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Chapter 1: Automatic

He sat in that chair.

Nothing special in that. He always sat in that chair.

Sometimes from morning to evening, he would be in that chair. His blond hair falling over his shoulders and golden eyes staring into space.

He looked almost dead, like a corpse, barely breathing in and out.

'No longer living, just a shell of a dream'

"Is this really okay?" asked young man with short yellow hair.

Roy Mustang awaked from his thoughts and looked at him. "Yes, Alphonse. Just go now. You said you haven't seen Winry and Mrs. Rockbell for long time… "

"I haven't but…" Alphonse turned his to his older brother, who was sitting in a chair without care of the world. Roy understood his feelings. Edward had gone into a permanent coma after restoring Al's body, and could no longer take care of himself, Al had taken him to Resembool and built a house were he could look after him. They hadn't spent a day apart since then.

"Trust me." Roy said. "I take good care of him."

Al smiled faintly and opened the front door. "Bye Ed…" he whispered, but his brother didn't answer nor even turned his head. With a sad look on his face, Al shut the door and left.

Sure, he trusted Colonel, he was adult and cared about Edward, but he couldn't help worrying that sometinhg could go wrong…

When the door shut, Ed let out a slight moan. It didn't surprise Roy much, Ed sometimes reacted like that to voices around him. First he had been all dull and emotionless, now he had learned more expressions. Sometimes he would even smile.

"So, Ed, what would you like to do? Your brother will be gone today."

No response. Blonds eyes stared away from him, to the other side of the room. Roy sighed.

"Are you even listening?"

Blonde raised his head a little bit, like concentrating on something.

"I really want you to get better…"


Ed let out an awkward sound, like trying to say something, and stretched out his hand, reaching for something Roy couldn't see. "What is it?" He asked. It might as well be nothing. Ed did many things without any reason, but Alphonse wanted to believe he knew what he was doing…

Roy glanced at the same direction as Edward. There was only a tall wardrobe across the room. "There's nothing…" Blonde one turned his head to Roy, with anxious look on his face.

"Ookay, is there something inside that?" He walked to the closet and opened it.

It was all dirty and dusty inside, with all kinds of rummage, which was weird, because Al was really tidy person.

"Someone forgot to clean this.." Then he noticed something. A photograph.

Roy's heart sank a little when he looked at the picture. It showed kindly smiling Alphonse and Edward, who had really big grin on his face. That's how he used to be. And how cute he was when he got angry when someone called him short…

Stop, Roy told himself. It hurts to remember.

Ed had become lifeless again, he just stared at Roy with blank face.

"Wonder if you wanted to see this…"

Then he saw it. In the corner of the closet. A pile of blue clothes. Roy took them up to take a closer look and gasped. It was Ed's old military uniform.

The same one he wore when…

That happened…

Al had probably washed it, because all the blood stains were gone and holes sewed up.

Black haired man walked back to the chair.

"Is this what you wanted?" he asked and tossed the clothes to Ed.

At first the blonde didn't react, but the he started stroking the clothes and gave out something that sounded like a giggle. Roy looked at his face and saw a hint of smile. It wasn't that kind of forced smile he sometimes made without reason. He looked truly happy.

"You are weird, Fullmetal, I thought you hated that suit. It brought only harm to you." But, Roy thought sadly, maybe he just thinks he's smoothing a cat…

"Well, it's beautiful day outside, so how about if the two of us go take a walk?" He asked, but Ed didn't answer. "I know your brother is very careful about your health, but it's summer and if I find you some warm clothes, you won't catch cold or anything…" Roy rose and took the uniform from Ed.

Edward let out a yelp, like a little kid.

"What?" Roy asked rising one of his eyebrows.

" Do you want me to…"