Title: Mr

Title: Mr. X

Chapter: 9

Author: Arawna

Disclaimer: Anything pertaining to Harry Potter and Co. does not belong to me, rather to JKR and anyone else who has stuck their hand into this cauldron.


"Hello, Potter. Now, tell me why you couldn't at least try to calm that nest you call hair."

Harry froze upon hearing the voice. There's no way in heaven, earth, or hell that the person behind the voice could really be there, just out of sight and reach.

"Well," the voice drawled in his ear, "aren't you going to turn around, or do I have to come to you?"

Harry really didn't know what to do; this couldn't really be happening. That's it!! He hasn't woken up yet! Sure! It's still Friday night/Saturday morning! This was all just a dream, a horribly vivid dream…

"Fine, be that way," was all that was said before the line clicked off. The next thing Harry knew, someone had grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him around. His phone was still clutched at his ear and he just knew he had that 'deer in the headlight look' – not that the other man would get the reference. Speaking of whom, the blonde smirked, taking the phone from Harry's hand and closing it before pushing it into the front pocket of Harry's trousers. "You know, this is usually considered the polite moment to offer greetings or the like." Harry remained quiet and staring, still not believing that he wasn't dreaming. "Need me to pinch you?"

This seemed to shake Harry from his daze. There was no fucking way that Draco Malfoy was standing in front of him, making flirtatious banter with an enchanting smile.

Harry opened his mouth to speak. "Unhhh…"

"How eloquent of you, Potter," Draco smirked and raised his wrist as if to look at the watched adoring it, but never paid the face any attention. "Now, lest my math is wrong, we only have a few minutes before our reservation." Harry didn't move, merely kept staring on in amazement. Shaking his head, Draco muttered, "Guess I am going to have to pinch you."

Inconspicuously, he reached out and pinched Harry sharply on his ass. As a result, he shrieked and jumped, only proving that it wasn't a dream.

Draco smirked as the now attentive man. "You're a screamer? My, this may prove to be fun."


Their dinner had come and gone and they were at the stage of the evening where they were merely sitting at their table, drinking the vintage wine Draco had picked out and chatting about nothing and everything. Surprisingly, they hadn't talked about phones or random letters of the alphabet. Instead, they filled their time with the small facts and even smaller events that filled their lives between the yearly Anniversaries. At present, Draco was telling a story of his goddaughter, and laughing about the whole thing.

"Oh, Harry, you should've seen her. She took all the ribbon from all the packages and tried to wrap herself in it. Oh, it was the cutest thing I've ever seen!" A fond smile adorned his lips and Harry couldn't help but notice that it looked good on him. He also couldn't help but notice that a few bottles of wine will put Draco into an excessively amicable mood. Harry watched him take another sip of wine.

"You're really different from school; from the war," Harry observed aloud.

Draco stopped mid-sip and lowered the glass from his lips. He was silent for a moment; to Harry, this was him trying to find the right words.

"Growing up in Death Eater Central – and being a Slytherin nonetheless – forces you to don a mask or two. Or sometimes four are needed to get through the day, but everyone's different," Draco explained. Harry also noticed that the blonde talks with his hands, especially when he's had a bit too much to drink. He took a sip of wine before continuing. "Even you probably have at least one mask that you wear."

Harry stared into his glass. He'd been doing an awful lot of that lately and it was bugging him.

"I don't know," he replied. "I mean, I'm sure I've got one that I don't even notice, but I don't know."

Draco took another sip of wine. Idly, Harry wondered if the other man's lips would be stained with the red wine by the end of the night.

"See, I already know you wear – or wore, whichever it is – a mask around your friends." He shrugged. "You even admitted that it felt weird to be telling a stranger what you didn't tell your friends. You were hiding your feelings of me from them so you would've had to act different around them, especially when my name was mentioned."

"Yeah," Harry sighed, resigned. Trying to avoid looking at Draco, he dipped the tip of his forefinger into the wine before him and ran it over the lip, creating a high, musical ringing. He could only take so much before it utterly annoyed him, so he quickly ceased his ministrations and bit the bullet. "So why did you never tell me it was you?"

