Title: You never know

Pairings: RoyxEd

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Yaoi, fluffy, AU, humor, lemon (sex scenes, you were warned!!) and bondage play.

Summary: Flame and Fullmetal are engaged and having a happy life together, but that night they had some surprises for each other.

A.N.: If you don't like Yaoi, mpreg and another thing related PLEASE don't read this. To the yaoi and RoyxEd lover's please read and review! This story is un-beta and spell checked... I think that I lost my beta partner... It can contain gramatical errors because english is not my mother tongue.

Disclaimer: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist and never wished to. It belongs to Hiromu Arakawa and SQUARE ENIX.

Chapter 01: "Unsafe relations"

Roy laid naked on his bed and fully prepared. His fiancée, the short tempered blond Fullmetal Alchemist was taking a shower on HIS bathroom preparing himself for a promising night. Their weeding was going to happen on three months when Ed'll complete seventeen years old. Everything was perfect. The Colonel glared at his bed drawer and grabbed one new bottle of lube – he went to the sex-shop just the night before – and his new toy: a pair of stuffed shackles, to not hurt his lover

"Ed! How long are you going to spend there?" Roy demanded and after that he heard that his lover finished the shower.

"Don't hurry me bastard! Or nothing of sex tonight!" Ed yelled while drying his body; he always hated when others hurried him on bathroom, especially because his long hair was messy and he needed to brush it.

"Sorry baby! I didn't mean that… but baby I can't wait to show you something…" Roy said quickly, damn Ed and his sexy body… he felt so domesticated.

"I'm ready now," Ed went out of the bathroom after ten minutes. He was wearing Roy's white shirt and boxes when he glared his lover "Already naked?"

"You're using that shirt again…?" he sighed; that shirt Ed borrowed on his first night in the Colonel's apartment and every time that the blonde come to his home he seemed to like to wear it "Yeah, see? I can't wait for you" Roy went closer to the smaller alchemist and embraced him from behind rubbing his hard cock on the blonde's lower back under the shirt "I bought a new toy yesterday and I want to test it tonight" the dark-haired man purred on the boy's ear.

"W-wait Roy…" the blonde babbled and turned to look Roy on the face "I-I need to talk with you first"

"What?" Roy heard that words like a splash of cold water. Even his cock lost it hardness.

"Roy, please don't be mad." the blonde took Roy by his wrist to seat in the bed "I need to have a serious talk with you"

"Where does it came from?" Roy raised an eyebrow "Are you not leaving me… are you Ed?" The colonel grabbed Ed by his shoulders.

"Shut up dumbass! Let me speak first!" Ed released his shoulders and held the Colonel hands "Roy… I read today a book about S.T.D.s and… since you had various sex partners before me… I was wandering…if we need to make some blood tests… you didn't use any protection…" Ed was nervous he didn't want to hurt Roy's feelings but he was worried about all those diseases that he saw on the book.

"Is it?" Roy sighed relieved "Baby, I always used protection with my others partners and every year I go to my doctor to make blood tests and check my health… I can guarantee to you that I'm clean." he kissed the blonde forehead; he understood Ed's thinking since he was Ed's first and only one partner.

"Oh Roy… I'm sorry." Ed buried his face on Roy's chest in embarrassment "I was… scared"

"You don't need to baby." he smiled and caressed the golden mane "But if you want to do any test I can indicate my physician to you"

"I… trust you but… the book said about another forms to get the diseases than sex so… you never know…I want to do the blood tests for our safety." Ed kissed Roy's fingers when the colonel put his hand on the boy's face.

"I don't mind baby…" he kissed Ed on the cheek "So… I'm very anxious to show you my recent purchase." he grabbed the shackles and showed to Ed.

"What? Are you going to use these… in me?" Ed frowned "No way!"

"Why? I think that it is hot… please Ed…" Roy put a hand under Ed's shirt to caress his nipples and Ed hissed in pleasure.

"Okay… in only one condition." Ed said between low moans.

"What do you want?" Roy whispered on the blonde's left ear.

"You will use condom until I do the blood tests." Ed kissed Roy on his chest when the older man stopped to move.

"I don't like to use condom Ed…" Roy muttered.

"Why?" the blonde upped his gaze frowning in confusion "You said that you used condom with your other partners before me Roy."

"I used but… when we started to date and since you where virgin I stopped to use it… and…" Roy was thinking in how to say what was on his mind "I can't feel the entire sensation with the rubber… so I get used without it…"

"It's odd to you Roy." Ed laughed.

"Don't laugh Ed! I'm serious! I can get there without it 3 times faster…" Roy was a little bit annoyed.

