HEY!! This is 'Dealing With It', the sequel to Bella's Early Change. I hope you like it. It's about Bella dealing with everything that has to do with being a vampire, helping another deal with the change, and, of course, Jacob again. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I love writing it!! (I OWN NOTHING!)


Chapter One: Shopping

I groaned as Alice pulled up outside of a huge store. I didn't want to go shopping, but she had insisted it was going to be good for me. Yeah right.

"Bella, at least act like you want to be here, okay?" She said as we got out. I sighed.

"Yeah, ok." I lied. Edward chuckled as he wrapped his arm around my waist.

He hadn't let me out of his sight for any length of time since we had 'made up' at his parent's house in England. That was five months ago.

"It will be all right Bella." He said soothingly. I smiled as we walked behind Alice and Jasper to the entrance of the mall. The only Cullens not here were Esme, Carlisle, Emmet, and Rosalie.

Actually, Rose and Emmet were the only ones who hadn't seen me after my change.

"Edward, are you sure I should be this close to so many humans? I'm into even a year old yet!" I said. Edward smiled as we walked into the mall.

I froze. I was assaulted with all types of smells. I shook my head. I would have thrown up, if I could have. It was disgusting. I could smell the trash, the bathrooms, the pet store, the food, and the people. The smell of blood was the worst though.

It was so sweet, overpowering al the other scents…Edward kissed my forehead, moving in front of me to block out all other smells.

"Bella, its okay. It's okay. You'll be fine." He said softly. I nodded weakly.

"Okay, let's go to JC Penney's first." Alice said, leading us away. I nodded and let Edward guide me to the store.

'I hope I don't get caught shop lifting.' I whipped my head around as I heard the voice. A girl was walking past me, and she looked a little guilty.

"Edward, did she just say something?" I asked. He looked back at her and shook his head.

"No." He said. I frowned and then stopped short. I almost ran into Alice.

"Alice, what is it?" I asked. She turned around quickly, and thrust a shirt at me.

I looked at it, and laughed. It was a cute shirt, I guess. It was a light blue, and it had a little kitty cat on it, bit it was, like, an extra small.

"Its cute, but its way to small." I said as I put it back.


'I hope Brett doesn't think I'm fat.' I froze.

"What the hell?" I whispered as I looked around. I saw a girl with a boy, and she obviously liked him.

"Edward, did that girl just…think anything about a guy named Brett?" I murmured, too low for anyone but him, Alice, and Jasper to hear.

Edward frowned. "Yes. She just thought 'I hope Brett doesn't think I'm fat.' Why? Did you just hear what she thought?" He asked me.

"I…I guess." I said.

"You can here others thinking too?" Alice asked, with a look of obvious displeasure on her face.

"Wait, if you can hear thoughts, what am I thinking?" Jasper asked as he came up beside Alice. I looked at him, and shrugged. I couldn't hear a thing.

"You were wondering if she really can read minds." Edward said.

I laughed. "Honestly, I didn't hear a thing." I said. Alice frowned.

"Really?" She cocked her head to the side. "What exactly did you hear?" She asked.

I sighed. "Well, first, when we were coming into the store, I heard a girl say 'I hope I don't get caught shoplifting' and then I heard that girl say, 'I hope Brett doesn't think I'm fat'." I said.

They were all silent.

"Maybe she only hears hopes?" Jasper asked.

"Or fears." Edward said.

"Maybe. We could always test it, you know." Alice said. She grinned a predatory grin at me.

"Alice!" Edward and Jasper said in a scolding tone.

"Actually, it's a good way to test it. I mean, if you make some one afraid, they're going to think that they fear something. Or if you give them a hopeful situation, they'll hope about it. You know?" Jasper said. Alice nodded, beaming.

"Yes. But I don't think we should do it by scaring them!" Edward said. Alice laughed.

"Okay, fine! We'll do it later though, because I see a cute shirt that would go great with Bella's hair!" She said as she dragged me toward a rack of clothes. I could hear Edward and Jasper chuckling. I turned and scowled at them, even as Alice piled clothes into my arms.

'Oh no! He's coming closer. What am I gonna do?' I dropped everything.

"Edward." I whispered. He was at my side in a second.

"What?" He asked.

"Something's happening. A girl is scared because a man is coming closer to her. She doesn't know what to do." I said.

"I'll look for it…" Alice said, closing her eyes. In a few minutes her eyes snapped open.

"I see a girl in the alley behind the mall. A man is trying to rape her." Edward nodded, and before I knew it, we were leaving the mall faster than human eyes could track us. In almost no time at all we were out behind the mall.

'SOME BODY SAVE ME!' A heard the girl scream it even as she thought it. I saw them then.

A big man had a hold of her arm, and one of his arms was wrapped around her waist.

'Oh God, I'm going to die' She thought as she cried. His lips went to her neck, and he bit her.

Edward and Jasper were on him then. They wrestled him to the ground, and Alice was joining in the fray. I ran to them too, but the man was up and running before I could get to them. I smelled him as he ran past, and my thoughts were confirmed. He was a vampire.

I knelt next to the girl, who was crying against the wall, and I pulled up fast. She had an open wound on her neck, where he had bitten her, and was bleeding. I turned away, trying to resist the smell.

Edward's arms wrapped tightly around me. "Calm down Bella." He murmured. I nodded.

"Edward, the venom's spreading. We have to get her back to the house." Alice said. Edward nodded.

"Okay. I'll take Bella. Can you carry her?" He asked. Alice nodded.

I looked around as we left. "Where's Jasper?" I whispered.

"Heading after that guy." Edward murmured. I nodded. We were silent as we got in Alice's car with the unconscious girl and Alice. We drove as fast as we could toward home.

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