as the crickets begin to chirp louder. "To Mexico. I was afraid of something new. But guess what?"

Troy's head turns to the side so his piercing blue orbs were staring back at her. "What?"

She leans up and connects their lips together again. They move as one, no, dance as one as Gabriella could feel that it was almost as if in slow motion. Even her love seemed to have a dance theme. She couldn't get enough of either one.

Their lips part as she smiles at him. "It was the best thing that ever happened to me."

She didn't have to say it, but both of them knew that she meant he was the best thing that had ever happened to her. He smiles at her and then leans over, his drowning ocean blue eyes staring into her deep brown, with all the love and passion he could muster. "Me too."

Their lips connect again as the stars twinkled above them. Gabriella had lived her life thinking that dance was the only thing that could make her happy. But as she lay in the prickling grass, with the love of her life leaning over her with their lips dancing together, she finally understood that was completely wrong. It wasn't dancing that controlled her life, it was the love that dancing brought her. But now, she had a different love, perfection itself. And to her, that was all she really needed.

No stage, no counts, no costumes…

Just Troy Bolton.

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