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Meanwhile, back at the Cullen Estate

"I have heard word that Jasper is on his way back to our home here in the forest which we live at." Nobody laughed. "JEEZ GUYS! My excellence is lost on a lost generation!" Emmett screamed to the empty room and quickly ran upsides.

"Is he aware that that made no sense?" Edward questioned Bella. Bella quickly shrugged and leaned with her back against the wall, thinking. "How should we get back at Jasper?"

Bella suddenly sprang up from the wall instantly grimacing from sitting up too fast.

While blushing the typical Bella blush, she began telling Edward her devious plan. The two smirked with mischief.

Edward suddenly had the feeling that he should be watching out for Jasper. Alice did say they would be back today. While kissing his fiancé, Edward sprinted to the front door just in time to see the vampire couple stroll through the door.

Well stroll is an understatement, more like one vampire dragging the other. Alice grinned discreetly and made eye contact with her 'foster brother'.

"Well hello Jasper, long time NO SEE!" Emmett abruptly burst down the stairs looking every inch like the disapproving father figure he wasn't. Jasper on spur of the moment began taking small steps back outside. "Jasper! what've you doing! The party's in here!" From the other room where Bella was waiting, they could hear dainty little snickers. "So Jazzz...jazzypoo...where you been?" Jasper looked like he wanted to be anyway but there. Alice began pushing her husband into the room slowly while Emmett and Edward begin grinning triumphantly. Edward edged closer and closer to Jasper and whispered in his ear.

"Bella's hair will grow back but I want you to do something that you will never forget...I dare you to streak through the busiest mall in the world and THEN ask a stranger to dinner...the stranger must be male and you must ask act real into it." Victory filled Edward's eyes as Jasper's eyes filled with dread and slight amusement.


Awwwwwwwwwwww, now wasn't that just a bucket of peaches? kay, so while I was writing this, I realized something...I fucking suck at writing...i mean I used to be real good, my teachers would always accuse me of plagerism but i haven't written a story in like 2 years. and yeah yeah it's short and yeah yeah, it's the end.

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