A wine glass paused halfway to a gaping mouth. "Harry! We've been talking for a little less than a week! I've been dropping hints like the Weasel dropped the Quaffle! You can't be serious!"

Harry merely shrugged with one shoulder and finished his glass of wine. It had grown silent and awkward between the two of them. As he reached for the wine bottle, his phone vibrated in his pocket. Hearing the low hum, Draco scoffed.

"You go on a date, and you leave your phone on?" he asked, almost chidingly.

With a mock-sneer, Harry pulled the phone from his pocket and flipped it open. 'Mr. X' shone up at him, just under the usual message. Shaking his head, he opened it.

So, do you want come over to my place?

Harry grinned and made a quick reply.

"It was just a friend wondering if I had plans tonight," he replied, taking the bottle of wine from its ice bucket and pouring himself a glass. A moment later, he heard a low hum from the other side of the table. Harry looked over at the other man as he answered it, cocking an eyebrow in question. "What were you saying about phones on dates?"

Draco raised his hands in surrender, one hand with its nimble fingers wrapped around the small silver phone. "I have to have it; the life of a professional Quidditch player isn't all fun and games and they may need to contact me at any hour."

you know, you're really kinda perverted, X.

Harry waited for Draco to type out his reply before he asked, "So, did they need you?"

"No," the blonde answered, taking another sip of wine. "The manager just wanted to remind me that the next practice isn't until Monday, so I have the whole weekend off."

Harry's phone vibrated again.

"And here I thought you were on the date with me," Draco whined, a pseudo-pout on his lips.

Harry chuckled. "That's what you get for thinking."

Hey, I merely asked if you wanted to come over, I didn't say anything about – hey, now that you mention it, it does sound like a good idea.

"Who's that and what do they want?" Draco asked, taking a drink from his glass.

"Jealous?" Harry asked, liking the way the other man's eyes narrowed even at the jest. "Oh, it's nothing to worry about; just my lover – my female lover."

"Pft, yeah, like I'm going to believe that one," Draco smirked. His own phone vibrated against the table.

gods, can you think of nothing else?

"The manager this time, too?" Harry asked, sipping at his wine.

"Who's jealous now?" Draco said smugly. "Anyway, it's nothing for you to worry about; just the Keeper of the Falcons. He seems to have shown interest."

Draco loved the way Harry's left eye twitched. It didn't twitch too much, because soon after, his phone vibrated.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I do; at the moment, I'm thinking about you…So, are you coming?

Draco waited for Harry to finish his reply.

"So how's that female lover treating you?" Draco asked with a smirk set upon his face again.

"Oh, fair enough," Harry answered. "She says she can't seem to get me off her mind."

"Oh, I'll believe that one when I see it," Draco said. Then, he smiled. Actually smiled and Harry felt himself smile, too. The other man's smile disappeared, however, when his phone vibrated.


"Ah, he wants to come over tonight," Draco said in a mock coo. He then donned a smirk and the coo disappeared. "Too bad I'll have to tell him to piss off, I've already got company."

Harry laughed at the way Draco changed from one tone to the other. He was enjoying himself and it actually surprised him.

His phone vibrated.

So soon, Harry? We haven't even left the restaurant. And you call ME the perverted one.

He really wanted to throw something at the smug, smirking man as they both got to their feet, but the only things on hand were his phone and a bunch of glass, neither of which seemed practical for the punishment to be dealt. Suddenly, he grinned to himself. He knew the perfect punishment. As he followed the other man out of the restaurant and onto the street, he told himself to transfigure something into a silken rope when he got to Draco's flat.



A/N: For those of you who hadn't noticed (which is probably most to all of you), if you were to look back at the telephone number in chapter one and then look at a phone keypad, those numbers correspond with the letters in Draco's name. DRACO MALFOY (DRA) COMA LFOY (372) 2662 5369. It was just a coinkydink that Draco's name had the same number of letters as a British phone number does numbers. Harry's name also has the same number of letters, but his actual phone number never came up in conversation or whatnot or I would've used this method on him, too.

'Til next time, adieu.