Yes I stole most of the dialogue from the movie but it was SO PERFECT for both of the couples in this had to use it :P anyone who guesses who the other couple was gets cookies (not that it should be hard for most of you hehe)[i

Shall Oblige

By: McGongallRocks


He stood at the doorway watching her sway with the music playing. Another school year was almost over the graduation ball was in only a week, once again she'd been left to plan it, not that he knew she minded a lot. Moving from the shadows, he slipped and arm around her waist moving with her, "Have you been thinking about us?" He whispered in her ear. Only a week previously he'd asked her to marry him and still hadn't gotten an answer back. He hoped she would say yes, that she would be his wife.

"Yes, I have." She said simply. Minerva pressed herself against him laying her head on his shoulder. She loved him so much but they couldn't be together they both knew that. Too many things had to be risked for them to go beyond a few stolen kisses in the shadows. Both of them wanted more yet it wasn't possible. He'd said himself his enemies would try and use her to get to him… and the Ministry.

"I see… If you'll excuse me."

Albus stepped away smiling sadly at her once more. He knew deep down that would be her answer. He was nothing more than an old fool to think she would accept him. She was while not exactly twenty she wasn't nearly 122 years old either. More than he would admit those three words had hurt Albus, he loved her so much.

"No, Albus." She stepped forward grabbing his hand, "You had to know what I was going to say." It broke her heart to see those expressive blue eyes like that. It hurt her just as much to have to say that to him but they couldn't. It was the school, and the Ministry, and everything. "The Ministry is interfering with everything now more than ever before. It's that and the school. I mean, as your Deputy it's my responsibility. You know how it is." Merlin she wanted to grab him right now and… Biting her lip she searched his eyes for the forgivness she craved.

"You were never just my Deputy, Minerva. You were the someone that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. But, if you prefer that, I see you first and foremost as my Deputy... I shall oblige."

Minerva sighed her gaze falling from his face to the floor, "No, Albus…" If she could ever take those words back in a second she would. They both wanted to be together and they both knew it… it was just impossible.


Without another word, Albus turned and left. From the shadows by the door he looked back at Minerva one last time. He loved her so much, if only things hadn't had to work out like this. "I love you." He murmured softly before turning again and walking away.

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