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The Life and Times Of Wuncler High School II: A Woodcrest Summer


Chapter 1: Family Business

Riley's narration…

Life changes everyday. One day you the coolest nigga on the block and then the next day you're a father. But I ain't gonna deny my child. I love that little girl to death. Without her or Carmela I don't know what I'd be doing right now. Well actually I'd probably be listenin' to Huey bitch and moan about somethin to do wit the government. I mean still hear it sometimes since Huey took ownership of the house once Granddad passed away. So now it's just Huey, Carmela, Kiyone and myself. But movin' along life lately has been pretty crazy, I can't believe I've been a dad for a month. It ain't an easy job either…especially when Kiyone be cryin like while me and Mela are doin' the damn thing! But she always be sleepin while me and her ain't around! That's messed up! Huey and Jazmine tell me they have no problems with her, she sleeps like an angel. Well I guess after nine at night, she becomes a devil! She even act all sweet with Cindy and Caesar! I guess maybe Kiyone loves us so much, she feels she has to annoy the shit out of us to get attention from her parents.


Riley slapped his forehead as the sound he dreaded the most went straight through one ear and out of the other. He turned around from his position of playing Devil May Cry 4 on his XBOX 360 to see his daughter Kiyone Moné Freeman crying like she was dying.

"Oh damn, what's wrong gurl?" he put his controller down and walked over to babyseat.

"She probably wants some milk." Carmela said walking into the living room. The red hot latina still look beautiful as ever. She had her long brown hair tied into a ponytail and all she had on was one of Riley's 3XL black tall tees. "Isn't that right, Kiyo?"

The baby just paused crying and stared at her mother. Riley also mimicked his daughter and stared at his baby mama. His mind was going through the gutter as he observed what Carmela was currently wearing. Even with the two braces on her legs she still looked hella fine in his eyes.

"I have draws on." Carmela hissed at her perverted boyfriend. She then walked out to retrieve the bottle of milk.

"Damn." Riley muttered under his breath. He then took a glance at the clock on the wall. "Oh shoot, it's ten!"

Every Friday night at ten o' clock the whole gang would come over, rent some movies, play XBOX360 and Nintendo Wii and just hang out all night. Riley then became quicker than The Flash as he began to clean up the room with godspeed. Carmela giggled to herself as she walked back in with the bottle of milk. Kiyone's crimson eyes instantly locked onto the bottle. Carmela smiled as she scooped Kiyone out of the seat and took her over to the couch. She placed the bottle into the newborn's mouth and watched her suck on the nipple like she was never fed in her life.

"Good thing I don't breast feed." Carmela laughed.

"Hey, can you help me? You know Huey is gonna whoop mah ass if he sees tha house like this!" Riley begged.

"Hold on, Kiyone needs her milk first."

"Oh lordy…I'm doo-" he stopped in mid-sentence as he heard the front doorbell.


Riley ignored since he knew it couldn't be Huey since he has keys. He then just started to grab things from off the ground and stuff it in the closet.


Once again Riley continued to clean up the house with impressive speed. Now that he was finished with the living room, he went towards the kitchen. From there he just grabbed the dirty dishes and place into some hot water. He then grabbed a sponge and ran around the kitchen and cleaned every surface possible.


Carmela growled for that was the third and final time she wanted to hear that doorbell ring. She got up, holding Kiyone with her left arm and stormed towards the front door.

"This better not a Jevoiah Witness or else I'm gonna hafta break my foot off in somebody's ass!" she then noticed her daughter glancing up at her. "I'm sowwie, hunny! Mommy's just a LITTLE upset."


"I'm right here!" Carmela yanked the door opened and she froze in shock at the person standing in front of her.

"Carmela Tiffany Rodgiruez? Is that really you?" the person smiled from ear to ear.

"Uh…how'd you find me? Let alone when did you come back to the states?"

"Well when I heard about Hector winning another World Cup, Arturo gettin' arrested and you was preggo…I HAD TO COME BACK!" the person then noticed the newborn in Carmela's arms. "OHMIGAWDSHEISLIKESOEFFINCUTE!" the person squeaked.

"Yep just like us." Carmela smirked as a single tear rolled down her face. "I've missed you big sis."

"Likewise Mela…" Marisol, Carmela's big sister let a tear drop of her own fall from her cheek.

Marisol was Carmela's older sister by two years which makes her eighteen. She had the same dark brown hair as Carmela, only instead of red highlights she had blonde highlights. Her hair was about to her mid back and it was currently straightened. She had crimson eyes just like Carmela, mocha skin, a huge chest and a huge bottom to match, and a slim waist to top it all off. The older red hot latina was wearing a purple v-neck t-shirt with some dark brown capris and some all purple flip-flops.

