A/N: No, not all of these will be about a real encounter. I only know of a few. This one won't be. The Kennedy one will be, and probably the Santino one. None of these interactions, unfortunately, are from me. Wait, the Santino one is. How could I forget about Santino?

So this was the worst I've ever gotten into it with a wrestler. I knew that Dave Batista was a jackass from the get go, but I wanted to really push his buttons.

I told you, I like to mess with these guys.

I knew that he couldn't do anything to me. Sure, there were cops everywhere. My own criminal record was at stake. But there was something more important at stake for Dave Batista:

His public reputation.

This guy sucks in the ring. I don't like him at all. I don't see how girls like him, either. He's a 'roided up freak.

I have no problem trying to get my point across.

I went to his autograph signing at the mall. Being the good troll that I am, I got there early. I even brought a lawn chair. Yeah, that's how early I got there.

The line looped the full length of the mall and out the doors. Wow.

Good thing I came early.

The fucking douche bag showed up forty five minutes late.

Okay, so I was like the third one in line. Yeah, two whores beat me. Whatever. I guess they just wanted to get in his pants. From what I've heard, it's not that hard.

Batista, being the tough bastard that he is, had like six cops as an escort. Wow.

Here we go.

The asshole didn't even say hi to me or anything.

"Wow, you're a rude asshole," I said. Hehe.

"Excuse me?" 'Tista said, standing up.

"Oooh, I'm so scared."

Batista proceeded to rip up the program I brought for him to sign. I'm serious.

So, it pretty much turned into a verbal argument. It was pretty loud.

The cops stepped in when I nearly jumped the table.


They carried me out of the mall. Luckily, I wasn't arrested. I don't need that happening. I might miss an important wrestling event.

That was probably my most intense wrestling encounters.

There was this funny time with Mr. Kennedy, though…