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The Need for Immortality


A forceful collision of fist and jaw sent John Hart several paces backwards. He rubbed his jaw, eyeing up Gwen as she stepped closer to the rest of her team, shaking her hand to try and get rid of the tingles that were now spreading through her fingers. John glared at Jack as he made no effort to disguise his sniggering. The rest of the team, however, seemed not to follow suit.

"Remind me never to get on your bad side..." Bloody Eye Candy, making smart remarks at my misfortune...John thought to himself, letting his arm drop back to his side and circling his bottom jaw slightly as if it would somehow help to ease the pain. It, in fact, did the opposite. The circling only intensified the pain, causing it to spread slightly through his gums and into his teeth.

John looked up to Jack clearing his throat, his hand held mid air. He rolled his eyes, pulled back his jacket and slowly pulled out Jack's wristband. Reluctantly, he handed it over, looking at the floor, dejected. Jack glanced around the group with a smirk and turned back to look at John, raising his eyebrows.

"Definitely bigger," He hated that, how Jack could make a joke out of anything, in any situation. It just...God, it just pissed him off so much! But despite that...despite the fact John despised Jack; he couldn't stand the thought of spending another...what was it? John couldn't even remember, but it was too long. Too long without him. It was humiliating, but maybe, just maybe there could be a small chance he'd say yes.

"If you need a new team member-"

"No," Was that it? No thought what so ever? Nothing in the back of his head that urged him to say yes?

"Really? I could-"

"No," There it was again, that one word that stung so hard.


"No," For a third time he said it, only drew it out, making the single syllable last as long as possible.

Well that was it then...John sighed and slipped his hands into his pockets. He heard Jack let out a sigh similar to his. And he thought he could hide it! Jack still missed him! Well of course he did, who wouldn't? Still, the thought was reassuring, humorous almost. He had to say something, let Jack know he knew what he was thinking.


"Goodbye," Goodbye? What a kick in the teeth! The moment of understanding was gone, flooded by thoughts of loathing.

"Ok," Was all he could manage; trying to say anything else would only end in arguments, violence most likely. John turned to go, but stopped; turning and pulling Jack's face towards his own, a hand on each cheek. John almost lunged in, kissing Jack hard who barely returned the notion. As John pulled back, he saw the disgust on Jack's face. He knew it ought to hurt, but just as the thought of Jack missing him, he found it humorous, having to bite down on his tongue to stop himself from laughing. So this was how he had to leave it. He patted Jack on the chest, as if not wanting to actually say the words.

The second captain stepped casually into the glow of the rift, looking over each of the team members one last time. Owen; the cock of the group, trying to be heroic. Tosh; the computer nerd who clearly just needed a shag Gwen; cute, covered in freckles, but just so God damn annoying! Ianto; the eye candy...Jack was a very lucky man to be waking up with him in his bed every morning. And finally, Jack. John could barely stand to look at him anymore. It was nauseating. The arrogant bastard, taking everything for granted. Well...almost...

"Oh! By the way, I didn't tell you...I found Gray..." The look from Jack was so satisfying, calming. John finally felt he had the upper hand. He was the one with control now. With that, he smirked again, turned and entered the rift back to where he had come from.

He had never liked travelling through the rift. It was uncomfortable, claustrophobic and always ended with his boxers pulled too far up his ass...Nevertheless, he was here again and it was worth it.

Captain John Hart inhaled deeply, relishing the cold air in his lungs and holding it there for as long as he could. He sniggered as he let the air rush out, a stream of condensation follow it. The snigger soon developed into a small fit of laughter which escalated further until he found himself laughing like a maniac, his head tipped back.

Pulling up the worn t-shirt he was wearing (he had to give up his Napoleonic jacket to avoid easy recognition), John could see that the make shift bandage around his waist was controlling the blood flow pretty well. He could still feel the tinge of pain every time he moved too much. The tip of the weapon that had been thrown at him was still lodged into his flesh, acting as a tracking device as well as an implement used to cause "unbearable pain". John laughed at that. The device had died out as he had travelled through the rift; the jump from time zones/planets/universes (or whatever it was) had scrambled the circuit, causing it to short out on its self. As for the pain? Well, it stung a bit at first but now it was just like a splinter...

The "splinter", however, acted as a constant reminder to the predicament John was in. He needed to run and keep on running. If he stopped they'd surely find him eventually and then what would happen? They'd throw him in a cell and execute him at the next sun rise. That could be an eternity on some planets...An eternity of waiting to die...

Earth seemed the most logical planet to head to. He could ask Jack for help, ask Jack to hide him although the chances of that were pretty slim. But he didn't need Jack, not in that way. He wanted to possess what Jack Harkness had. The power to stay alive even after an execution. The power to survive that of which others would surely perish. The power of immortality. With something like that it didn't matter if he was found or not. They could execute him all they liked and as soon as the guards were gone he could leg it, run free again and continue to do what he liked best. Sex, drugs, drink and murder. Fuck the rehabs; they only acted as a memory to how much he enjoyed his four past times.

But that was easier said than done. Jack was never easily persuaded and now that he couldn't die, John had no real power over him; nothing to threaten him with. There was Gray...John had, at first, thought that he was the key to persuading Jack. But he had been without his brother for so long that it was unlikely to persuade him to give up any information. He'd be tempted but good old Jack could always withstand John's taunting. Again, something Harkness seemed to have that John desperately wanted for himself. There had to be some way of getting into Jack's head. Something he had grown to depend on, become attached to and couldn't bear to lose.

John stopped. Maybe that's where he was going wrong. How had he been so blind? Even with his good looks and easy charming, there was that one thing of Jack's he envied almost as much as his immortality. It wasn't a something he needed to use...It was a someone...