Record Breaker Incorporated

I'm traveling on the bus from New York to Stars Hollow or Hell as I like to call it. I am trying to read, but I cannot focus, I keep on thinking about how my whole life has been uprooted without my consent.

The bus makes a stop and the majority of people get off. I notice a music magazine on the seat beside me and decide to pick it up. I was looking through the magazine when I came across an ad for a newly opened record store- 'Record Breaker Incorporated' 2453 Berlin Turnpike, Hartford.

"Huh?" I say to myself, I had been trying to find something to prolong my arrival to hell and I had just found it. I didn't care that my uncle would be at the bus stop waiting for me, I didn't care about anyone, or so I thought.

"Hartford" The bus driver announced, I got off the bus quickly with my duffel bag and set off to find the record store.

Lorelai enters the diner, "Hey," she says to Luke who is cleaning the table right by the door, "So?" She asks as she follows Luke to the counter.

"So what?" Luke questions.

"Is he here?" Lorelai asks as she sits down at the counter.

"He's not here," Luke responds.

"What?" Lorelai asks.

"Well I went to the bus stop and he wasn't there," Luke said with concern in his voice.

"Don't worry Luke," Lorelai said trying to calm him down, "Maybe he just took a later bus."

"I guess," Luke replied.

"Hey Luke listen, I have a fabulous idea. What are you doing tomorrow night?" Lorelai asked.

"Why?" Luke questioned.

"Why don't you and Jess come over for dinner?"

"Dinner?" Luke says apprehensively.

"Sookie will cook, Rory will be there. It'll be a little 'Hey welcome to Stars Hollow, See everyone here is not straight out of a Fellini film' Kind of an evening," Lorelai suggests.

"Okay, that would be nice. Thanks."

"You're welcome."

"That's if he ever shows up," Luke said concerned again.

"He'll show," Lorelai says reassuringly.

I ended up walking past a private school, Chilton, "Jeez," I exclaimed as I noticed the monstrosity of the school, my school back in New York would only be about one tenth of the size.

I continued on and about ten minutes later I found what he was looking for, 'Record Breaker Incorporated' I entered the building and put my duffel bag next to the door, it looked like a decent music store, but a little too organized for my taste. I made my way slowly to the back, but stopped suddenly when I saw her. Brown hair, piercing blue eyes and that sexy private school uniform, I had never seen anyone like her before, so I didn't hesitate as I approached her.

"Bee Gee's," I say softly into her ear, she was startled and jumped, which only caused me to laugh at her shyness. "You don't seem like the Bee Gee's type," I added trying to make her feel comfortable.

She turned around and I was blown away by how beautiful and innocent she looked. "I'm not," She answered, "My friend Lane wanted me to pick her up a few CD's and surprisingly the Bee Gees was one of them."

"I see, what else is on the list, I might be able to help you find them." I reply trying to keep the conversation going.

"Well I've already got Charles Mingus, Fairport convention and Bee Gee's," She replied as she held all three up, "So that leaves MC5 'Kick out the Jams' and The Sonics 'Here are the Sonics.'"

"Is she into '60s music?" I ask.

"More of an audiophile actually," She replied, "She only needs Whistler, Chaucer, Detroit and umm… Greenhill, then she will be done with the '60s."

She's so cute when she is concentrating.

"Wow, Sounds like she knows a lot about music," I replied.

"And you don't know the half of it," She says, "Lane's mom is a strict Seven Day Adventist and doesn't let any music other than Christian rock into her house."

"So where does she keep it all?" I asked curiously.

"Under the floor boards in her bedroom," She answered as if it was the simplest explanation.

"Of course," I replied sarcastically, wow my first sarcastic response in this whole conversation must be a record.

"Oh, no," she said freaked and immediately lifted me from my thoughts, "What time is it?" She grabbed my wrist and brought it towards her face to read my watch. "I'm late, Lunch is over," She said as she dropped the three CD's she was holding and ran out the door, "It was nice meeting you," She shot back just as the door closed behind her.

Wow, I thought, that girl is something. I pick up the CD's she dropped and begin looking for the two she never found, The Sonics and MC5. It didn't take long to find and I went up the front to purchase them, mainly on the off chance that we would meet again. I was walking back along the street to the bus stop, when I once again stop out the front of the private school.

"Chilton, nice name" I say sarcastically and then it struck me she was wearing a private school uniform; this is most likely her school I thought. I sat down on the conveniently located bench and pull a book out of my duffel bag. An hour later a bus to Stars Hollow pulled up, "I'm sure my uncle won't mind waiting awhile longer," I say to myself and I refocus back on my book.

