a/n: a quick royxed drabble I came up with on the verge of sleep.


Riza Hawkeye rapped impatiently on Colonel Mustang's door. His voice answered quickly, sounding exasperated.

"Come in." She stepped in, shutting the door behind her. Roy sat at his desk, a small pile of papers sitting in front of him. He looked slightly flustered as he asked,

"Yes, Hawkeye?"

"Sir, are you finished with those reports for Intel?"

Roy sighed audibly.

"Honestly, no."

"Sir, they need those reports soon." Roy nodded slowly, his gaze going quickly from his desk to her. There was a short silence.

Finally, Riza sighed heavily, her shoulders slumping and a flush coming over her face.

"Edward, would you mind coming out from under Roy's desk so he can get some work done?

No wonder he can't concentrate… hehe. Reviews are welcome!