pairing: Kakashi/Sakura
fandom: Naruto
summary: A team isn't a team with two people of the team not there. A drabble about Kakashi and Sakura escaping it all.
disclaimer: Naturally, I own everything, including the world.

Home Isn't Elsewhere

When the sun is rising, she takes his hand; their fingers don't gently thread with each other's, and her palm isn't warm like a summer's day. Her pale fingers grasp his equally pale hand with nearly crushing strenght, and Kakashi notices how the lime green nail polish she often wears is peeling off of her index finger. Sakura doesn't turn to look at him, doesn't say a single word; their arms don't touch, and the whole moment that is supposed to be so perfect is far from it - jade eyes don't drown into mismatched ones and thin lips don't meet soft and plump ones.

They sit like that, next to each other, Sakura's hand gripping Kakashi's until the sun is a little higher than it was a few minutes ago. Sakura tries to stare straight into the sun, as if its blinding light couldn't affect her; she tells herself she is stronger than the sun, but then she feels her own fingers tighten around Kakashi's cold hand and suddenly, no words are enough to make her believe in her strenght and she remembers who was the coward all those years ago.

It's been twenty minutes, and Kakashi finally looks at Sakura, and sees the youth that was lost and the innocence that, perhaps, was actually never there; he sees the short pink hair, the slightly hollow cheeks and the scar on her jaw; he sees the narrow hips, flat chest and the lean muscles on her arms. Sometimes, she looks more like a he, but Kakashi doesn't care: she's twenty-four, and he's old, old, old, yet she sits there, holding his right hand with her left as if the limb was everything she had left - and he is happy, but looks away.

It's been eight years since Naruto died, eight years since Sasuke disappeared, eight years since Sakura's eyes dulled and eight years since Sakura first entered Kakashi's apartment. Eight years ago Sakura and Kakashi left Konoha.

Twenty minutes ago they came back.


A/N: Well, folks, that was my first KakaSaku ever. And there will probably be more, since I discovered the awesomeness of this pairing just yesterday - but until then, ta-ta!