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And here goes...

The Need for Immortality

Chapter Five

Tosh was at her desk, her fingers rapidly passing over her keyboard, the light tapping emphasising the speed at which she was working. Her mobile was connected to her computer with a thin cable, and both the phone and computer screens were showing the same blue background with lists of changing numbers. The system had been slower than usual lately, most likely due to the amount of old files that were still being stored. Ianto needs to sort those out...she thought to herself, before cursing herself for mentioning his work whilst he was in this mess. Slowly but surely, the computer was tracing the source of Ianto's text; triangulating the signal into co-ordinates so that Toshiko and the rest of the team could find him and John. Tosh stopped typing as she tried to remember what John had been the like the first time they had encountered him. She didn't like to admit it, but Tosh had found him incredibly attractive even when he was head butting her, shooting her friend and then stealing their phones. Nevertheless, John had been smart and Tosh always went for the intellectual type. That was why she'd fallen for Owen...not that he had noticed and Tosh didn't think it was likely that he ever would. She certainly wouldn't be telling him anyway.

Tosh looked back to her screen again. The same numbers were still flashing away, pausing every now and again whilst the system caught up. The Japanese woman sighed. This could take longer than she thought...

John was pissed. No...John was beyond pissed. He couldn't care any less that "Eye Candy" had managed to get in touch with the rest of the team...Hey, he liked to cause carnage! But he'd just got in from shopping and really, all he wanted to do was sit on the sofa, tuck into his rabbit chunks (or what he believed were rabbit chunks...) and slowly torture the Welshman until he agreed to get into bed with the Captain. Simple enough. But now he had to go back into the centre of Cardiff, throw the team off the scent again until he had thought of a way to speak to Jack alone and then make his way back to the motel. What a perfect way to spoil an evening in...Lifting his wrist before him, John began to vigorously jab at the buttons on his wrist. No doubt the geek of the group had already started triangulating the signal so blocking that was the first and most logical step to take. John laughed to himself. He hadn't been logical in a long time and the change felt good.

John wasn't really sure how long he had been walking but the familiar sight of the Cardiff Millennium Centre was a reassuring sight. With a smirk on his face John pulled his hands from out of his pocket and poised himself near enough to the Torchwood base so he was able to see both of the entrances. He wasn't waiting long. He grinned as the black Torchwood SUV spun round the corner and squealed 

to a stop outside the tourist office. In the mean time, Jack, Owen and Tosh had appeared from the very same tourist office, each looking slightly uncomfortable and Jack looking as eager as ever.

"We don't have much time and we need to give ourselves time to search...Owen I want you to..." Jack's voiced faded out as he closed the front passenger door to the off roader and the vehicle reversed, ready to take off in the opposite direction it had emerged from. John couldn't help but wonder where they kept the thing...Still, he'd find out in time no doubt. The look of panic on their faces was amusing to him...so unaware that the one person who could help them was on their front doorstep and they were about to drive away from him. John couldn't resist.

"If you have a problem, if nobody else can help and if you can find him, maybe you can hire...John!" With that, the Captain burst into a hushed and out of tune rendition of the A-Team theme before bursting into streams of laughter. He watched in amazement as the SUV pulled away and headed out of the city...headed southwards...headed in the direction of the motel.

"Well crap..." John kicked the wall behind him and swiftly made his way to the closest car, opening the doors with ease using his wrist band.

Tosh's eyelids felt heavy, each minute lasting for longer. She groaned and let her head rest on her arms as the system paused again. She couldn't remember her computer being this clogged...She picked up the phone and adjusted the wire slightly, making sure it hadn't becoming disconnected. With a disheartening squeal, the computer and phone screens went blank, leaving Toshiko in disbelief. She started trying to type again; a desperate attempt to get the numbers back on screen but it was hopeless. Her triangulation had been tampered with and now, from what she could assume, doing so again would be impossible. With a sharp kick at the computer's hard drive, Toshiko grabbed her phone and made her way to the conference room. Three pairs of expectant eyes bore into her and she blushed slightly under the pressure.

"My, uh...My triangulation was interrupted...there's nothing more I can do..." She watched as Jack dub the heels of his hands into his eyes.

"Son of a bitch!" Owen screamed as he forced himself to his feet, "Did you get anything?"

"I got the general area code...It's within a 5 mile radius but I'm sure finding the motel once we're there can't be that difficult,"

"Gwen...I want you to go and get the SUV. Owen, grab your first aid kit...God knows what state Ianto will be in..." There was a slight pause as Jack's forehead creased with worry. Tosh saw him physically shake it off before continuing his instructions, "Toshiko, I want you to programme the co-ordinates you did get into a locator," There was another pause as each of the team members watched their frantic Captain. He stopped what he was doing and raised his eyebrows at each of them. Tosh jumped into action, dodging Gwen who was running for the door.

Along with Jack, Owen and the locator, Tosh bolted for the door, sealing it behind her. When the team emerged from the tourist shop, Gwen and the SUV were already waiting. Jack moved round to the front passenger seat, addressing Owen as he did so.

