-1Stupid Elevator

She was getting really sick of that stupid elevator.

Somehow it was always out of order just when she needed it the most.

She had talked to the maintenance workers about it many times, but they just never seemed to listen to her complaints, always muttering something about an office of some kind. What did that have to do with an elevator anyway?

The darn thing always seemed to get stuck somewhere between her floor and the floor above, at the floor where that handsome agent grey-haired fox called Gibbs worked. She had heard rumors about a thing he seemed to have for redheads.

Not the point of discussion.

There were also rumors about him using the elevator as a private office of some kind, especially when the FBI agent came to visit. That would at least explain the weird mutterings of the maintenance workers.

So the next time she saw that the elevator was stuck, she ran to the ladies room, gave her newly-dyed red hair a little extra something, put on some more make-up, and managed to get back to the elevator doors. The elevator was still stuck.

Now all that she had to do was wait for that sexy special agent to come out and notice her, which shouldn't be a problem at all.

The lights changed, signaling that the elevator was moving again. She put on her sweetest smile and struck a pose, just in time for the elevator to arrive on her floor.

The doors opened, revealing the two special agents named Todd and DiNozzo from one floor up, from Gibbs' team. Todd's outfit was ruffled, DiNozzo had lipstick on his face, and they were both grinning at each other like complete fools.

An office? My ass.