Today was going to be miserable day: no Edward! He, Emmett, Jasper and Carlisle went hunting. I had just woken up. The sheets were comfier; the mattress, softer; and the pillows, fluffier. I opened my eyes and realized I was in Edwards's room. I could have sworn I went to bed in my room… and that is how I ended up I my present state.

"Alice!" I yelled, knowing she would here me if she were a mile away. She was at the foot of the bed in a millisecond.

"Why and how did I end up here? I know I went to sleep in my room!" She chuckled.

"I brought you here silly!" she alleged. "You're spending these tow days with Rose and me!" Oh Carlisle.

"Does Edward know of this?" I questioned, because Edward promised she would never kidnap me again.

"No… but that's the beauty of it!" I winced. I had planned on sleeping in all morning and moping around until Charlie comes home. She and I both knew I had no intention of going to La Push. But with Alice it is useless to argue. I sighed and shook my head.

"Good girl!" Alice pompously said, jumping up and prancing out of the room.

"Breakfast is ready downstairs." She sang in her soprano voice. I untangled myself from the sheets, hopping down; I headed to the bathroom for a human moment. I looked in the mirror and almost screamed. My hair was a mess!

I had always thought about getting it cut, but I had curly hair when my hair is short, which no one knows about except my mom, thank God! I shuddered. I would rather it look like – like a birds nest in the morning than that curly, indescribable, mess! Alice hollered up the stairs interrupting my reverie.

"We are going to fix that hay stack today!" I chuckled of course she would see me scream from the deplorable mess of my hair, and want to do the whole make over. I pulled my hair up into a messy bun and wiped the eye sand from my eyes, then splashed cold water on my face. I shivered, maybe the cold water thing was not such a good idea, and it's really cold in this house… I ran to the dresser, where I keep some of my cloths since I stay here a lot, in Edward's room and grabbed a navy sweatshirt.

I scampered down the stairs surprised that I didn't once trip, stumble, or fall! I walked into the kitchen and was overwhelmed with the smell of bacon, sausage, and biscuits.

"Wow, Esme, is smells wonderful. But you didn't have to cook all this for me!" I exclaimed, walking up to her and giving her a hug. She hugged me back, very warmly. She was always so motherly.

"Oh, nonsense, Bella, you probably want a nice big breakfast for what Alice has planned for you today." I smiled an amiable smile at her.

"Thank you." She released me and I headed over to the table. I grabbed on of everything, not wanting to disconcert Esme, but I still ate it all It was so delectable. When I finished, I rinsed off my plate and went to stick it in the dish washer but was stopped by Esme.

"No dear, I'll get it." she smiled.

"Are you sure?" I asked warily. She nodded.

"Yes, go have fun with Alice." I suppressed a shivered. I walked up the stairs and flight of stairs. I had a plan to get away from Alice but I had to hurry. I began to run down the room and slammed and locked the door.

"Yeah, nice one Bella, that's really going to stop Alice" I said out loud to myself. I heard an evil soprano laugh behind.

"Dang it!" I didn't bet Alice.

"You should learn by now Bella." She said, I turned around, and shrunk toward the door.

"I decided, hmm, let's do the make over in Edwards's bathroom this time, which turned out very helpful since you decided to try and hide from me in here." I smiled a mock grin.

"Lovely," I said. "Come on, Bella, please try and enjoy this." She said giving me the most pitiful look ever, she knew it would work on me.

"Fine!" I said "let's get the worst over with!" I walked to Edward's bathroom, and sat down in the chair placed strategically in front of the mirror. It was a swivel chair, YAY!! I started spinning around and around throwing my legs in the air laughing hysterically.

"See, it is possible to have fun!" Alice I smiled at her, and decided what the heck, at least I'll look good pretty for Edward when he gets back! I sat up in my chair and let Alice get to work. She gave me a pedicure and a manicure.

She asked me what color I wanted and before I could even get it out of my mouth she saw what I was going to chose and went to work.

"So, Bella, why did you pick topaz?" she asked already knowing the laughed. After that she went to work on my hair and make up. What seemed like a couple of minutes later she said "I'm done!" and spun me around to face the mirror, my jaw dropped. I looked good! I heard Alice chuckled behind me.

"Now for your outfit! Rose would you mind helping us?" As soon as Alice got the words out of her mouth and I was being drug out of Edward's room, down the stairs and into her closet. When she opened the door I gasped, her closet with a bag.

"Oh and don't worry there's an outfit for tomorrow too!" she yelled in excitement. I just shoot my head. Suddenly, Alice's eyes glazed over and Rose had to catch her before she fell to the floor. My heart sunk, something's wrong.