Hey everyone sorry I haven't updated at all its been nuts at home with my mom in and out of hospital and we have like no money rite now so it's been distracting lol but here is a small update and ill do a longer one in the next week or so I'm trying to get used to typing again lol

Chapter 27: Lost


I ran, and just kept running. Everything was passing in a distant blur, concentrating on anything at this point was impossible. I wouldn't even think of that winches name, I was past fury and passed merciless, I was a monster. Nothing could stop me or to be more precise no one.

I could hear people in pursuit of me, there were more sets of steps than I could handle. But I had no need to worry they were many, many miles behind me and I was the hunter. Reaper was my first priority at this point, I was going to slaughter this woman and her army single handedly and I can't lose. No one could stop me not even the Volturi, let alone one puny army.

Happily I felt a smile on my face now and my senses sharpening. This was going to be the resolution to everyone's problems, including mine.

Sickly I was pulled from myself as a scent hit my attuned senses. It was an impossible sense, like a haunting shadow. I stopped dead in pursuit and turned my head to catch the wind again.

Demetri's scent was still fresh here. For the first time in a long time something hard hit my gut and I felt like a sunken boulder. My mind was pounding with self doubt and insanity.

'Had I lost it?', 'Did this pursuit cause me to lose what sanity I still had?'

'NO!' I had to collect myself; I wasn't insane his scent was as fresh as the dew around me. He was alive somehow, Frowning I knew if he was here then so where his coven. This was a death trap I was walking into somehow I knew it. Letting out a tired sigh I turned back to follow Demetri's scent. The Volturi came first and then the wench.


"Im sorry" was the last thing I heard before she ran out of sight into the forest. The only thing I could think of was to follow her, so I did. Everyone was soon behinde me. Bellas speed was amazing it was if she had a 20 min start on us. Something was wrong I could feel it she was consumed.

Suddenly a horriable scent ramed my senses. The wolves were catching up to us and their thoughts were scattered in fury and fright. Jacob caught up to me first and just barely being able to match me. His thoughts flashed through my mind as I saw cloaked figures appearing all over the reservation. Tensing in my pace I knew that the worst was ahead of us and that Bella was at the forefront of it.