Chapter Eight: Slayer Pays a Visit

I frowned as I tried to find my jeans. The room was a mess, thanks to our 'night of fun' as I had mentally dubbed it. I was wearing some clean clothes, but I still wanted to know where the others all went. So far, I had found all of our clothes, except for Edward's boxers and my pants.

"Have you seen my pants?" I asked Edward as he walked into the room.

He put a finger to his chin in mock thought. "I believe I threw them under the sofa." He said, pointing to said couch.

I laughed and went over. Sure enough, there were my pants. And his missing boxers. I smiled and grabbed them, throwing them into a hamper.

"Thanks." I said, hugging him. He laughed again and hugged me back.

"Oh no, thank you." He said, nipping my neck. I giggled. Then he pulled back to look at me, and a frown crossed his face.

"What?" I asked.

"You're thirsty." He said. I nodded. He smiled.

"Okay then, let's go hunt. I'm sure Ale could use the experience." He added. I nodded. He headed down stairs to find Carlisle and Esme, and I went into Ale's room.

"Hey Alexis." I said. She smiled up from her book.

"Hello Bella." She said.

I opened my mouth to invite her to go hunting, even though I knew she already knew about it, when I heard gravel crunching under boots. We both turned to look at her window.

It was a man. An old man, with white scraggly hair and a mean face. We exchanged a worried look.

"Bella, Alexis, please come here." Esme said from the living room. We got up and went to her. The entire family was there. I looked out the window, but he was too far to see just yet. I looked at the clock. It was ten at night. A little late for visitors.

Carlisle looked at us each in turn, and then said, "He is the vampire slayer." Edward stood up then.

"He knows we're really vampires." He shot a look at Emmet. "And he's come to confront and kill us." He said, sitting down next to me again.

Carlisle nodded. "So we could do one of two things. We could leave, or we could convince him otherwise." We looked at Edward and Alice.

Alice wasn't saying anything, so Edward said, "He's convinced we're vampires as much as he's convinced he's human." He said.

Alice linked rapidly.

"He'll set the house on fire. He wont even knock, just throw in a few flaming rags and such. The house will catch quickly. It will be gone before tomorrow at noon. And we will be in Alaska, with Tania." She said.

They nodded. We got up and packed our possessions. I was packing all of my clothes along with Edward's, while he was down stairs, moving his piano. I had packed up all of the things in our room, and moved them into the cars waiting behind the house.

We left shortly, the Piano some how tucked into Emmett's jeep. (Don't ask.) Edward, Ale and I rode in his Volvo. We were miles away before the house caught fire.

I looked at the faces of the people in the car with me, and I looked at the cars in front of and behind us.

We would run. We would go somewhere safe. But it didn't matter how much we ran. As long as we were all together, it was okay. As long as the Cullen clan stayed together, all nine of us, then we would be fine.

I put my arm around Ale's barely visible shoulders as we drove away.

'I hope Alaska is as nice as England was.' Ale thought. Edward and I shared a smile.

"It will be. They're wonderful people." I said. Edward nodded.

We drove off to the airport. And to out new home. I knew I would love it there as much as anywhere, as long as I was with my family.

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