Title:Bittersweet Hot Chocolate
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Theme: Chocolate Kisses
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Summary: TwoShot. Crossing his arms in front of his chest, Gaara called Hinata's attention to him. "Are you playing hard to get?" GaaHina.

In case anyone's confused as to why there's a second part, remember that multi-chapter submissions ARE acceptable in the contest.

Part Two: Second That Motion

While the silence at the coffee shop had been amicable and pleasant, Gaara felt that the lack of conversation that stretched the entire length of their limo was exactly the opposite. Whether or not she was disappointed about ending their first date so early wasn't for him to say, but he certainly suspected that something was amiss.

The physical space between them was more than adequate for comfortable arrangement with Hinata pressed up against the door to her right and Gaara more than five feet away to her left, sitting along the side. More than anyone, the Sabaku heir respected an individual's personal space, but he felt that the distance that separated them was a bit extreme. Weren't dates supposed to be all "cuddly," or something like that?

Perhaps he had been a little too talkative at the coffeehouse, but Gaara understood from multiple forms of media that conversation was an important factor in the success or failure of a romantic outing. Had he said too much? Hinata certainly seemed offended about something...she hadn't even responded directly to his offer of a second date. Their rendevous had been going so well, too.

Not that he put too much stock in stereotypes, but the one about women being impossible for men to comprehend seemed to have at least a little grounding in reality. Were they really worth all the effort?

Slyly rotating his eyes towards her, Gaara fixed his gaze on Hinata. She was staring out her window at the snow adhering to the urban landscape with a puzzled expression on her face. She was wringing her hands in her skirt and chewing on her bottom lip, acting as a tense contrast to the peaceful weather outside.

Even in all her confusion, Gaara still found her exceptionally pretty. Not the loud, obnoxious kind of pretty that assaulted your senses with flamboyancy, but a clean, simple attractiveness that was worth a closer look. There was nothing artificial about her, either; she didn't appear to be wearing any makeup, her hair was its natural length and color and there were no other...enhancements on her figure that he could clearly see. (Her clothes were slightly baggy, of course, but what girl that went under the knife for "improvements" hid the results?)

No, there was nothing physically intimidating about Hyuuga Hinata. She was what she was and he, for one, found that very appealing in a female.

Despite her tendency to befuddle and disorient him with her womanly wiles, Gaara considered her well worth a bit of trouble.

Crossing his arms in front of his chest, Gaara called Hinata's attention to him. "Are you playing hard to get?"

Hinata jumped as if he'd frightened her and turned to face him from her seat. "Wh-what?"

Straightening his back against the plush leather beneath him, Gaara repeated himself (again; did she have some sort of hearing problem?). "Are you playing hard to get?"

Hinata shook her lovely head from side to side, sending her loose hair swirling around her head and shoulders. "Wh-what do you m-mean, Gaara-kun?"

"I asked you out for a second date," he replied. "You didn't give me an answer."

Her pale lavender eyes, so unique to her family, widened to excessive proportions. Gaara was certain that she was going to hurt herself if she didn't relax a little.

"S-Second d-d-date?"

Gaara didn't dignify her incredulity with a response; saying everything twice was getting tiresome.

"Wh-when did we have a f-first d-date?" she asked, flushing a shade of red that perfectly complimented his hair.

Gaara forked an eyebrow in her direction. "Just now."

Hinata's hands were so intertwined with her skirt that he could hardly see them within the lump of fabric. However, her thighs were perfectly exposed and Gaara couldn't help but sneak a little glimpse. Her panties were, surprisingly, orange.

Following his gaze, Hinata looked down. The red in her face changed from a bright strawberry color to a darker hue reminiscent of a pomegranate as she quickly covered herself.

She was breathing heavily, perhaps from the exertion of embarrassment, but managed to further their original dialogue as if nothing had happened. "Th-that wasn't a d-date."

"Yes, it was," Gaara disagreed. What had she thought they were doing? Making friends?

"B-but – "

"When are we going out again?" he asked, steering the conversation in the proper direction. Without bothering to wait for a response this time, he continued on; "I leave for Suna on Sunday. Is Friday afternoon good for you?"

The limo slowed to a gentle stop in front of the Hyuuga mansion. The stylish architecture of the main house was visible through the window to Hinata's right, darkened by the tinted glass.

"W-Well – "

Gaara moved from his spot and seated himself next to Hinata, hoping to make the situation a little more comfortable for her. He draped his arm over the back of the seat as he'd seen done in more than one film and placed his free hand over one of hers as he leaned towards her. "I'll pick you up from your school at four-thirty."

Staring at their conjoined hands with the same wide-eyed, red-faced look she had been consistently sporting, Hinata replied, "O-Okay."

The door magically opened (with a bit of help from the chauffeur) next to Hinata and she immediately took her exit opportunity. She pulled her hand out from under his, extricated her shoulders from the loose hold of his arm and scrambled out of the car in flustered panic.

Well, that was settled.

— — —

Authors Notes: I really hope that I didn't completely bastardize Gaara's personality. I've never written him before (he hasn't even made an appearance as a minor/supporting character in any of my older fics), so I can only claim to have done my best. Here's hoping that's good enough.

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