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After dinner was finished, they proceeded to leave. They had declined on dessert as Janet had baked more of her universally known pumpkin pie. Yes, Bra'tac had spread the word near and far that the tiny doctor from Earth had the best pie he had ever tasted. After the jaffa had figured out what exactly pie was they were all eager to try it. Soon, Janet would have more jaffa knocking on her door to taste her sweet creations. The entire time during the ride back to her place, Bra'tac was contemplating on exactly how to show Janet his appreciation and love for her. Janet looked over to him, and he smiled broadly at her. He was sure she felt for him as he felt for her.

When they arrived back at her house, Janet went into the kitchen to put on some coffee. Even if Teal'c didn't drink the stuff, she had found that Bra'tac had taken a liking to it. While waiting for the coffee to finish, she started to get some mugs out as well as the sugar. She was so absorbed in her task that she never heard Bra'tac enter the kitchen. He stood there for a moment before clearing his throat. Janet turned around and smiled. "Yes Bra'tac?" she asked.

"Well, I was thinking over the progression of the night. I was thinking of exactly how dear you are to me. I would like to present to you a gift to show the admiration and gratitude I have for you. I truly love you, Janet." he spoke. His head tilted down almost in embarrassment because he had never felt this strongly before for another.

Janet was honored. No one had taken the time before to treat her like a woman instead of a doctor. The rest of the base, and those of the male persuasion had only seen her as a doctor, someone that came at them with needles. She smiled inside, Bra'tac never minded her needles. The rest of the men were wimps. "You are so adorable my love. I do not deserve this kind of attention. You do mean the world to me. The universe even."

Bra'tac reached inside his jacket and pulled out the box with the necklace. "This is a symbol of my love for you. I hope that you like it."

Janet opened the box and saw the most beautiful piece of jewelry she had ever seen. She blushed when she saw that the heart was an emerald. He remembered! She truly did not deserve him she mused. "Oh Bra'tac, how exquisite! And you remembered that emeralds were my favorite! Thank you so much. You are the most wonderful, thoughtful man I have ever met."

Bra'tac grinned to himself when she called him a man, and not jaffa. That meant she valued him for more than just what was on the outside. "If I may dearest," he started, "I wish to show you just how much I love you."

"Oh, I would love if you demonstrate your love to me." she answered. She took hold of his hand and proceeded to lead him to her bedroom. Albeit a little nervous, she thought it was time to take their relationship to the next level.

Bra'tac had never actually seen her room before. Inside of him there was this overwhelming feeling of excitement. He was about to make love to the woman he held dearest to his heart. This was the woman he lived for, his reason to continue the fight against the Goa'uld and the other enemies that threatened his family. He stopped behind her as she turned around to face him. He could tell she was blushing even in the darkened room.

"Are you sure you wish to continue my dear?" he asked, wanting to make sure she was fully into this.

She released a breath that she didn't know she was holding. "I am sure. I want to show you exactly how much you mean to me." She started to disrobe under his watchful eye.

Bra'tac was in sheer awe of Janet. He never imagined that she could be so sensual, so seductive. He found himself loving her even more after watching her. He put his arms out for her to fall in to. He began to kiss her earnestly, intently while running his hands all over her body. He wanted to feel every inch, every curve that she displayed to him. Janet reached out to start to pull his shirt over his head. He shook his head and then removed the shirt himself. He then proceeded to unfasten his trousers and remove those as well. Bra'tac may be a little rusty at sexual relations, but he wanted to take his time and explore what they had. He gently pushed Janet back on to the bed, all the while still kissing her over and over. He took pleasure in the pleasure he gave her. Every little gasp and moan turned him on more.

Janet's nerves were on fire. She had never felt this alive before. She couldn't believe that Bra'tac was making her feel this way. She laid back and let him explore every inch of her body. Each time he came near her face, she sought out his lips to continue those searing kisses. Never before had she been ready so quickly for a man. Yes, a man. That's how she thought of Bra'tac. She pushed aside the difference of him being a jaffa. Janet opened her legs wider and wrapped them around Bra'tac's torso. She wanted him inside her and she wanted it now. "Please…" she begged. "Please make me complete my love."

Grunting in pleasure, he whispered, "As you wish. Anything for you."

He slowly but ever so smoothly slid in to her hot center. He gasped in ecstasy as he found himself enveloped by her tight walls. Slowly, he began to slide out and push right back in. Janet's eyes shot open in the movement. She didn't want this to end too quickly, but found herself so turned on that she was approaching her limit. Her head lolled back and forth as she was consumed by passion. Who knew the jaffa knew how to make sensual love?

Bra'tac could sense that Janet was approaching her threshold. He wanted to finish at the same time as her. Never before had he felt so complete in his very long life. He picked up the pace as he felt his own climax building. The immense pressure was released as he spilt himself inside of her. Both screamed the others name as they came. Lowering himself so that he would not be crushing her, he laid down beside her. Wrapping his arms around her, he held her tightly against him.

"Don't worry, I am not going to go anywhere." she chuckled. Right now, she was the most content woman in the universe, and didn't want this feeling to end. "This is how you repay me for making you pumpkin pie? Wow, I should make it more often!"

He laughed heartily. "No, my dear. I simply show you how you make me feel. I am the luckiest man and jaffa in the universe."


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