1Summary-Last chapter) The it's been a month since Neji's installation Sasuke's bracelet and a day before Sasuke's graduation he's forgot about the chip and his dad is going to take it off of him, what is going to happen if his dad realizes that he has tampered with the chip?


Sasuke and Naruto were playing a game and Naruto was winning. Sasuke put his hand in front of Naruto's face trying to blind him. Naruto laughed and pushed him, but in the end Naruto won.

"Damn" Sasuke said smirking as Naruto laughed and pointed in his face

"Ha, ha you lost" Naruto said

"I know...but there's a game I know I won't lose" Sasuke said

"Oh? What is it?" Naruto replied

"Hm...put the snake in the hole" Sasuke said

"Oh it's a board game, how do we play?" Naruto asked

"Like this" Sasuke said wrapping his arms around Naruto's waist and in return Naruto wrapped them around his neck

"Sasuke no sex until after graduation" Naruto said as he kissed his nose

"(sigh) alright" Sasuke said letting go

Naruto picked up his controler and smiled at Sasuke.

"Wanna go another one?" Naruto asked

"...your on" Sasuke said

Naruto laughed. The rest of the day was filled with laughing, games, pizza and most important they were togather.


Neji and Meayen were sitting there on the couch talking about some midnight show that was on. The Meayen laughed at something Neji said about the man on the television.

"Neji" Meayen said

"Yes" Neji replied

"Don't you feel your forgetting something?" Meayen asked not really knowing why she had asked the question

"...uh...no" Neji said

"Okay im just asking I don't know why myself" Meayen said as she put her head on his chest he put his arm around her shoulders


Sasuke was in a rush today at school they had a lot of setting up to do. He had barley enough time to kiss Naruto before leaving. He had no bag on him or anything and he still felt like he was going as slow as he would on a normal day maybe even slower. He skid threw the door three minutes before the bell rung.

"Why so late?" Neji asked

"I don't know I feel heavy" Sasuke said

"Your not looking like it" Neji replied

"I know" Sasuke said

"Well maybe it's your nerves we are graduating from our last school tomorrow" Neji said

"Yeah im sure that's it" Sasuke said


Sasuke had walked slowly home. He passed the shops and crowds of people women giggling at him hoping to be noticed but Sasuke didn't know he felt weird like something was missing. He looked up at the sky that was darkening was he nervous? He shook off his problem and dismissed it as nerves.


Naruto was worried it was taking Sasuke a long time to get home. He looked out the window and down the street was Sasuke. Naruto got up and ran downstairs.

"Sasuke" Naruto called

"I'll be there in a minute" Sasuke called back

Naruto waited as Sasuke ran to him. They kissed each other.

"I thought something had went wrong" Naruto said

"No, im fine don't worry" Sasuke said

Naruto looked into his lovers eyes something was wrong. That night around ten o'clock when the two were going to bed Naruto felt his lover's forehead. He had no fever.

"Sasuke" Naruto whispered

"Yes" Sasuke said back

"What's wrong?" Naruto asked

"I don't know...I've felt heavy and weak all day" Sasuke said

"Oh" Naruto said wanting to here more

"Almost like something is missing" Sasuke said

"Sasuke it's probably your nerves you'll be okay" Naruto said

"Yeah I hope so" Sasuke said


I was on my knee in front of Naruto and I had a box. I knew right away what this meant I was suppose to marry Naruto. I knew what I was missing now my future husband. I smiled and slid the ring on his finger and we kissed passionately it was like a sappy movie, but I didn't care.


Sasuke shot up and shook Naruto.

"Huh?" Naruto asked opening his eyes slightly

"Wake up I need to ask you something" Sasuke said

"Yes" Naruto said sitting up

"Naruto...will you marry me?" Sasuke asked

"Sasuke" Naruto said all sleepy ness gone

"Well will you?" Sasuke repeated

"Oh yes Sasuke yes, yes, yes of course I will" Naruto said as they hugged

"Good because I wanna be with you forever" Sasuke said

"Of course, but what sparked this?" Naruto asked

"A dream I had" Sasuke said as they laid down together and held on to each other

" I love you" Naruto said

"I love you to" Sasuke said


Sasuke was rushing as he tied his blue tie over his black shirt. He tied his black vans and grabbed a skull earing and threw it on, he never wore them unless for a special occasion witch he had got them a month go so he would have them for graduation. Naruto came in with some orange and skull printed suspenders, and an orange tie plus tied his own vans.

"Ready Sasuke?" Naruto asked

"Yeah" Sasuke replied

The two held hands as they walked to the graduation. There at the front gate they met Meayen and Neji plus Sasuke's parents, Neji's uncle and his cousins plus his cousin's boy friend and not to mention Naruto and Meayen's friend. Shikamaru and all of them were there and in posse colors, black and what ever other color you liked. Sasuke's dad rolled his eyes as he looked at all the kids.

"What in the hell?" he said

"Dad this is what we call formal" Sasuke said

"Yeah Im sure it is" his dad said laughing

"Oh I think you all look nice and your matching to" his mother replied

Naruto blushed as he held his boy friends arm. Sasuke's parents looked at him and that was what he didn't want.

"Uh h-hello" Naruto said

"Oh mom and dad I've told you about Naruto my boy friend and fiancé now" Sasuke said as he smiled at Naruto

"Sasuke" Naruto epped looking at his dad as he came and inspected Naruto

"The boys not half bad looking, im Mr.Uchiha" he said giving him a hand

"Oh um nice to meet you" Naruto said

"And im Mrs. Uchiha nice to meet you honey and you two look so cute" she said taking a picture

"Mom" Sasuke said

"Naruto!" Meayen called

"Um excuse me" Naruto said kissing Sasuke's cheek and going over to Meayen

They laughed, Neji was white.

