Title: I Beg You

Series: Stargate: Atlantis

Pairing: Teyla/Carson

Rating: T

Disclaimer: Me no own them. Though, I wish I owned Carson Beckett. Wooooo….he's a damned fine man. Any who…any and all recognizable characters belong to the creators of Stargate: Atlantis.

NOTE: In my universe, lol, Carson never died. Long lives Carson! Woot!

She loved him. Some time had passed before she had become conscious of her feelings. She had come to terms with them, and now tried to find peace within herself and try to make her feelings known to the one her heart belonged to. Yes, she loved everything about him, and hopefully he felt the same way.

Yo amo tu forma de ser,

Tu existencia pura es incondicional.

He loved her. It too had taken time for him to admit to it. He had thought that another had tried to claim her. But when he saw she had rebuffed him, he saw this as an opportunity to court her. In his eyes, she was the personification of what radiance and beauty are. He only hoped that she would want him as he wanted her.

Cuando miro en tus pupilas,

Sé que Díos no dejó de existir.

She had thanked the ancestors for bringing them together. She believed that he was the one she was fated for. He was the one her soul had found its companion. Each time she looked in his eyes it was as if she was gazing in to the vast expanse of the ocean. She found herself drowning in them.

Yo soy tú, tú eres yo... uno en el otro.

Nuestros espíritus habían juntado...

His prayers had been answered. She was finally his. When they made love for the first time, it was like the heavens met the seas. Everything was whole. Their essence and their bodies intertwined forever. They both had cried afterwards, for they were truly happy and overwhelmed with emotion.

Para crear una estrella brillante.

Volaremos por los cielos como ángeles.

Now it felt as if they could live eternally. Their souls flew through the sky and danced with joy. They were officially joined as man and woman, and as husband and wife. It was known right away that this was their destiny. Soon, their legacy continued in the spark of a new life.

Te ruego...

Nunca me dejes,

Nunca me quites tu amor,

Si lo hagas... me moriría.

Together they lived and loved. The love between them flourished everlasting. They both knew if the other were to perish, the one would also. For when one heart is extinguished, the one it is attached to will surely follow.


I love your form of being,

Your pure existence is unconditional.

When I look in your eyes,

I know that God has not ceased to exist.

I am you; you are I… one in the other.

Our spirits have joined together…

To create an iridescent star.

We'll fly together in the heavens as angels.

I beg you…

Don't ever leave me,

Don't ever take away your love,

For if you do…I will surely die.