"But back to your original question." Marisol grinned. "I found you thanks to mami, she told me about all the shit you've been through."

"Yep, but thanks to my baby daddy, I'm good now." Carmela said with confident. "But come on in Marisol, no need to hold a conversation outside.

Marisol followed Carmela into the family room and took a seat on the couch where Riley left his controller on.

"I also came back because since dad is gonna be locked up for some time, mami is gonna need some company."

"True true, so how long you plan on staying? I know you miss Puerto Rico already…

"Actually I don't. I'm happy to be gone from there. You know the only reason I moved away was because-"

"Because back when I was thirteen and you was fifteen, Juan, your current fiancé moved away to Puerto Rico. So you snuck away with him to PR and then you two began to build a life together, correcto?"

"Something like that." she smirked. "That was until I caught him cheatin' on me last week! So that would make him my ex-fiancé"

"Oh no! I thought Juan was so sweet and faithful…" Carmela said in shock.

"Nope, apparently I was too busy supporting us by working two jobs. I didn't have enough time to screw him to his availability."

"Bastard." Carmela sighed. "I guess that'll teach yo ass a lesson not to leave your family for some dude!"

"Whatever…" she then glanced over at the controller and picked it up. "Oh snap! This that new Devil May Cry 4, eh?"


Marisol unpaused the game and started to slay demons left and right and easily accomplishing everything take took Riley a couple of minutes, sometimes even hours to complete.

"SLICE N' DICE DEMON NIGGA!" Marisol screamed, causing Kiyone to whine a little.

"Uh oh, I'm sowwie…" Marisol cooed. "What's her name?"


"Oh, I'm sowwie Kiyone…" Marisol cooed again, which stopped the baby from whining and just going back to staring around aimlessly.

Meanwhile at the Dubois Residence…(10:10PM)

Jazmine Dubois opened the door to her bathroom and allowed all the steam to escape. Only wrapped in a pink towel she proceeded to her bedroom tip-toeing past her parent's room.

You remind me of a girl, that I once knew.
See her face whenever I, I look at you.
You won't believe all of the things she put me through.
This is why I just can't get with you.

She giggled as she heard Tom singing 'U Remind Me' to Sarah through their bedroom door. Why would he sing a song like that to his wife? The world may never know…but then maybe Jazmine knows.

'He must be singing that because that's one of her favorites.' she thought to herself.

She finally arrived to her bedroom and walked over to her closet. She opened it and was nearly blinded by all of the different shades of pink sitting in the closet before her. After picking through the closet, she found the perfect outfit for the night. It was an extra-small pink short-sleeved 'Hello Kitty' pink hoody, tight dark blue jeans and tan dress shoes. She gave it two thumbs of approval and closed her blinds quickly, just to make sure there were no peeping Toms outside. Once she felt save enough, she let the towel fall to the ground and began to get dressed. As she placed her underwear on she started to sing one of her new favorite songs.

So tell me Slim what you wanna do
when you know I'm in love wit you
Everytime that i turn around
look for you but you cant be found
fly free baby fine wit me
I'm in love wit a bumble bee
ooh Slim , boy you killing me
but you soo sweet tah me


She looked at herself in the mirror at her appearance so far. She was only half-dressed but she felt beautiful enough for Huey already. She looked at her hair and let out a deep sigh though. It was nappy as usual, but she knew she didn't have enough time to even attempt to straighten it, plus she knew Huey actually liked it this way better anyways. She then continued to sing and finish getting dressed.

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Honey you so sweet
Sugar got a long way to catch you
You so sweet
all I gotta do is add a little lemon

you my favorite drank
ya make me thank
honey you so sweet

After she put her shoes on she walked over to dresser and picked up her cell phone. Feeling her heart skipping a couple of beats, she dialed her favorite seven digits. She then placed the phone next to her face and listened to it ring. A couple of rings later someone finally answered.

"Jazmine." the voice answered.

"Huey!" Jazmine squeaked. "It's almost ten-thirty, you haven't called me yet."

"I had to stop and by some baby food and diapers for Kiyone." he muttered. "So I assume you're ready?"

"Yes I am. I'll just meet you there."

"Why can't I pick you up?" he asked. "It's practically a stalker's playground out there now!"

"Because silly, I live right across the street. I'm a big girl I'll make it your house safely." she giggled. "But thanks for being so thoughtful."

