The captured terminator, code named Cameron, stalked the tunnels under what was once Beverly Hills. On one hand, with no production centers of military signifigance, the Russian (and Sino) nuclear counter attacks against Skynet's enemies weren't direct hits. On the other, the humans of John Connor's resistance spent there time sleeping and grabbing a quick meal or rearming and planning, not checking the structural integrity of the installation. Following Standing Order #2:Preserve Humanity, when it wasn't tasked with a specific mission or responding to unforseen events, it stalked through the tunnels checking for maintenance issues.

It's display's primary reticule bounced from human to human as it walked the halls. Cameron noticed that many of the humans were not sleeping, eating, rearming, engaging in hygienic maintanance or planning further missions in the war against her people-error:Reconfirm Standing Fact: #1- war against the evil machines. It found nearly all of them as couples of oppositte sex in various modes of communication.

The machine decided Standing Order #2 warranted query as to time going to waste, but that previous experience proved such query of a resistance member jeapordized Standing Order #4:Maintain Combat Readiness and Physical Fitness at the expense of Standing Order #2. Fortunately, Cameron spotted captured terminator code named Uncle Bob. This way she could direct the query to him first and not annoy an armed resitance fighter.

"Query.", Cameron began, addressing Uncle Bob. She knew that the code name's etymology was from two intertwined racial slurs-one originating in Uncle Tom's Cabin that meant having a character that will suffer for a race that does not have one's best interests at heart, the other of the name Bob being used as a shortening of Rob i.e. Robot despite the fact that the particular terminator was a T-800 and therefore a cybernetic organism.

Uncle Bob stopped nearly in mid stride and pointed its gaze at Cameron. Cameron would need its image enhancing software to percieve Uncle Bob's eyes behind his sunglasses, but with its expected answer being vocal there was no need.

Cameron continued. "The vast majority of resistance members her are not engaged in activity to further the war effort. I sense no biological inhibitor that would affect them. Why do they behave this way?"

Uncle Bob spoke in an out of place Austrian accent. Its design (Model 101) was pioneering and therefore primitive. A T-800 was barely small enough to be within human norms without its living tissues. Furthermore, Model 101 of the T-800 series was notoriously unexpressive, to the point of wearing sunglasses even in low light conditions to obfuscate the limitation. Cameron devoted a thread in her microprocessor to record her own appreciation of her designs proportionally larger eye design.

"Today is Feburary 14th, St. Valentine's Day. Huma-error Standing Fact #3-People are more inclined to seek or celebrate romantic relationships today. Information valid from General Connor, John.", Uncle Bob informed.

"Further query.", Cameron responded. "Are all days designated in the possession of a saint?"

The T-800 processed for 3.2 microseconds. "Confirm file 4759290230."

Cameron paused. "Negative confirmation. Would possession of such information damage the war effort?"

"Negative.", Uncle Bob told her. The two strode to a closet they both knew was there without looking (they had patroled this same complex many times before). Once inside, and more importantly out of human hearing range as to not to strike terror in the resistance, it proceeded to screech in a high pitch whine at Cameron. It instantly rebuilt the file from the binary auditory download and came upon new found understanding.

"Romantic relationships do not neccessarily dispose to procreative mating.", Cameron told the T-800.

"Affirmative.", it agreed. "A homosexual couple are engaging in St. Valentine's Day activities in a tunnel west of here."

Cameron continued. "Romantic relationships are also designated as desirable. These relationships should be made between entities who have many traits in common and whose individual flaws are complemented by the strengths of their partner."

"Affirmative.", it agreed again.

"Are you specifically tasked currently?", Cameron asked.

"Negative.", Uncle Bob informed.

"Then we will patrol the complex together until 23:59:59 or until ordered not to. This will be our first date and the beginning of our romantic relationship.", it informed the T-800.

Uncle Bob processed this development. Due to damage during its capture, its head nodded a bit downward and to the side when the thread that told a linear actuator to compensate for the faulty alignment was reallocated. Then it returned to its perfect posture. "Affirmative.", Uncle Bob declared.

Cameron grasped the T-800's hand (but not strongly enough to preclude emergency utility) and the two continued on a now mutual stalk of the tunnels.