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We were flying down the deserted highway going how fast, I don't know I was afraid to look. But it had to be pretty fast because we just past a building before I could even get out one on one Mississippi. I could feel my heart in my chest pounding with so much excitement. The engine roared and we were going even faster!

"Edward, exactly how fast are we going?" My question was barley able to escape with the exhilaration bubbling inside me. I heard him chuckling; he sounded just as excited as me.

"Oh roughly about 250mph. we could go faster if you like." He said it more like a statement than a question but I answered him anyway.

"NO! That's fine I don't think my fragile little heart could take much more." I laughed. The sound was off to me. It sounded more like one of those hot girls you find at like a Nickelback concert than a teenage girl riding in a very fast car. I suddenly felt insecure; I was defiantly not one of those girls at a concert. I was fixing to stop that behavior in an instant until Edward's reassuring words rang out.

"Wow Bella, I have never seen you so happy and carefree." His words like honey in my ears "I love it." He finished with his lips right next to my ear. I could feel his cool breath run down my neck. I couldn't stand it any longer; he was driving me insane.

It seemed just as soon as the words were out of his mouth, I was unbuckled and leaning over the console. Then I was kissing him with such fervor that I could feel it pulsing through my veins all the way to the friction on my lips that was growing with every kiss between us. If Edward was not a super-human guy I wouldn't have trusted anyone to drive like this. Even though we were speeding down the high way at speeds that would kill us (more like me) instantly if we hit something, I felt totally exhilarated.

I was running my hands all over Edward not having a clue what to do at all. So I settled for looping my fingers into his belt loop and then my other slid up his neck and grasped a handful of his luscious locks. Edward was kissing me back and crossing a bunch of lines he had drawn himself.

"Bella…" he breathed against my swollen lips. "Bella, if you keep going on I believe we might actually crash. You are distracting me a great deal." I had spoken to soon. I chuckled and sat back down in my seat but I kept my hand on his knee; drawing aimlessly on it.

It was quiet for a while, so I turned the radio on looking for some good songs and settled for a rock station that seemed to fit this whole thing pretty well. I thought I noticed the song and then I heard Edward singing to it softly.

"What is this song Edward?" I asked interestingly. He got this smirk on his face and made me want to know even more.

"Something in your mouth by Nickelback." He spoke and then turned up the radio louder so I could hear the words.

You naughty thing)

You're ripping up the dance floor honey

(You naughty woman)

You shake your ass around for everyone

(You're such a mover)

I love the way you dance with anybody

(The way you swing)

And tease them all by sucking on your thumb

You're so much cooler when you never pull it out

'Cause you look so much cuter with something in your mouth

After I listened to just those lyrics, my mouth was hanging open. I heard Edward laughing at me.

"Um, okay? You know this song Edward?" I asked him; being the usual gentleman and all. He was still laughing.

"Yes Bella. I do know this song. Alice even had a vision of you ripping up the dance floor sometime soon." He was still amused. I just shook my head.

"Yeah sure, little old me is going to be ripping up the dance floor! Ha, no wonder you are laughing." I stated blatantly. Edward just turned and stared at me.

"Ha ha okay Edward, just remember Alice's visions are subject to change." I quoted his owns words back to him. A little while later I realized the sun was falling over the horizon. I looked over to the clock on the radio; seven o' clock.

"Edward, how long have we been running from Alice?" my words slurred as I realized all this fun was making me tired.

"Hm, about three and a half hours now."

"Really? It seems shorter than that. Are we almost out of Washington?"


"Okay, well will you tell me where we are going as soon as we are out of Washington?" I was terribly curious.

"Ha ha, yes I will."

"Okay." I smiled toward him and kept drawing on his leg.

X x X x X x X x X

It seemed like I had just closed my eyes when I was being tapped on the sholder.

"Bella, love; we are leaving Washington now." I heard my angel's voice whispering in my ear. I sat up slowly. Somehow I had wound up on the other side of the car leaning on the door fast asleep. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the road and saw the sign that read 'Now leaving Washington, Entering Idaho.'

"Idaho? Why are we in Idaho?"

"I just wanted to get out of Washington. This isn't where we are going." He stopped.

"Well, are you going to tell me where we are going? You promised." I mentioned to him.

"Ha ha. I did now didn't I? Where we are going is… a surprise." He drawled it out annoying me.

"Edward! You promised you would tell me!" I whined.

"I just did." He smiled that cocky grin of his.

"Oh no! I don't think so; you are going to tell me where we are going right now." I demanded.

"Or what?" he had me there. Mm I suddenly had another brilliant idea. This outfit really was coming in handy today.

I unbuckled and hopped into his lap straddling him. I began playing with the buttons on him shirt then looked up into his eyes through my lashes. I slowly unbuttoned each button one by one. Once I had all of them unbuttoned I was running my hands over his chest. Then I ducked my head and kissed up his neck to his jaw, back down and around his perfectly sculpted chest and stomach, then worked my way back up to the corner of his mouth not once touching his lips. Then I looked into his eyes and asked him.

"Where are we going Edward?" it the sweetest voice I could muster with out it sounding fake. He actually looked dazzled as I would say. He was breathing kind of heavy even though he didn't need the air.

"Bella, that was… wow." He said softly. I sat up and put my hands on my hips and just stared at him. Then I felt the car come to stop. I looked out the window and saw that he had pulled off onto a secluded road. The sun was setting and it was almost completely dark outside.

"Edward, please answer my question." I said sternly.