"Roy… it's me with the sore ass in the next day. Let's put this in other view, its equivalent exchange. I want the condom and you get your toy. You're my fiancée my first and the last man in my sexual life, please…" Ed started to caress the older man's thighs "Roy…?"

Roy grabbed Ed's wrist and pulled the boy to a deep and wet kiss. Their tongues chocked inside Ed's unwarned mouth, twisting and caressing. Ed broke the kiss to pull air to his lungs and drool rolled down his chin.

The colonel laid his lover on his back caressing that lure body. Ed's scent mixed with his own cologne that the blonde used after his bath drove the military man crazy. The bed cracked with the firm movements of the older man, exploring Ed's body with his hands. First, he undressed harshly the shirt throwing the fabric to the bed's side. He shoved Ed's neck and collarbone with kisses and licking, sucking hard the soft skin under his mouth. Ed probably will curse him for that marks later and he grinned satisfied. The blonde was his property and only his.

Ed's mouth was half opened, panting and moaning every time that his lover was paying some special attention in a pleasurable point of his body. And that man knows everything about it. Roy finished satisfied to play with Ed's upper body and went down to the boy's belly bottom. He licked it encircling and entering in and out of that hole making Ed groan in pure bliss. Feeling his own urgencies the older man hurried to pull down the blonde's boxers and like the shirt, threw it to the same side of the bed.

Ed's vision was lost in lust and he never saw when Roy picked the shackles and restrained him on the bed mattress.

"Roy…!" Ed struggled against the offensive things on his wrists and glared surprised to Roy.

"Calm down baby… I will keep my part of the deal." Roy whispered on Ed's ear and went to his bed drawer to search for a condom. When he found one, he opened the plastic pack with his teeth and pulled the ring rubber to his hand.

Ed watched amused how easily the man dressed his cock, with a hiss the colonel finished and went again to the blonde's awaiting body.

"You're at my mercy now Fullmetal." the colonel's voice sounded so sexy that Ed's cock was already spilling pre-cum "oh, spilling for me already?"

"Roy… I can't…" Ed said willing, he needed more touch.

"Like I said, you're at my mercy… I will do the things today at my will." Roy went to the blonde's arousal and manhood, playing with it with soft touches.

"Stop to play around damnit!" Ed grunted and pulled his wrists trying to release his hands so he could please himself.

"Be patient baby." Roy spread the blonde's legs and reached the tube of lube, spilling the oiled liquid on his hand. He took the boy's length with his mouth when one of his probed fingers was trying to surpass the muscles on Ed's lovely entrance.

Ed saw stars when Roy's head started to move with his finger. Sweat and tears of pleasure where running down in his face, his blonde hair splayed on the pillow moving with the rocking of his hips against his lover's mouth. Ed shouted the colonel's name when he came.

Roy cleaned his mouth of Ed's cum, and watched amused the bliss that his beloved fiancée was experimenting. Aftershocks passed, Roy held Ed's hands above the blonde's head caressing the finger where his proposal ring was placed. They smiled to each other and kissed. Ed looked at his partner in lustfull desire and grinded his hips against Roy, and the man slowly entered the puckered opening.

Ed gasped with the intrusion, and take the 7 inches of Roy's length never was easy. He felt something different with the friction of the rubber, but the blonde didn't mind. Fully inside, Roy started to move in and out. Their fucking started to rush and Ed was screaming, gasping and struggling against his restrains. After several thrusts Ed came, but Roy was so far from his completion.

"S-sorry… baby." Roy said between pants while he was waiting Ed's aftershocks "I'll take a little bit more, please hold on."

Roy started to thrust again and Ed was feeling tired and concerned. Roy always had a good timing. Maybe he wasn't lying about the condom. After some thrusts, Roy released Ed's hands and asked to him to get on his hands and knees – the colonel's favorite position. Ed obeyed tired, but since he came twice, the colonel didn't come at least one time. That wasn't fair to him.

Roy grunted in frustration, and felt that the body beneath him was starting to tremble in exhaustion, he withdrew and took off the condom and entered again. Now he was feeling free and fully sensitive. He searched for that place inside of the blonde that made Ed scream in pleasure. Pumping the blonde's cock at same time of his thrusts the two came in a noisy explosion, screaming the name of each other. Ed felt his lover's semen inside of him like a warm sensation, and noticed that the older man had undressed the condom. It didn't bother the boy, since he was unsure that he could endure more in that night.

Exhausted, Roy withdrew and laid aside his lover. Ed happily curled on his lover's strong arms. Roy shoved butterfly kisses on Ed's nose and whispered.