"We don't have much time and we need to give ourselves time to search...Owen, I want you to write down all the possible motels in the area that Tosh has narrowed down. Use the OS map in the back of Gwen's seat," Jack buckled his seat belt and the SUV sped off again, heading southwards to the outskirts of Cardiff. Tosh began to type violently on that keyboard that she'd moved so it rested on her lap, cross referencing Owen's findings with her own readings in hope that something would show up soon.

John wasn't sure when it had happened, but at some time in the last 15minutes he'd managed to overtake the SUV and beat the Torchwood Team back to the motel. He bounded up the stairs, taking the last couple of flights three at a time. He wasn't necessarily panicking, he could deal with Jack and his gang if he had to...He just didn't know what he wanted to say yet. Besides, the thrill of a chase got the adrenaline pumping, which was something John felt he had lived without for too long. The company was better too, with Eye Candy around.

Without any hesitation, John burst back into the motel room. He saw the hunched figure of Ianto in the corner, his back to the door. The Welshman barely flinched as John moved behind him, simply stared at the shattered phone in his hands.

"Still bothered about that, huh?" There was a silence as Ianto shifted slightly and John strode round to the front of the young Welshman. He stared at him for a moment before finally giving up and kicking the phone out of his grip. Ianto gasped slightly and glared at the Captain in front of him.

"Get up..." John took a firm hold of the collar of Ianto's jacket and hoisted him to his feet.

"You know, if you were gonna drag me up anyway there was no need to ask..." John raised his eyebrows.

"Oh, so we're answering back now are we?" Ianto shrugged and tried to pull away from John's grasp. The Captain laughed to himself slightly and pulled Ianto closer, their faces only a few centimetres apart. John started to lick his lips and Ianto shifted uncomfortably.

"What're you..."

"We need to move...get out of here and find a different hotel..." This time Ianto started to laugh. Realisation hit in pretty quickly.

"So I take it they've found you already? And now you're asking me to move away from them?" Ianto scoffed. John rolled his eyes and pulled the gun out of the back of his belt.

"Look here Eye Candy, you either move or I blow your brains out, got it?"

"Yeah, cause that'll really get you in Jack's good books..." The Welshman retorted, more to himself than John, "You're bluffing, what good would shooting me do?" Nevertheless, Ianto had still instinctively raised his hands in the air. John started to lower the gun, looking at the floor. Ianto smiled to himself, "God talk about-" He was cut off by the echoing of a gunshot followed by severe burning in his left hand. He cried out in pain, falling to his knees and grasping his hand between them to try and stem the blood flow. John smirked and walked closer to Ianto, resting the barrel of the gun on the side of the Tea Boy's head.

"Talk to me like that again, and I really will blow your brains out, got it?" Ianto nodded and screwed his eyes shut in hope that it would help to ease the pain a little, "Now get up, we're leaving..." Again 

John vigorously dragged Ianto to his feet, not waiting for him to push himself up. With a gun pressed into his side and John's firm grip on the arm of his suit jacket, Ianto could do little but follow the Captain out of the room.

The pair headed towards the foyer, John still gripping Ianto's arm, trying his best to act nonchalant. He had managed to hide the gun using Ianto's jacket, although he looked less than natural. Still, none of the staff seemed to question either of them which left John content enough. He approached the door, momentarily moving the gun away from Ianto's side. Still, the Welshman saw little point in running. He'd only be shot down anyway...He frowned as John cursed and tightened his grip on his arm. Before he had a chance to question, there was a deafening squeal of brakes. The Torchwood SUV came to halt metres away from the main entrance to the motel. Ianto began to chuckle to himself and spared a glance at John. He could see the Time Agent's eyes racing around, begging for a different escape route. A glint of victory cause Ianto's stomach to drop and he stumbled slightly as John roughly man handled him in the direction of the fire escape that led out to the back of the building.

Crossing to the nearest car, Ianto watched as John opened the door with ease and rolled his eyes.

"Look, you've already got Torchwood onto you, do you really think stealing a car is the best idea?"

"Look here, Eye Candy," John began before forcing the tea boy into the car and climbing over him to get into the driver's seat. Ianto didn't have time to wonder why the Captain had not just run round and used the other door...He could hazard a guess though..."My game, my rules. Besides, I have the gun..." The engine revved and the car sped off at an alarming rate, the force at which John tackled the corner sending Ianto into his side. He could sense John's smirk, so quickly straightened up into his seat. As the car swerved again, the SUV came into clear sight. Jack was already out of the car, shifting his weight and looking up at the building in front of him. Ianto wanted to call out, but knew the idea was less then smart. John paid little attention to the SUV, his concentration fixated on the road in front of him. Ianto watched as the car skimmed the back of Owen's legs. As he began to turn around, he felt the gun barrel push further into his side.

"Turn around and I'll shoot..." Instead, Ianto fixed his attention straight ahead. The pain in his hand was intensifying, blood covering the seat of the car. Removing his suit jacket, he winced as he ripped off the sleeve in order to create a make shift bandage. The blood soaked through almost instantly and Ianto sighed...He ripped the other sleeve off, layering it over the previous one. It had been his favourite jacket...