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It had been a long night for Draco Malfoy, and he had an hour before he had to go back into work. He had stayed up all night trying capture a mass uprising of former deatheaters. Being the Head Auror had its perks, but sleep could be scarce.

He sighed. Working all night, and he got two hours of break before going back to work again. He would usually be asleep by now, but when he had gotten home, he found a note tapped to the door.


Come have breakfast with me at the café next to my store at 7:00. See you there!!

That was at 6:30, and now here he was in London, wondering what she wanted with him. He and Lavender had been living together since they had left Hogwarts six years ago. It had been kind of a shock to everyone involved, but at the end of their 7th year they had started going hot and heavy. He had walked out on his family and moved into Lav's new apartment.

She owned a small wedding planner company, and was the head-wedding planner. They were both gone more then half of the time, and recently had only seen each other rarely. Maybe she just wanted to see him… Or not.

He sighed. He had only been to her store once, and was lost. He walked around in circles before finally ducked into a dark ally. He pulled his wand out and preformed a quick spell.

Now sure of which direction he was supposed to go now, he sauntered out the other side, as best he could, as he was half asleep. He was not that far away now, and was still wondering what she wanted to talk about.

He arrived on the street about five minutes later. He walked up to the front of her shop and looked at the time. It was already seven, so he looked around trying to find the right place. Back the way he had come was, he decided, his best bet. In the windows he could see lots of colours and paintings of coffee cups. He walked to the door and looked up to see the sign

The Wonky Weasel

It was just like her to pick a strange place like this. He sighed as he entered.

As he walked in a little bell, very uncharacteristic for the place, tickled. It was hung on a little white ribbon. The rest of the place was very liberal and punk. This was very characteristic of Lavender; she liked to go to 'different' places like farms, hippy places, aristocrats, and so on. There was a guy in the corner with a Mohawk that changed colours. It was at least a foot tall. His girlfriend had short, pink hair.

Like that Tonks woman, he thought. The waitress had too many piercing to count, he noticed as he sat at the counter. She started to saunter over, but was stopped by her cell phone ringing. He sighed, drumming his fingers on the counter, wanting nothing more than coffee and sleep.

He jumped, nearly falling off his seat and drawing the eyes of everyone in the café. He looked around to see what had scared him, and heard a tinkling giggle he knew well, though all he could see was a big sweep of lavender.

"What," he asked dryly, "did you do to your hair?" She sat next to him and stared at him with a calculating look.

"I died it lavender! Don't you think it looks great?" She flung it over her shoulder, her voice now carefree and excited. She smiled at him like a little kid, imploring.

"Yes, Lav, it looks great on you." This was not a complete lie. In a punk, un-Lav way, it did look okay. She smiled even bigger now. Her face got slightly more sirius again.

"Draco." Even her voice, which was usually never anything but angry or hyper, was sirius. He looked tiredly at her. "I know we've been together for a long time and everything, but I just don't think we can do this." He stared at her, mouth hanging open.

"Um… okay?" It was all he could think of to say. They had been together for six years? And she was just now saying this? Her face brightened.

"I'm so glad you agreed!" He thought for a second, trying to remember when he had agreed. "I just don't think this was a good idea, us living together. It was too limiting to my endless horizons." At this she made a big sweeping motion with her hands. She looked dreamy for a second.

"Anyway, I started coming here, and found my true passion." She picked up a lock of her hair, and he thought for a second that was what she was talking about, but he realized she was pointing with her hair to a person behind them. He looked over, confused. But wasn't that…

"Pansy. My soul mate!" She did a little giggle-gasp as she jumped off her stool, whipping a little tear that welled up in here eye as she said this. She turned to face Draco. "And now, I say goodbye. We're going to Russia to become a punk-rock band. Once we're famous, come and visit us! Otherwise, we might not be able to afford a guest... And if we don't make it big, we'll join a traveling circus and take care of the sheep!" She smiled again, jumped forward, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and ran back to Pansy.

She looked like all of the people in the café combined. Piercings, hair, all of it. Draco looked like he had been hit over the head by a hard object as he watched them leave. He turned around, still stunned, looking down at the counter. He had known she was insane for years, and that she would eventually run off to Russia or some place like it, but this was quite sudden. They had gone through fazes where they had not talked very much before, but now…

He was so wrapped up in his own mind he did not notice that every person, there were more than he had originally thought, was staring at him. Even the waitresses phone had slid down the side of her face, and she was open mouthed. He also did not notice the door opening again, or the person who came through it.

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