Home is...

Summery: Just something I thought of at a random time. HYxRP after the Eve war and beginning of peace.

Disclaimer: Even though I wish I do... But I don't own Gundam Wing. T-T

It was a Calming day, the sun high up shinning down through the scattering clouds. It was warm, peaceful but still you can smell the machinery which have been discarded from the war, in paces you can see the scars left by operation meteor but still... it felt peaceful now.

They walked down the coble road. The wind whirling around peacefully, The sounds of birds singing sweet cheerful melody as they continued down the path, the road to peace.

As they came to the edge of the land, they gazed out to the wide vast ahead the wind picked up slightly, all the voices that cried out for the war to end was carried through this continuous wind.

"I understand now" She spoke to the presence next to her

"Peace is not given, and once obtained it is, not easy to keep"

"So, you understand the meaning and the importance for the preventer agency" It sounded more like a statement than a question.

"Yes" Then she stretched out her arms and hands to the wind flew through her as if her arms were wings and her finger were feathers. She will take flight into this new era of peace and letting hope guide her.

Heero stood and watched as Relena closed her eyes as she breathed in. taking in the scene before him. This girl, this.. child has the world on her shoulders, so much understanding and so young. But he should talk, the perfect soldier but only 16 years of age. Seeing Relena's hands come down to her side his previous thoughts drifted away.

"Let's return home"

"So, you have a place to call home then" Relena smiled

Heero gave her a soft smile and took her hand, lacing his fingers with hers.

"I have a reason to live, and I've been living in the mansion so I guess I can call it home"

They stood there for a moment as if in deep thought, home is where the heart is, home is where my love is

with that thought wheeling in Heero's mind he lifted Relena's head genitally upturning as he curved his neck to give her a gift.

As soon as Heero's lips touched hers, Relena had shivers all over and excited Heero when she too kissed him back. Once the gift was given, still holding hands they both walked down the same path, the road to peace, and love.