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Sasame looked over at Naruto with a very confused look on her face as well as Sai, surprise at that, and Sai was the first to recognise the similarities between the forth and him. After the initial shock of the seeing of that extremely powerful dobutsu was the fish treatment that Sai was giving Naruto. Sai also knew he would have to report this to Danzo but he eventually decided against it. Moments later the first Anbu came to the seen and what each one of them saw that, that particular bloodline had at last mamafested itself. All of the people who hurt Naruto were royally screwed now he would have the backing of the council and they would do anything he wanted them to do while some hoped that some god would help them out and be seated on his mercy seat.

Council room

There was much discussion of what to do with the new bloodline Danzo was still calling for the boy's execution for hurting the Uchiha while others disagreed because they did not know what this new bloodline did. Each one of the council members was looking over Naruto's file to see what they could find if he had activated this bloodline before or find any trace of this bloodline in Konoha's past. One by one each found the mark a dobutsu so powerful the shatingan paled in comparison to the power of this dobutsu. Even Danzo, a cold hearted basted, looked like he saw a ghost between the forth and Naruto each one of them knew that as soon as they died they would have a pissed off Hokage on there tails.

In kami's kingdom

Mamito was busy torturing some of the civilians and some lower ranking nin from Konoha for abusing his son he saw his son running around the training field tyring out his bloodline. His sight went over to the council room and he just grinned maniacally and said to himself "You will get your turn to you little bastards." as he saw a shiver running down the council members spines.

Back at the training field

Sasame decided to ask the dumbest question that she would be too embarrassed to talk about later she shrieked "Naruto-kun what happened to your eyes they look golden? I'll get you a mirror for this." Sasame suddenly took out a mirror from no where and Naruto yelled at the top of his lungs

"What the hell happened to my eyes?"

Root headquarters

Danzo was shaking like a leaf the council had just been dismissed for the day and it was a shocker to everyone the entire council was kissing Naruto's ass just as they did with the Uchiha kid. Now there was no way for him to get Naruto to join ANBU ROOT because the council was now monitoring him.

Hyuuga compound

Hiashi was grinning now the marriage between his daughter and the forth's son would go off without a hitch to top that all off Naruto could marry at least two girls that he liked it was a win win for the both of them. He did not have to give up that Sasame girl as well as his daughter would be happy for once. This would be easy to convince the Hyuuga council of because he was sure they did not want heaven to seem like hell with a pissed off Mamito Namikaze. Hiashi was sure that his dead friend would make hell look like paradise.

Haruno household

'When I get to heaven I'm royally screwed with all the assassins I sent after the boy.' Thought Saratobi's former teammate 'And why am I shivering so much? Now how am I going to make this up to his legacy? Give him any girl he wants not counting the political marriages the forth made already for his clan, the lightning, and hidden sand villages.


Mamito had just got done with some lowly assassins when he grinned down at the Haruno and thought 'You will get your turn you wiry old man and you will pay for all of thoes attemps on my son's life.

Training ground

Naruto was having a field day when he found out his kakigenkai was similar to the saringan all exept for coping you enemy's jutsu but combined with Naruto's photographic memory it acted just like the shatingan. He smiled when Kakashi had finally arrived. Naruto activated his bloodline and a coping bonanza began. Kakashi knew he was screwed when he saw that bloodline and he knew of his photographic memory so either way he was royaly screwed.

Sorry about all the transisions between the seens but it would have to happen, Different things were happening all at once each one important to the story exept Mamito tormenting people who hurt his son in heaven.