A while later I'm brought out of my trance by the school bell, I look up from my book and watch as all the rich kids leave the building and get into their BMW's. But there is no sign of her, I begin to think maybe I missed her, but I know I didn't, another bus pulls up for Stars Hollow and I decide to get on it. I try to read, but my minds on her and a whole lot of 'What if's?'

Thirty minutes later I arrive in Stars Hollow and get off the bus. No one is there waiting for me and I'm glad. I can already see my uncle's diner and decide to explore the town a little before I announce my arrival. It only took a couple of minutes to circle the town and I was less than impressed, I decided to keep on walking and came across a bridge. I walked to the middle and sat down, I got out the book I had been previously reading and found my page.

Lorelai and Rory walk out of Luke's diner, "We are having a gathering tomorrow night," Lorelai told Rory.

"What king of gathering?"

"Well, Luke nephew's coming and I thought we could try to make him feel a little more at home."

"You met him?" Rory asks her mother.

"No, he was supposed to come earlier, but he never showed," Lorelai explained, "Luke's freaking out that something's happened to him."

"Probably took a later bus." Rory replied.

"That's what I told Luke."

I had been reading on the bridge for some time now, when I heard someone approaching, "Great," I said to myself and immediately gathered up my duffel bag and began to walk away, but I turned back around when he realized I had left my book behind. I made it back to the middle of the bridge and picked up my book. When I looked up again I saw her and a smirk came across my face.

"Bee Gee's girl," I said.

"Hey," she replied shocked.

"What didn't think you see me again," I teased her.

"Yeah," she was still shocked, but she started to blush. God, she's so cute, I thought.

"I have something for you by the way," I said as I reached into my duffel bag and pulled out the brown non-descript bag and handed it to her. She opened it up and it brought a smile to her face. "Figured I'd save you another trip."

"Thanks," Was all she could say as she noticed that every CD on her list plus the other

ones Lane needed to complete her '60s collection were in the bag, "Wait how did you know where I lived?"

"I didn't."

"Then why did you buy them if you were never going to see me again."

"I had a feeling that our paths would cross again."



"Well, thanks, Lane is going to be so psyched that her '60s collection is completed."

"No problem, I should go, I was supposed to meet someone around four hours ago."

"Okay, Well I should give these to Lane before Mama Kim comes home."

They both turn in separate directions and walk off the bridge with huge smiles on their faces.

I walked into the diner and stand in front of the counter, waiting for Luke to appear. I can't believe that she lives here; maybe this won't be so bad after all I thought. I am interrupted when a man walks out of the kitchen, dressed in flannel and a backwards baseball cap; I try to hold back a laugh.

"Luke?" I question.

"Jess," He responds and I nod my head and I can't help but see the relief wash over his face, but then he suddenly gets nervous. I start to glance around the diner anything to take my eyes off his nervous form. "This is my diner," Luke says when he notices me looking around.

"Huh?" Is all I manage to say.

"It belonged to your grandpa."

"Huh?" He starts to get a little annoyed with my one word answers and the next thing I know I'm following him up some stairs and into an apartment.

"Here we are," Luke says, "It's pretty simple. This is the room. That's my bed, that's your bed for now, but the sheets are new." I try to take it all in, but he just keeps on talking, "There's the bathroom, there's the closet, there's the dresser, the phone and over there is the kitchen." I just stand there glancing around the room when my uncle decides to add something, "I've got Frosted Flakes."

"Wow, that's great," I reply sarcastically.

"Is that all your stuff."

"Yep." I reply as I walk over to my bed or raft.

"Not much there."

"Lizzie's sending the rest later," I say as I dump all my stuff on the bed.

"So you need some help?"

"Nope." I say as I sit down on my bed and pull a pack of cards and a cigarette out of my pocket and light it. Luke seems surprised that I'm smoking Liz mustn't of told him much about me. I begin to play with the cards.

"You hungry?"

"Nope," I reply even though I haven't eaten all day, then the phone rings and Luke answers it.

"Yeah, Liz he got here fine." Luke says, "Hang on a second." Luke says as he tries to hand the phone to me, "Jess?" He questions.


"Yeah, Liz, Jess is going to have to call you back," Luke explained, "Yeah, he's helping me with a shelf thing and his hands are full. Yeah I'll tell him, ok, bye." Luke says as he hangs up the phone. He then turns towards me, "She said to tell you that your stuff will be here on Friday."


"So listen, my friend Lorelai, you haven't met her," I try to ignore him, but he continues regardless, "Anyhow, she invited us to her house tomorrow night for diner. Her daughter Rory, who you also haven't met, but you'll like, 'cause everyone likes Rory, anyhow, she'll be there, and I thought it'd be a chance for you to meet more people, so I said yes."

Luke just sits there and waits for my opinion, I debate whether to say something, but I'm really hungry, so I just get up and leave.