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Chapter 1: Prologue



That was the only word that ran through my mind now. It just kept repeating over and over again like one of those annoying broken records. "Ed…He was gone, he didn't love me anymore, I wasn't good enough, and it was my fault." I chocked that last thought, at the truth rearing its ugly head. I was trying unsuccessfully to hold back the tears that threatened to consume me.

As much as I tried my will shattered and the tears began to fall again horizontally down my face; staining the white sheets that covered my bed. This place, my room was where I would stay for the remainder of my life. I sighed deeply, wishing that was true. Sooner or later Charlie would call me down and try to talk to me about this. It was true that he had avoided me for the last 5days that I've wept here alone. He was never one for tears; it always made him uncomfortable seeing as how he never knew what to say.

But I knew it was inevitable, he was bound to try to come drag me down stairs and try to make me eat something. "Eat" at that word my stomach began to ache uncontrollably. I hadn't eaten since He had left. Really what was the need anymore? The man I loved left because he was… how did he put it "tired of pretending to be something's he's not." I could understand that. Pretend was never an appealing game to me when I was little. My life, my love, my existence was meaningless now.

But still why lead me on? Why let me follow you, believe you, need you? But after all it was all just a game of pretend. I grasped my chest as I felt the ripping pain tear through what was left of my heart. This pain that course through my entire body was too much. How could one live with such a pain that threatened to rip you to pieces at any moment. I suddenly wondered "is this pain worse than the pain you go through during the change of becoming a vampire?"I quickly shook my head sobbing more chocked tears. It didn't matter anymore; I had no future as a human being. Let alone one that would stretch for eternity.

Soon I feel asleep, or rather passed out from exhaustion. But even my dreams where plagued by nightmares. Like the ones where you're running and running and no matter how hard you push yourself you cannot run fast enough. Most of these types of dreams don't have a purpose, but mine was clear. Him, I need to run to Him. But that was impossible, he was gone, I'm here. He is a vampire, I'm a human. He was a god, I wasn't enough.

Abruptly I was half awoken from my tormenting dream. Not that I was complaining. But there was something odd about this. I felt my weight being supported by cold arms.

"No" I screamed mentally "was it him, did he come back for me?"

"No Bella don't think that!" my mind answered.

It or I was right; I shouldn't place my hope so high. It would send a crushing wave of pain through me when I was let down.

So I decided to fully awaken. As I flooded back into my body I realized that there was wind rushing past my ears and body. Whoever's arm's I was in they were running fast.Slowly I began to inch my eyes open to see who was carrying me. I wasn't sure I was ready for this. As I was finally able to focus on whose face was above me I stiffened. This man had silvery pale skin and his features were gorgeous. His red eyes were framed perfectly by his black hair that waved to his shoulders.

"Wow, wow, wow hold on… red eyes?" my thoughts screamed. It was true I had said red eyes. Briefly I paused taking a short breathe before I looked back. He was already looking at me as our eyes meet. Stupidly I just stared at him, unable to look away. Or maybe I was too scared to look away, either way I just couldn't break the trance he had me in. But finally he broke the spell by smiling wickedly at me and then turning his gaze away from me and back onto what was ahead of us.

This man, this vampire was kidnapping me! He wasn't vegetarian! Instantly a thousand questions began to well up in my mind. What is going to happen to me? Why wasn't I already dead? Didn't vampires usually kill on site?! Was I being taken to some vampire feast to be eaten? Since when did they carry off their prey to eat it somewhere else? "Prey that is what I am now, nothing more." As everything around me began to swirl into darkness I felt us come to a stop.

"Jane" the man holding me sighed.

"Demetri" a small voice replied in recognition.

That was all I could hear before I began my plunge into nothingness. Just before I was consumed fully I sighed in relief. "The pain is going to end" that is what I told myself.

Unknowing that I had never been so wrong about anything in my life.

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