1Summary-Sasuke sometimes gets really tied up in Naruto that he kinda forgets about his school work for collage and lets see what his dad says about this.


Sasuke sat in front of his computer typing his mid term paper for his last year in the school of security I guess you could call it. His father and brother specialize in making things for the people in prison but Sasuke wants to make advanced weapons for the army and they say he has the rank and grades to do it only if he could tear his eyes away from his luscious eye candy for just a minute to type the last twenty five words of his paper he might just be going somewhere. Naruto was changing into his pajama's and Sasuke was watching. Naruto Pulled his big t-shirt over his head. He then went over to Sasuke just as Sasuke had started back on his paper.

"Oh Sasu-sama" Naruto called

"Yes my love" Sasuke said as he tried to type faster he only needed nineteen more words

"Come and play with me for a while" Naruto said as he wrapped his arms around Sasuke's neck

"Naruto im working right now" Sasuke said

"But Sasuke" Naruto said turning him around in his seat and sitting in his lap

He kissed Sasuke and Sasuke kissed back. Naruto moaned as him and Sasuke's tongue's licked and in twined. Sasuke rubbed Naruto's back up and down.

"So what about now Sasuke" Naruto asked

"My paper could wait" Sasuke said as he took Naruto to the bed and got on top of him

"Oh Sasuke" Naruto moaned


Sasuke's head shot up and he screamed before falling out of bed and going to his computer naked and sat in his seat he opened his paper back up and began typing again. Naruto woke up an hour and thirty minutes later to the bathroom.

"Mm, Sasuke what are you doing?" Naruto asked as he got out of bed and went to the rest room he left the door cracked

"I (yawn) for got to finish my term paper" Sasuke said

"Oh well when your done you might want to take a shower and get ready to go because your first class starts in like an half in hour" Naruto said going back to bed

"W-wait what did you say" Sasuke said as he printed it

"Your first class starts in mm now twenty minutes" Naruto said

"...oh...SHIT!" Sasuke said as he ran to bathroom and rinsed his mouth out with mouth wash and threw cloths on and sprayed himself with cologne no time for a shower.

"Bye I love you" Sasuke said kissing him

"Bye I love you too" Naruto yelled after Sasuke

Sasuke ran all the way to school and he go there five seconds late.

"Here im here" Sasuke said putting his paper on his teachers desk

"Mr.Uchiha we've been over this a million times late work-" but he didn't get to finish

"Please im only five seconds late class has not even started yet please" he begged

"(sigh) even though it was suppose to be on my desk five seconds ago I will take it and give you full credit but next time I will not be so nice" he said

Sasuke sighed and took his seat next to Neji. Neji stared at him.

"What's wrong with you and your never late" Neji said

"I know but me and Naruto had sex last night and I got up late to type he rest and then before I knew it I had to get up and was I didn't even get to shower" Sasuke said

Neji smelled him "Oh dude you better hope your cologne doesn't ware off and you start smelling like sex and sweat" Neji said

"I know" Sasuke said

Class stared and the day went by like a normal day would.


Sasuke had went to his dad with his A- term paper his father smiled at the A but frowned and the - he didn't know why Sasuke had gotten a - sign. He looked up at Sasuke. He then got up and walker around his desk and smelled his son. Sasuke just smiled nervously at his dad.

'Well here it comes' Sasuke thought waiting for the big yell but it didn't come

A matter of fact his dad was laughing and smiling.

"What's so funny?" Sasuke asked

"Im not mad I know that was what you were expecting but Sasuke when I was your age I did the same thing I just couldn't hold it I had to have Mikoto right then and there and finish my work after and not before" his dad said

"Oh thank god because this is my last term paper and im going to graduate this year" Sasuke sighed

"I proud of you son and learn how to wait because it'll be better the longer the wait the better the loving is" his dad said

"Sure thing dad see ya later and tell mom I said hi" Sasuke said running home

"Yeah see ya son and I will" he called back


"Naruto im home" Sasuke called and Naruto came running and jumped into his arms

"So what did the old man say about the paper" Naruto said after letting go

"I got an A- and he was proud" Sasuke said

"Well that's good" Naruto said

"Yeah I know" Sasuke replied as he took out his books and was ready to get started on his assignments

Naruto grabbed him and kissed him though. Sasuke kissed back and Naruto rubbed Sasuke's chest.

"Im sorry Naruto not right now let me do my work first" Sasuke said

"B-but then we won't be in the mood then" Naruto said

"Yes we will the longer we wait the better sex we have" Sasuke said


Some how Sasuke and Naruto managed to wait before going at it like to horny animals. Just as Sasuke started bitting Naruto's neck the door bell rang and this hour? Sasuke and Naruto looked at one another before Sasuke sighed and went to answer but not before putting his pajama pants on.

"Yes" he said opening the door to his dads delivery guy

"From Mr.Uchiha Sir" he said

"Thanks" Sasuke said but then more came and took the box from him and put some kinda thing on his wrist

"What the hell" Sasuke said

"Now when ever you are doing work are in the mood this will shock you Mr.Uchiha will take it off after your graduation" they said

"What " Sasuke said trying to ply it off

"Goodnight" they said leaving

Sasuke went back to bed and ripped his pants off (literally)

"Now, where were we" Sasuke said as he got back on top of Naruto

Just as Naruto flipped Sasuke over and He began to suck his area Sasuke yelped.

"OW!" Sasuke said

"What?" Naruto asked

"Nothing not you-OW! Damnit" Sasuke cursed holding his wrist

"Did I suck to hard" Naruto asked from under the sheets

"No it's this thing I should have known he was to happy for my liking now he has this mood ruiner device on me" Sasuke said

"So does it hurt when I do this" Naruto asked as he sucked on Sasuke's testicles

"Oh that feels-OW NO! STOP or it'll keep shocking me" Sasuke said

Naruto came up and looked at Sasuke's band. He sighed and ruffled Sasuke's hair before kissing him on the lips, then Sasuke just couldn't help it he rubbed Naruto's butt cheeks and was rewarded with a drowned out moan by his scream of OW!

"Aw man" Sasuke said

"Don't worry we'll survive for (gulp) four more months with out sex" Naruto said

Sasuke grabbed a pillow and yelled into it.