"I'm sorry… does it hurt?" Roy held Ed closer.

"A little…" Ed only thought that tomorrow he'll probably not able to walk and his wrists were red and burning.

"Let me put some cream on these wrists…" Roy mentioned to move but Ed held him.

"I'm okay… please, lets sleep... I can put some cream tomorrow." the blonde whispered, he was so tired and comfortable in Roy's arms that he didn't want to move.

Roy happily adjust himself and held his fiancée. After some time the two drifted to a blissful sleep.

Roy was surprised to see Ed after two months without any letter or phone call. He thought that his fiancée was angry with him because of the condom's incident. The short blonde entered followed by his armored brother on his office, stomping hard on the floor. His face was just pissed… correcting very pissed. Lieutenant Hawkeyed followed by the rest of her office colleagues previewed the storm and ran out for their lives.

The blonde stopped in front of Roy and threw in his table a white envelope.

"Read this" Ed said harshly.

"What…? You disappeared during two months without a simple phone call, just came here like this and didn't say any word of explanation…" Roy started when Edward talked again.

"I went to the doctor today to get the results of my blood tests" Ed frowned "I said to you no sex without condom until I get my blood tests… and since you can't perform right with that I just thought that was better we don't see each other by the results on my hands"

"Brother… can I go now?" asked a very embarassed Alphonse "Sorry Colonel he obligated me…"

"No you can't Al, not until the fucking Bastard see what he done to me." Ed replied in rising anger.

"What? What are you talking about Ed…?" Roy started to talk again when Ed pointed to the envelope with a meaningful gaze.

Sighing, Roy opened the white envelope with the Central's hospital name printed. Even not being a doctor he knew all those diseases listed and Ed were negative in all the tests, when he read the last paper: a pregnant test. And it was POSITIVE. The colonel's face went blank and he was speechless; of course it was wrong and why a pregnant test was on Ed's blood tests? He stared the short blonde in shock.

"I have been throwing up every fucking day since the last weeks and went to the hospital to see the physician that you told me in 'that night'…" Ed paused feeling a wave of nausea, but it eased "And I asked to him to do the tests for S.T.D.s too, but some asshole in the hospital made a mistake and did the pregnant test with my others tests" this time the wave of nausea hit him stronger than before and Ed ran to the office's private bathroom.

"They could mixed the blood samples with some another woman. It's not possible; Ed doesn't have a womb or anything necessary to bear a child…" Roy started to think. His blood that vanished from his veins started to flow again.

"The test in your hands is the second test, colonel." Al explained "We went there two weeks ago. They repeated the tests including the pregnant test because of brother's symptoms… and it was positive again… the doctor explained that this test is ninety percent precise."

"What…? How…" Roy felt on his chair.

"The doctor said that since I did human transmutation, I gained female's organs… maybe the stupid gate thought that I wanted to BE a mother instead of having my mother back," Ed grunted coming back from the bathroom "You need to call someone to clean your bathroom; I left a fucking mess there."

"Today after the second confirmation, he examined brother… and we heard the baby's heartbeats!" Al said with a scientist enthusiasm "Ed's body has all the female parts, and the womb is connected to his rectum, but the doc will do a correction surgery after brother deliver…"

"Al, you don't need to go so far in details." Ed frowned.

"Sorry brother" Al said embarrassed "I'll wait for you in the library, you two need to talk alone" he went out of the room.

"Is it true? Am I going to be a father?" Roy stood from his chair coming closer to Ed "Why only now? We're together in a year…"

"I'm sixteen, and I matured to be male. I don't know the details, but doctor said that in this special case my male hormones got low and my female organs matured… so I became fertile without an entire menstrual circle…and I had sexual relations with other male without protection so go figure." Ed sighed "I said to you that we needed protection."

"Not for this reason baby…may I?" Roy pointed to Ed's still flat belly.

"Of course you can… you did this to me Bastard." Ed caressed Roy's hair when the man kneeled in front of him caressing his tummy "I'm not showing yet."

"I don't mind…it's beautiful because it's your body… my spouse." Roy smiled and tried to imagine a baby under Ed's shirt "Hi… baby, I'm your father. Your mommy and I made you with a lot of love that you shall share when you get born" Roy kissed Ed's belly when he heard Ed sobbing "Why are you crying Ed?"

"Mood swings, silly."

To be continued

P.S.: In the beggining this story was supposed to be a one-shot, but some people liked my work and I changed my mind. This is going to be interactive, the names of the babies can be chosen by the readers and other things like pairings can be suggested too. This is mine and yours, so let's enjoy and have fun.