"What's wrong with him?" Naruto asked

"Daddy coming to see Neji for the first time and he's scared" Meayen said

"Oh, Neji stop worrying you'll live" Naruto laughed

"Oh yeah how do you know" Neji asked

"I don't but im trying to make you lighten up" Naruto said

"Well it's not working" Neji said as he started to sweat

Meayen laughed and dried his head. Sasuke came over.

"What's up" he said putting his arm around Naruto's waist

"He's scared of Meayen's dad" Naruto said

"Oh well I don't know what to tell you" Sasuke said

"Have you met Naruto's mom?" Kiba asked

"No why?" Sasuke replied

"Wo Nelly you are about to be killed" Kiba laughed

"What? Naruto" Sasuke said

"My mom isn't very nice Sasuke" Naruto said

"What?" Sasuke said

A bell rung signaling it was time for the ceremony to begin but just before they all took there seats a white hummer pulled up and tall green headed man got out he had shades on and a black suit, he looked nothing like a daddy.

"Daddy" Meayen said running to him he picked her up and gave her bottom a nice squeeze Neji's eyes bugged who in the hell did that to there kids?

He got courage from no where and went over to Meayen and her father or what he thought was her father while they were still greeting one another.

"Hello im Neji Meayen's boyfriend" he said smiling

"Oh hello your Neji, the one who's swept my little beach off her feet nice to meet you" he said sticking out his hand

"Hello" Neji said smiling as her father gave him a death grip and Neji returned it

"Well thanks for coming why don't you take your seats now" Sasuke and Neji's teacher said

They went and sat down and Neji and Sasuke went behind the curtain. Neji fist were clinched and he was saying things under his breath.

"What I can't here you" Sasuke said

"I hate him! That's your daughter you don't feel her up" Neji yelled

"I don't think that's her dad" Sasuke said

"What makes you say that?" Neji asked

"Look" Sasuke said as they peeked from behind the curtain and another hummer pulled up and this time a short old man got out he had white hair and glasses and walked with a limp he had a suit and an expensive looking cane with dragons in gold with green eyes.

"How?" Neji asked

"Hello there now where's my daughter Meayen!" he yelled

"Hi daddy" Meayen said

"Hello princess" he said sitting down

"Where's sister?" Meayen asked

"Your sister had some work to do in China she says she sorry she couldn't make it" her dad said

"Then who the hell is that?" Neji yelled

"I don't know ask after graduation" Sasuke said

"I will do that" Neji said angrily

An hour later all the kids were going to get there diploma's and shake the principal's hand.

"Sasuke Uchiha" Sasuke was one of the last because of his last name

They took pictures and clapped for all the graduated students. Sasuke's mom hugged her son and his father patted his shoulder. Naruto kissed Sasuke. Neji's uncle patted him on the back and Hina and Hinata hugged him and gave him kisses on his cheeks he laughed and blushed. Meayen came over her limping father behind her.

"Neji this is daddy" Meayen said placing the short man in front of him

"Nice to meet you" he said sticking his hand out to Neji

"Same here, but if this is your dad then who is that?" Neji asked pointing to the boy behind her

"Oh him, that was the guy she was gonna marry" her dad said

"What?!" Neji screamed

"I said was gonna but when she came to me and begged me to let her not marry him I said of course because she was in love with you but if you hurt my pumpkin I'll kill you" he said

Neji gulped, for a short man he had a big mouth.

"Got me" he asked

"Yeah" Neji said

The young man from earlier put his arm around Meayen's waist and whispered something in her ear. Neji got mad and yanked her away.

"Find your self a new girl" Neji said

"I like him so fresh of a vocabulary and well spoken too I can understand him" Mr.Marinato said

"Why do you call him daddy?" Neji asked glaring at him

"Because he's older then me, that's daddy Marinato and he's just daddy" Meayen said

"So the short man his Daddy Marinato and he's just daddy?" Neji asked

"Yeah" Meayen said

"What's the tall guys name?" Neji asked

"Fujimori" he said

"Screw you" Neji said

"Screw you to I got places to be now I gotta go, bye baby if you need a real man call me" he said kissing her cheek

"Don't touch her!" Neji screamed "she's mine" Neji growled

Naruto laughed as he watched. Sasuke's dad took out a small case out of his suit pocket.

"W-what's that?" Sasuke asked

"Im going to take your braclet off" his dad said

"Oh, okay" Sasuke said

"Neji!" Meayen screamed

"What?" he said

"You forgot to take the chip out" Meayen said

"Oh shit, Sasuke" Neji said

But it was to late, it clicked open and it came off. Sasuke rubbed his wrist. His dad inspected it.

"You tampered with this" Fugaku said

"No...oh uh oh" Sasuke said

"You took out my chip and put another in" Fugaku said

"Dad I can explain" Sasuke said

"Don't...I guess you couldn't help it so I understand" Fugaku said

"Thank god" Sasuke said

"But this chip is incredible" Sasuke's dad said

"Oh Neji built this" Sasuke said

"Oh that boy can work" Fugaku said

"Yeah he can" Sasuke said laughing


"Mm" Naruto moaned as Sasuke kissed him all over

"Naruto I can't wait until summer when we will get married" Sasuke said

"Me to" Naruto said as they laid there one another's body warmth

They were butt naked, Naruto ground against Sasuke and Sasuke did the same back. Naruto moaned and kissed Sasuke on the lips.

"I love you" Naruto said

"I love you to" Sasuke said

The two were married that summer and lived happily ever after.