AN: Hey, I was re-watching some of the episodes of Scrubs and I came across this one (episode 9 of season 6). Look, I don't know about any of you, but this episode really annoyed me. One of the things I've always liked about this show is the way the characters are there for each other in ways that fit (e.g. Dr Cox and the football game after JD's dad died). Therefore, I was really disappointed at the way no one seemed to act like JD should be really upset about the loss of his kid, when in just the previous episode, you'd had Dr Cox and Jordon scared of losing their second child during the prenatal surgery. If they had had a female character miscarry (or appear to miscarry) and then, the next episode, she was just fine, people would complain.

Because this annoyed me so much, I decided to write how I felt that that episode should go. And now that my rant is over, here it is:

How I think JD should have reacted.

"Well thanks a lot guys. Who was there for you, Turk, when you and Carla were going through your rough spot? Or when you thought you might be infertile? When you discovered you had diabetes, just after my dad died?

"And Elliot. I offered you a place to stay when you had nowhere. I listened to you bitch and moan about your boyfriends and neuroses and your problems, just like you listened to me.

"And Doctor Cox. You stayed with us when Jordon kicked you out, I stood up for you, I slept with Jordon when we first met so that she'd fight for you in that meeting. I was there for you when Ben died, and when you lost those patients.

"And this is the thanks I get. I just lost my baby. MY BABY! And at the same time I lost the first person I could really see myself spending the rest of my life with since Elliot, all those years ago. I lose consciousness randomly and I have nowhere to live. But that's fine, right? I mean, I wasn't actually carrying the baby, so it's OK that it miscarried, right? It's not like when Jordon had to have prenatal surgery and everyone gathered around and supported her and you, Perry, is it? Oh no, wait a minute, it's worse.

"So I'm sorry that my personal tragedy is getting in the way of your lives, but excuse me for needing someone. I mean, who have I got outside this hospital who I can really talk to? My mum, who spends her life drinking and marrying over and over in the hopes of finally finding someone to love her, or my brother Dan, whose never grown up from high school and who gets through the failures by staying in the bath and drinking beer after beer until he feels better? Which one do you think would offer me most sympathy, and the best shoulder to cry on?

"So excuse me for expecting someone to be there for me. Excuse me for expecting some sympathy. Excuse me for needing some support.

"But you know what, I'll be OK. I'm only going through a whole load of stuff at once. I'll be fine on my own."

JD turned round and walked out, leaving his friends in silence. There was nothing they could say.