"Alright, I should be there in about five minutes. Love you." he said in almost a whisper.

"I love you too…" she said back.

The two lovers then hung up the phone. Jazmine grabbed her purse and left her room. Once again she had to tip-toe pass her parent's bedroom but this time she heard something different. There was a song playing, but it wasn't Usher.

Peaches and cream
I need it cause you know that I'm a fiend
Gettin' freaky in my Bentley limousine
It's even better when it's with ice cream
Know what I mean

Peaches and cream
I need it cause you know that I'm a fiend
Gettin' freaky in my Bentley limousine
It's even better when it's with ice cream
Know what I mean, peaches and cream

Jazmine then quickly walked passed the room as she knew they could only being one thing. She stuck her tongue out in disgust and walked down the stairs. Once she got to the bottom her phone began to ring. She quickly answered it as she saw who was on the Caller ID.

"Hey gurl!" Jazmine greeted the caller.

"Jazzy! Wuts really good?!" Cindy chirped.

"Nothin' getting ready to go over to Huey's."

"Oh that's right. I totally forgot today was Friday. Ceez, must have too."

"It's alright, Huey is kinda running late himself. Well, call Caesar and tell him to come pick you up, something tells me tonight is going to be the best yet!"

"You say this every week…"

"And have I been wrong yet?"

"Nope you sure haven't, but yea I'll holla!"

"Bye Cindy."

Meanwhile at the McPhearson Residence…(10:45pm)

Cindy hopped out of her bed and went into her bathroom to quickly change. Less than a couple of seconds she came out fully dressed. Superman ain't had nothing on her when it came to changing in a phone booth. She had on a baby blue Sean John tank top with some tight white dress pants and some white and baby blue Nike SB Dunks. Her next task was to call Caesar. She pulled out her cell phone to dial the number but she was interrupted by chimes of her doorbell.


"Cynthia! It's Caesar!" Mrs. McPhearson yelled from the family room downstairs.

"Comin' mum!" the blonde yelled from upstairs.

Once she arrived downstairs, she was welcome by a warm smile from Caesar and a rose in his hand. He extended his arm out and gave it to her. She instantly turned beet red and gave him a peck on the lips.

"Aww baby, what's the occasion?"

"Well I was just strollin' through the neighbor and-"

"Since when did you take walks at ten forty-five at night?"

"It's part of my new workout plan!" Caesar grinned. "Which is way better than Kanye's might I add…"

"Oh hush!" she grinned giving a hug. "So really why did you come?"

"Well today is Friday, and you know this our chill time with the crew."

"Uh huh, I had forgot though…all this basketball camp bull is killin me!"

"Well that's what tonight is for…to get your mind off of that." he then wrapped his arm around her waist. "Shall we make our exit?"

"Of course." she smirked, then looked at her mother who was shooting lasers of anger at both of them.

"See ya later, Mrs. M!" Caesar threw up the peace sign.

"Buh-bye mum!" Cindy waved.

"See you kids later and remember Cindy, what time are you to be home?"

"One…" she moaned.

"Alright, one on the dot too!" Mrs. McPhearson grinned, shutting the door behind them.


"I don't think your moms is too fond of me anymore…" Caesar opened the passenger's door so Cindy could get in.


"Because every since the fights we had with those prep punks, she just seems to spit venom at me!"

"You got a point. Because those like all of her best friends' children." Cindy snapped her seatbelt on.

"I got gotta use that BROOKLYN charm on her, I should come over for dinner this Sunday." Caesar grinned, snapping his seatbelt on as well.

"Maybe…just maybe."

Caesar turned the key and listened to his Lincoln Towncar come to life. Instantly 'U R The One' by Mos Def blasted through his system, causing a couple of house lights in Woodcrest Hills to turn on.

"Turn it down before the-" Cindy couldn't even finish her sentence before a Woodcrest Hills Security golf cart came rolling by.

The security officer got out of his vechile and walked up to the driver's side of Caesar's automobile.

"Well la-di-da-di-do! What the hell is a ignorant ape like yoself doin' wit a pretty little white gal like this?" Uncle Ruckus, head of the Woodcrest Hills Security spat.

"Damn, how many jobs do you have?" Caesar placed a hand on his forehead.

"More than you can get with an college education, blackie!"

"Oh whatever, nigga!" Caesar then slammed his foot the acceleration and left Uncle Ruckus in a cloud of exhaust smoke.

"Somebody catch that nigga!" Uncle Ruckus coughed.

What will happen the gang meets Carmela's sister? Find out in Chapter 2: Friday Night Delight

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