"Right now we are here." He said. I just sighed. I couldn't stand it anymore and I know he probably couldn't either. I ducked my head and kissed him. He began kissing me back and pushed me until my back was on the steering wheel. This wasn't the most comfortable but I was kissing Edward so I didn't care. But as soon as I thought that it was like Edward could read my mind. He began moving me to the back seat; somehow without us ever stopping kissing. I was lying on my back and he was on top of me kissing me like crazy. He started kissing down my neck now to the top of my shirt which wasn't very high up. His hands moved to my waist to the bottom of my shirt. He slid it up and up further and I lifted my arms above my head so he could pull it off. He was kissing me all over. It was so blissful. I laid back and just took to memory this feeling.


The next time I looked up at the clock on the radio it was two in the morning. Edward had just given me the best night so far. Though I am sure our wedding night will be ten times better. We didn't do anything tonight but kiss and kiss and enjoy each other. I was wrapped in his arms with his sweater draped over me. I was almost asleep when a knocking came at the window.

"Please roll down the window." a muffled voice spoke. I saw a rather large figure standing outside the window. I was freaking out; I wondered exactly how many police officers my dad knew. Edward didn't seem at all concerned.

"Oh crap, crap." I muttered. I just heard Edward chuckle. I glared at him. How could he possibly find this amusing? I realized all I had on was my lacy undergarments so I tried covering myself up even more in Edward's sweater. He noticed my movements and spoke.

"Oh don't worry; he has already seen what kind of underwear you packed." He said so humorously. What the hell was wrong with him? We just got caught by the police… wait. He knew what I packed. Then I noticed no blue lights flashing, no flashlight shining in the car and defiantly no annoying police voice echoing over and over roll down the window. Then it hit me. There was a huge guy standing outside the car and Edward not freaking out.

"Emmett!" I exclaimed. Then I heard him chuckling along side Edward. I was so embarrassed. Here I was in the back seat of his brother's car doing some not-so-decent things and he is just standing there laughing. I sunk into Edward's sweater hoping I could just sink into it and hide.

"Bella, love, there is nothing to hide about. Emmett and Rose have been caught doing worse; trust me." He spoke lightheartedly. I pulled on his sweater and just looked at him. "Really." he added. I decided to lighten up. What the hell I would be spending an eternity with them I am sure I will get caught doing worse things with Edward. Oh I should not have thought that, my mind is wandering now.

I pulled on my skinny jeans and black boots and hopped out of the car. Edward followed and stood behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and placed his head on my shoulders. I could feel Edward's stance stiffen and he smirked.

"I am loving the sex hair, Bella." Emmett spoke so casually about it, it took me a while to get what he said. Then, of course I blushed. But I wasn't going to be that Bella tonight. So I stepped out from Edward's arms something I never enjoyed and said to Emmett…

"You like it. Edward helped me style it." I said and turned back to Edward and kissed him square on the mouth. I believe Emmett mouth dropped to the ground because it took him a while to respond.

"Mm, go Edward. You are finally getting some after over a hundred years." He guffawed and I believe Edward joined him too. But then spook also.

"Emmett you have so little faith in me. This isn't authentic sex hair, this is more make out hair." He said with that crooked grin. "You all seem so sure that Bella is going to make me an "un-virgin" before our wedding night." I have never heard Edward speak so flippant about this kind of stuff but when those words came out of his mouth, it made me want to try and make him and I both an "un-virgin" before our wedding night. I hid a sly smirk on my face but I believe Emmett say it and just smiled back. He must have thought about it too because Edward turned around to me.

"Bella, we had a compromise." He said sternly

"So just because you get all dazzled and then something happens doesn't mean that it breaks the compromise." I smiled at him and turned to get in the passenger seat but Edward grabbed me by my waist and spun me around.

"Bella, I know you can't be that evil."

"Maybe not truly evil but I have spent quiet some time with you future seeing sister." I tried to pull away but he wouldn't let me go. "Edward."

"You are so much cuter when you are so evil." He whispered in my ear and let me go. Dang even just a sentence made me want to pounce on him. I had to keep repeating in my head: "Emmett is here, Emmett is here."

"I will be waiting in the car." I tried sounding sexy but it probably came out sounding like a dyeing cats meow. I walked to the passenger side, pulled off my boots because I wanted to be comfortable and propped my feet up on the dashboard, careful not to leave any smudges.

I got impatient sitting in the quiet so I found a CD in Edward's case that said Nickelback on it. They seemed to fit this whole night so I stuck it in the radio and turned it up, but not too loud, and listened to the lyrics. When I noticed Edward come get back in the drivers side I tried to pose all sexy and stuff. Edward got in and just stared at me.

"What?" I asked him but he didn't have to answer; I saw that look in his eyes. It was the hungry kind of look but not like he thirsted for my blood but rather for something else. I just smirked at him and turned away and played with my fingers like I didn't care. I was going to make him want me even more.

"Bella." He cooed my name. "That is hardly fair." He said sounding desperate. I just shrugged. It was a good think I wasn't looking at him because that would have given me away. But all of a sudden I felt a cold hand traveling up my leg propped up on the dash. Even though I had my jeans on I could feel Edward's hand run up my leg and I could feel the coldness. I shivered and Edward spoke.

"Emmett felt the need to come break are, um, little make out session up and let us know that Alice had her fingers crossed when she said she would only follow us till we got out of Washington so… we have to go." He saturated these words with his velvet voice and I wanted to jump on him.

"Oh for crying out loud will she never give up!?" I whined all I wanted was to be with Edward… alone. I sighed a huge sigh. "Well might as well make the best of it." I said as I straightened up in my seat and cranked up the radio and turned to look at Edward with my head cocked to the side. "LET"S GO!" I yelled over the music. I suddenly had adrenalin pumping through me. Then, for what seemed like the billionth time in the past two days, we went speeding down a winding road.

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