Where do I start? This story is so big. Not even I know where it all will lead, or what will happen to me now that it's over.

Did I say over? It's only just begun. I realize that now. Even if I never see another world again, never face another enemy or see my newfound friends once more, my story will go on. My life is one of many adventures. This was my greatest, but even when I thought there was no purpose to my life, it was there. Because every day is another journey, every step another choice.

I guess, though, I should begin where it started: the end of another boring day, and a song…

I sat on my bed, headphones hanging out of my ears, humming and writing the words to a melody that had been haunting me.

"Listen to the sound of the moon's call

Listen to the beauty as she sings to you

We raise our voice as one in praise of her

Though it is her will that binds us here," I wrote on the page, then added in parentheses, "Intrumental." I sang the tune out loud, high and haunting. Then, humming, I started to sing the next verse, sounding out words until they felt right. I wrote down each line as it came to me, occasionally erasing as something better came. My phone rang, interrupting my chain of thought. Grumbling, I went to answer it.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hello!" said an overly perky male voice in the background.

I sighed. "Hey, Alex," I said. Alex Washin had been my best friend since before I moved halfway across the country. "What's up?"

His voice dropped two levels on the perky meter as he said in a disappointed tone, "Did I call at a bad time?"

I could picture his face drop as he said the words, and I had to fight to keep from laughing as I said, "Yeah, I was about to get on KH, just as soon as I finished the next few lines of Moon Riders," I said, naming the song I had been working on. "I'll sing it for you if you want."

His voice raised up again, ans he said, "Kay-kay."

I started:

"Listen to the song of the nighttime

Listen to the music of the darkness's tune

Listen to the cry of the wolves' howling

'We are slaves to the dance of moon and sun.'" Then I hummed the instrumental, which sounded a little like howling. I continued until I got to the verse I'd been writing, then sang the next one.

"Feel the earth beneath your feet,

Fell the thrill of the nighttimehunt

Fill your throat with the hunting song

She holds our voices like she holds our will." Taking a deep breath, I said, "Then the instrumental. Voila!"

"Wow, Miranda," he said, "that was really good. I see you've gotten to Sam's verses."

I nodded, then, realizing he couldn't see me, said, "That's right. Next, it's Alt's, and then we're done." I smiled. "Well, the worlds are calling me. See ya." I hung up the phone, picking up my game controller and switching on my playstation. Popping the Kingdom Hearts disc into the drive, I settled down for a few hours of comfortable adventure. After fiishing, I closed my eyes and drifte off into peaceful sleep.

I stood on a stained glass platform, emblazoned with the sign of three keys in front of a stylized crown. I looked around, but it was suspended in darkness. This was a dream, I knew, but it was a really realistic one. I stepped forward, marveling at the detail my subconcious had whipped up. Two of the three were crossed in front of the third, pointing down, and they looked more like weapons than keys. I often have dreams about the keyblades, I'll admit, but never with the detail of this one. The three blades were the Kingdom Key, the Way to the Dawn, and the Oathkeeper. Walking forward some more, I heard a voice in my mind.

Slave to the moon, it said, look now at the ghosts of your past, and choose what form your journey will take.

"What do you mean?" I called out, but the platform shattered beneath me and I fell. I braced myself for impact, but instead found myself floating amidst a shower of memories. I stood and watched as a younger me cried out, "Mommy! Why do we have to move? I don't wanna leave Alex!" The scene flashed to an older me, walking through school in a ridiculous outfit that was all we magnet students could wear with our ever-tightening dresscode, glaring whenever someone walked by me. I wore all-black, even if it was a polo shirt and long pants, and my hair hadn't been brushed. I could feel the anger in my gaze. Why couldn't I be a ghost? the girl who had been me whispered. Another flash, and I saw my insecurity as I first went on fanfiction, and the world started flashing by, I got my first review, flash, I spoke to the first online friend I ever had, flash, I was laughing and telling my first real-world friend about the characters who had been my only comfort until now. Another flash, and another, memories going by, my first day of high school, the glee at discovering all the others like me who had banded together. More happy memories came now, towards my current moment in time, and I realized my wish was always answered: I had been a ghost, frightening others with my unknown anger.

"The ghost of the past," I whispered. "That was me." All of a sudden, I stood on another platform, this one of three familiar teenagers, each carrying one of the keyblades that had been on the previous platform, while three more were stuck in the ground aroud them: the Ultima weapon, Oblivion, and the Bond of Flame. They were all facing forward, and I could imagine the sunset they were seeing. Sora, Riku, and Kairi, I thought. It'd be neat to actually meet you.

Choose, child of the unseen, said the voice, and three platforms rose. Floating above them, though, were not three weapons, as I had become used to in the game, but three necklaces, each with a symbol on them. One showed the moon, another a bat, and the third a wolf. I walked up to one.

Symbol of the wolf, the voice spoke up. Undying courage. Though he may be a loner, wolves travel in packs. He will never want for friends. Is this the path of your soul?

Somehow, I knew that wasn't it. "No," I said, stepping down. I moved to the next one.

The voice spoke once more. Symbol of the bat, it said. Unwavering sight. She travels through the deepest darkness without fail, guiding others. She is often misunderstood. Is this the path of your soul?

The description sounded a little like me, but again, it was wrong somehow. "No," I said again, stepping down. I didn't even need to move, for the moon charm suddenly sat in front of me, glittering, and again, the voice spoke.

Symbol of the moon, it said. Glimmering hope. Though often unseen, her light binds the others. Many mysteries surround her. This must be the path of your soul.

I didn't know how I could be what the voice was describing, but something about the strange necklace called to me, and I reached out for it.

Put it on, and awaken, She Who Must Be Admired, and then your journey will begin, it said, and I put on the necklace. A powerful feeling of weariness came over me, and I collapsed to the stone floor.

I awoke to see someone standing over me. I couldn't see them clearly, because my vision was fuzzy, but I felt warmth underneath me, and a soothing sound like waves breaking lulled me back to sleep.
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